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   Chapter 14

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Sandal“s POV:

I stop myself from yawning again as I step out of the bus. I raised my head and look at this tall glass building.

Few more months and it soon will be over....

There is still time in Ami“s Iddat to end and I am sure she will insist on going back. Back to our home. Back to Peshawar. But I am not sure if any of us is ready to face it. To live in a house where you find belongings of Papa, Shoaib, and Palwasha on every second step.... We are not ready yet. Not right now.

I put a hand on my mouth to stop yawning and step inside the building. I thought I would be relaxed after talking to Sir and could sleep. But my thoughts didn“t allow me, so I spent half of my night counting the things that have to be done before Areeba starts her college. Once she has, I“ll be the one looking after Ami. It“s still risky to leave her alone when we know she will cry all day remembering everyone.

I sighed and pressed the elevator button. The best thing about working as a personal assistant is that you get special treatment. For example, I can use things that are specially reserved for Sir, like this elevator. Feeling lucky, I get inside and start fighting my urge to sleep. When it stops, I slowly went out and walked to my office. Opening the door, I put my bag on the table and sat on my chair. I sighed, looking at my desk before turning on my computer.

I wish there was a bed instead of this stupid desk.....

I grab the first file Ali gave me yesterday and start typing. It was his work yesterday. But now it“s mine. All this work related to different sort of graphs and diagrams, along with their descriptions are harder than the work I usually do. Speaking of Ali, I haven“t seen him today. Normally we would reach the office at the same time. Is he late? Or is he taking the day off, relaxing somewhere, leaving all these burdens on me...... I shrugged and focus back to work.

About an hour later, I got up from my seat and start pacing in the office. If I sit for one more minute, I really might fall asleep. I was already feeling sleepy and this boring work has made it worse.

"I thought I told you not to wear sneakers." I got startled and turned around, only to find Sir standing at the door.

"Sir?" My eyes widened.

"Why are you so surprised, Sandal?" He asked me calmly.

"Eh? Surprised? ....not at all, Sir. I am just surprised..... Ahh! I mean. When did you come back?" I babbled like an idiot.

"Yesterday night." He said with a smirk. His eyes landed on my sneakers and came back to my face questioningly. The smirk on his face was gone. I gulped.

"So my personal assistant was breaking the rules behind my back." He stated as he walks to me. I stood my ground, ready to hear a huge lecture, any punishment and maybe some insulting words.

But he didn“t say any of the things I thought he would.

"Take off your sneakers!" He ordered.


"I said tak


"So???" She asks excitedly.

"So nothing! There were two men. One with black wavy hair and the other with brownish spiky hair with the black hairline. Which one is Azhar?"

"The one with black wavy hair is Azhar..... Oh! And the other one was bhai."

"Bhai? Which bhai?" I asked in confusion.

"What do you mean “which bhai“? I only have one bhai." She answered.

"You“re joking, right? That man can“t be Sir. He looked so young and his hair.... It has a different colour."

"Hey! Are you trying to say that bhai is old?" She said, putting her hands on her hips.


"Then wha-..." She was cut by a knock on the door. We both turned and saw Sir standing there.

Speak of the devil......

He looked at us and gave a bright smile.

"Are you done talking, ladies?"

"No! Bhai, come here for a minute." She ran to him and dragged Sir to where I was standing.

"See, Sandal! This is my Bhai and your boss, the one and only Ahmed Wali."

I Salam Sir and glared at Zohma, while Sir gave us a questioning look.

"She didn“t recognize you. She thought you look younger with this hairstyle." She said, winking at me.

Dafa hojao, Zohma.......

He chuckled and said, "Why, thank you, beautiful lady!"

I felt the heat rushing up to my face.

"Hurry up and come down. They are waiting for you." He said to Zohma before leaving.

"Are you blushing?" Zohma said, peering into my eyes, "Allah.... You really are blushing! Look at your face, it“s crimson!"

"No, it“s not!" I turn my face away. "Come on, I want to meet Azhar bhai." I held her hand and start dragging her downstairs.

Ya Allah.....Why am I blushing...?


Assalam o Allaikum and hello:

I manage to write this chapter early, so updated it...

And a big thank you to every single reader. I never thought my story could get 1.1k reads so soon.

It made me sooo happy :D

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Take Care :)

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