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   Chapter 10

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Ahmed“s POV:

I laughed when the driver called me to tell that Sandal went out of the city to visit her relatives. She left the shopping bag in the car. I thought she forgot it, so I told the driver to deliver it at her house. But now it seems that she did this intentionally.

So that was the reason behind her submissive behavior. I thought it was strange that she silently accepted everything. But leaving the bags in the car.....

I chuckled again and open my wardrobe when suddenly I heard a knock on the door.


"Assalam o Allaikum, bhai. You have a minute?" Zohma came in smiling.

I nodded, "Waallaikum Assalam." I closed my wardrobe, giving her my full attention. It“s rare of Zohma to be coming into my room like this.

"How is your hand?"

"It“s much better now." I said, looking at my hand. "Is there a problem? Do you want to talk about something?"

"Yeah! Well.... sort of." She said, looking at her feet.

"Has it something to do with your future in-laws?" I asked, frowning.

"Eh? No! Not at all, bhai. You shouldn“t always think that the only thing I want to talk to you is about my in-laws or my marriage. There are many other things than this." She says, walking to the couch and sits.

"Such as?" I said, sitting beside her.

"Such as you, your health, your activities, your work, your........... assistant."

"What about Sandal?" I raised an eyebrow.

"Why did you take her shopping?" She asks with a displeased look.

"Who told you?"

"Sandal." I frowned at her name.

Why did she tell her?

"I wanted to meet her today. So I texted her to meet me after work..... But she told me that she is with you.... Bhai, listen to me," She fully turned towards me, raising her hands in mid-air to stop me from talking "I am not saying that I don“t like you and Sandal to be together or anything. It“s just ...... if you guys are not friends then .....don“t...... Sandal is not the type of girl, know, your truck art types assistant and the girls you mostly spend your time with. And don“t spend your money on her. She may not be from a wealthy family like us, but she is not a greedy person. She believes in hard work and that is very admirable. .....So please, give her the respect she deserves." She says with pleading eyes. It irritated me.

"Why do you care about her so much? And are you here just to talk about your friend?"

"No bhai, it“s not about her. It“s about you too."

"It doesn“t sound like it."

"Believe me, it“s not about Sandal. I wanted to ask you to give your life a new direction bhai, what you are doing won“t bring any good to any of us."

"And you are referring to....?"

"Anam." I looked at her in shock.

How did she find out about her?

"Don“t give me that look, bhai. It may not seem like it, but I know a lot more than you think." She smirked.

"Look, about Anam..." before I clarify myself, I was cut by her.

"You don“t have to give explanations bhai, it“s okay. But cut all your ties with Anam and her family before Ami gets to know of this. You know how much Ami hates her family and you can get Saifi House without involving them. So there is no point left of pushing yourself or risking our happiness."

I didn“t say anything. She holds my injured hand with both of her hands. "Bhai! I don“t remember Dad much. Neither does Muskan.

l but I wasn“t expecting him to be with a simple girl like you. Don“t take me wrong, okay. But these five are bad news for girls like you. Girls are toys to them. They play with them and throw whenever they want, including Ahmed too. I hope you know what you got yourself into." Sitting beside Iqra, I was staring into space.

Was it the right thing by coming with him?

I questioned myself.

Hesitantly, I asked her "Why are you telling me this?"

"Not all rich people in this world are arrogant and heartless, dear." She says, looking into my eyes with a smile that didn“t reach her eyes.

"You know Sandal... Ah, just forget it. I like you. Simply simple innocent you. So, just wanted to warn you. Be careful, okay? I got to go before husband of mine gets angry." She abruptly stood up, winking at me and left.

I also stood up and start looking for Sir Ahmed but couldn“t find him. All of the sudden, I feel scared. Did he leave me?

I took out my phone and began walking to a place where the light was dim. The party is arranged in a garden, so I can see everyone from here and can be seen by everyone. I quickly dialed Sobia baji“s number and asked her to send someone to pick me up. I wanted to leave this place, not knowing where I am, I turned on the GPS. So, whoever is coming can easily find me.

What the hell was I thinking by coming with a complete stranger to an unknown place?? Especially when I am new to this city? How can I be so stupid? So careless!

I don“t know if what Iqra said was right or wrong, but I can“t shake the fear I am feeling. I just want to get out of here. I don“t care about my job. Screw this job and Sir Ahmed. I want to go home.

Ya Allah, please......

I close my eyes shut tightly.

"Sandal! What the hell are you doing there?!"


Salam and Hello everyone!

Sorry for the late update. My grandmother is in hospital, not doing very well, so it took me a while writing it.

Some people may think it“s odd for caring about grandmother this much, but I think that parents are God“s blessing and grandparents are a double blessing. I am just worried about my double blessing.

Remember her in your prayer, she needs it.

Take care :)

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