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   Chapter 8

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Sandal POV:

I glanced at my watch and stood up. The whole day, Sir Ahmed didn“t give me any work, nor did he even ask me to make coffee.

Is he still mad at me?

I don“t get it, why is he mad at me? He had been this way since my meeting with Fahad this morning. That boy really is something, it was unbelievable how easily he angered him and I never thought that he would really be there just to pick me up.

Lost in thoughts, I walked outside. The whole floor is empty, only Sir and I the only one left. I pray Maghrib prayer and made a cup of tea for myself, didn“t even bother with asking Sir Ahmed if he wants too.

Not wanting to make any noise, I came back to my office quietly. Putting my cup on the table, I lean back to my seat and close my burning eyes.

Suddenly, a loud glass breaking noise startled me. It was like someone had hit a glass or something with full force. Unconsciously, I rush to the door of Sir“s office, where the noise came from and open it without asking.

The first thing I saw after opening the door was the broken glass pieces near the wall. I looked at Sir, he was standing near his desk, glaring at me. From the deep frown on his face, I can guess he was angry and I don“t want to deal with him right now. As I was about to leave, my eyes landed on his injured hand. It was bleeding badly. His cuff is soaked with blood.

"Yo.. Your hand..." my knees became jelly and before I could say anything, my vision went blur.

"Sandal!" A man“s voice calls out my name. I heard him, but before I could answer, everything went blank.


Ahmed“s POV:

My anger disappeared when I saw Sandal“s pale face, which is getting paler. Her eyes were wide and her breath was labored. She stuttered something which I didn“t understand and fainted straight afterward. I ran towards her, barely able in stopping her from hitting the floor. I called out her name and patted her cheek several times, but no response. She is completely unconscious.

It took me a while to realize what just happened. Sandal has fainted and her scarf is stained with my blood, as I tried to stop her from falling. My hand hurts like hell and is bleeding badly, plus I have an unconscious girl in my office, or should I say in my...... arms? That weird girl is in my arms? I peer down at her and my eyes widened, realizing what position we were in.

Slowly, I lay Sandal on the floor and stood up. I grabbed the first aid box and bandaged my hand. I walked back to Sandal and

owers rather than sandalwood.


I mentally slap myself. What am I thinking? I turned on the television to watch the news, but for some reason, the vision of her pale face and her warmth kept me from escaping from it. I groan and switched off the T.V. That girl! That weird girl, she is dangerous for me. In more ways than I can think.

I got mad when Fahad called to tell that they are going to lunch. Without thinking, I went to pick her up and I was barely able to control my anger when I saw Fahad and Sandal walking side by side. Especially when Fahad made that stupid comment about Sandal being his future wife. I was planning to let all of my anger out on her once we get to work, but when she nervously sit in the car beside me, all of my anger flew away.

I didn“t say a single word to her and avoided her all day. I was also surprised at myself for being such a softie and I really hate it. This is not me. Ahmed Wali is not a person who is kind to girls other than his sisters. Not even for his play toys.

So why am I being so damn nice to her.....?

I groan again and close my eyes. I really want to make her pay for making me confused like this and who knows, I might really do.


Asslam o Allaikum and hello everyone:

Readers, who don“t understand Urdu, allow me to tell.

Gul: means flower in Urdu

And I hope you all know what Sandal means.

Oh yeah! One more thing. Pardon my mistakes in English. I never was good at writing things in English and still not good I guess and English is not my mother language also. So, sorry ^^“

Don“t forget to vote and comment.

Take care :)

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