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   Chapter 11

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Sandal“s POV:

"Tell me the truth Sandal, what happened yesterday night? I won“t be taking “nothing“ as an answer. So you better spill it out." Zohma asked me with her arms crossed. This is probably the fifth time she asked me this question and I am trying to avoid this topic as much as I can.

Right now, we are sitting in her room, on her bed. Early this morning, I received a text from her to get ready and that she will pick me up in fifteen minutes. I called her and gave an excuse for today but she wouldn“t listen and within 11 minutes, she was on my doorstep. Leaving me with no choice but to go with her.

"Spill out what?"

"Why did you guys come home early from yesterday“s party? And why was bhai angry?"

"Ask your brother, how would I know why he was angry."

"But he won“t answer me." She whined.

"Sorry, not my fault." I shrugged.

Suddenly, she narrowed her eyes on me then widened, "Don“t tell me, you two broke up?"

"WHAT?" I almost shouted. "What do you mean by “broke up“?"

"“Broke up“ means broke up, idiot."

"I know what it means, idiot. There isn“t anything between us for it to “broke“, okay? He is the employer and I am his employee." I said, glaring at her.

"That“s it? Not even friends?"

"Not even friends. And besides, who“d want to be friends with your brother?" I mumbled the last part.

"Hey! I heard that." She threw a cushion at me which I easily caught.

"Seriously, tell me what happened yesterday. Why was he angry?"

"I honestly don“t know, okay. We got separated there, it was my first time attending such party so I panicked a little. I tried to find him but failed. Not knowing what to do, I stood in a corner. Then he showed up with an angry face and announced we are leaving the party."

"That“s it?"

"Yes, that“s it."

"You didn“t question him?"

"About what?"

"About leaving the party."



This is getting annoying. I don“t want to talk about it.

"Because I don“t talk to him much, nor ask him questions, okay. Now change the topic. Why am I here?"

"No reason." She said, grinning, "and besides... Ami and Muskan are at Mamo“s house, so I bring you here." She announced like she had won a trophy. Giving her a doubtful look, I nodded.

"Don“t worry, I won“t eat you." She winked, "Oh! I forgot to show you my house." Her eyes widened in the sudden realization. She jumped out of bed and dragged me out of the room.

I“ve never seen a house this big. So I am kind of excited about it. At first, she showed me her mother“s room, sister“s room, and two guest rooms. This is the upper floor, connected by white marble stairs.

Then she led me to downstairs and showed me the drawing room, kitchen, and living room. There is only one bedroom here which belonged to Sir. When she was about to enter, I grabbed her by the hand.

"What are you doing? Don“t disturb him." I don“t want to face him, at least not right now.

"Relax! He left after we came. So the room is empty."

"It“s okay, I don“t want to see it."

"Oh shut up!" She grabs my arm and walks in.

Hesitantly, I got inside too. Sir“s room turns out to be the total opposite of what I had imagined. It“s probably the simplest room of the house.

"It“s so simple." I couldn“t stop myself from saying.

"Yes, bhai likes simplicity for the things he personally uses." She says, leaning at the door frame, while I kept observing the room, standing beside her.

"It“s nice. Simple and bright. I was expecting dark and gloomy colours."

"Dark and gloomy colours?" I yelped and turn around to find Sir standing right behind me with amusement written all over his face.

"Assalam o Allaikum, Sandal." He said in a low voice, tilting his head a little. He is looking straight into my eyes, smiling.

I felt my heart skipped a beat. He was standing so close and this is probably the first time he Salam me.


ngs. First, I injured my hand and you collapsed after seeing it. I called my sister to help and she turns out to be your friend." I felt my face heating up when he mentioned collapsing.

"Phase two: I took you to buy a dress, which you did but wouldn“t accept it. Then you came to the party wearing the dress of your own choice....You disappeared from my sight while I was talking to others. Then I became frustrated and when I found you standing alone in the dark, I lost control of myself and dragged you out from there."

I remained silent and he continued, "Phase three: Next day, I found you standing in my room with my sister. The guilt of hurting your hand I had been feeling yesterday bubbled up and I ended up apologizing to you." The car came to a halt because of the red traffic light signal and he turned his full attention towards me. I was already feeling strange at how easily and openly he was talking to me. "And still I don“t know whether you“ve forgiven me or do I have to apologize again?" He asked me, looking straight into my eyes.

I nodded and mumbled, "It“s okay."

Like I have a choice.....

I said to myself.

"Good," he says and grabbed something from the backseat and hands it over to me.

It“s the dress he bought for me.

"I can“t take it." I gave it back to him.

"I thought you forgave me." He frowned.

"Yes, I said so and I meant it. But I never agreed to accept the dress."

He straightened his posture and drove the car as the signal turned green. After a minute or so, he asks me, "So you won“t accept it no matter what, right?"

I kept silent.

"I take this as a “yes“." His voice held anger and then he did the most unexpected thing.

He opened the window and threw the bag out.

A gasp escaped from my lips and my eyes widened.


"Shut up, Sandal." He said in a low voice and increased the car speed.

When the car stopped in front of my apartment, I tried to talk to him but didn“t find the courage. So, I silently step out the car and before I could say “Allah Haffiz“, he starts the car and drove away. I stood there for a moment before taking slow steps towards my house.

I felt something.

Since the incident of APS, this is the first time I felt something. Something besides anger, fear, and emptiness.

I felt guilty.


Assalam o Allaikum and hello everyone:

I was planning to update it soon, but I guess Allah had other plans for me.

So, like last time. I am sorry for late update (!_!)

Pic of Ahmed“s room is added. Thank you for the support and your votes.

Take care :)

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