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   Chapter 13

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Sandal“s POV:

"Allah.....! I can“t do this anymore." I said to myself and put my head on the table.

Sir showed up on last Monday and had a small meeting with me and Ali about him leaving the city for a few days and both of us have to fill his place during his absence - Which was not a very good idea. Ali is fine.... but not me. I don“t have a clue on what construction work is. All I have done before is taking care of Sir“s daily routine, managing paperwork, attending phone calls and so on. But how the hell would I understand these different sizes of boxes they call floor plans, site plans, etc.

"Sandal, stop goofing around and get back to work." Ali scolded me when he saw my head down.

"Please Ali, have mercy on me. I don“t understand these things..... How could you expect me to find the correction of errors in these floor plans when I don“t even know what they are.....? These are just boxes with numbers to me." I said helplessly.

He facepalmed himself and said, "Sandal, I had taught you almost ten times on how to check them."

"I know and I am sorry, but I really can“t understand it. I suck at maths related things..... Please do something about it. I“ll do anything in return..... I.... I“ll take care of all of your this week“s paperwork." I pleaded but he wouldn“t budge.

"Okay, two weeks?" I tried again.

He rolled his eyes and walks to me.

"Move aside." He said to me, shoving his hand and I gladly got up from my seat, giving him space to sit.

"Now go into my office and grab my laptop." He said, settling himself on my seat.

"Why should I go?"

"Because I am doing your work." He stated and I swiftly march out from my office.

I really like his friendly nature. It helps me to open up a bit and now he has become a good friend of mine and a great teacher. Without his help, it would be impossible for me to continue this job. I opened his office door, grabbed his laptop and came back to my office.


"Sandal, you didn“t touch a single thing, did you?" He said to me before taking a bite from his sandwich.

I nodded, stating, "I was telling the truth when I said I don“t understand it. Believe me, I suck at maths.... and physics too. I barely passed maths exams when I was in school."

"Hmm! I think you should tell Sir that you can“t do this."

"No way! I am not telling him, nor are you."

"It doesn“t matter if we tell him or not. He will eventually know."


"Well.... you can tell the experience of the person by the drawing. The moment he lays his eyes on the drawing, he will know.... So, it would be better if you tell him yourself and save both of us from trouble." He suggested.

"It“s not that easy. He“ll get mad."

"True! But still..... Think about it. Which is better? Not telling him and he figures it out on his own or you tell him yourself?" He said and stood up, "I am going back to my work."

"Hey! Are you ang

h Haffiz."

"Allah Haffiz." He replies and I cut the call.


Ahmeds POV:

I was having dinner when I received Sandal“s call. To be honest, I have been waiting for her call. I wanted to see if she would tell me about the work with honesty or not. Ali called me in the afternoon and updated me on the whole situation. I told him not to say anything to Sandal about it.

When Sandal called me and told me everything truthfully and didn“t hesitate to accept her mistake, I felt proud to have an employee like her. But there is also a part of me that felt happy, not as a boss, but as a person.... She didn“t hide anything and she didn“t avoid me like I have been doing to her.

Then she says something that caught me off guard. She apologized about Sunday and justifies her actions. Very slowly, she clarifies that if I do anything for her, she will reject it again. She will never cross her boundary nor would she appreciate if someone else tries. For a while, I stood there dumbfounded. Taking everything in on what she said, a smile creeps up on my face.

I walk back to a table and take my jacket.

"Where are you going?" Asked Armaghan, raising his eyebrows and all of them look at me questioningly.

"Take it! I have spare keys." I throw my house keys to Armaghan which he catches.

"Why are you giving this to us? Where are you going?" This time it was Saeed.

"Home for now, than to Karachi."

"What? ....right now?" His eyes widened.

"Yes! Right now. I have work to attend tomorrow." I smiled, winking at him and was greeted by a loud, oooooh!

I shook my head, smiling and walk briskly to the garage. I start my car and drove back home.


Assalam o Alaikum and hello!

Sandal apologizes to Ahmed.... was it right or was it wrong???

Why Ahmed changes his mind????


Oh well! For now, read the new chapter, I hope you enjoy it.

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