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   Chapter 7

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Ahmed“s POV:

Four......... five......... six...... seven..... eight.

From the corner of my eye, I keep counting whenever she touches her scarf near her right cheek, she does that unconsciously I guess.

Sandal is sitting in front of my desk for the past fifteen minutes, looking into some invitations I asked her to assemble periodically and manage my schedule according to it. There was no need to do it though, as I have already planned everything, but still.......

It is rare to see her trouble like this because somehow, she always manages to complete every task that I assign to her. She is smart and most importantly, a hard worker. Also, she doesn“t whine for every single thing like other girls do and all the things I called weird about her are becoming used to me now. I can say she is a good assistant, but she is still a weirdo.

"Sandal, what“s taking you so long?" I looked at her and ask.

"Sir, it“s hard to manage it. You already have a very busy schedule." She said, raising her head.

"I didn“t ask for your opinion about my schedule. Just manage it. I don“t have all day." She nodded in response and focus back to her work.

In the past few days, I learned a few things about her; she keeps her distance from men, gets nervous whenever we are both alone together, she avoids eye contact from me especially when we are alone during her overtime period, and stutters if I look into her eyes.

I won“t deny that she is different from the typical middle-class girls I have met and sometimes, these stupid things about her attract me and it“s strange how I am becoming fond of her presence in my office. It makes me mad when I think about it, but I couldn“t stop myself from calling her to my office again and again.

Going to all the places I am invited isn“t necessary, Ali can handle most of them alone but still... I gave her this work, not wanting to miss the chance to trouble her.

I wonder why..... I did this.

“You are seeking for her attention.“ My inner voice told me.

I shook my head, completely denying my inner voice and comb my hair with my fingers.

"Leave it, Sandal, we don“t have time. Do you remember Mr. Arshad?" I asked her and she nodded.

"Good! Take these files to his office tomorrow morning and you can go home now." I pointed towards the files and dismissed her.

She blinked her eyes twice, then hastily stood up, took the files and left the office, murmuring "Allah Haffiz"



Sandal“s POV:

I was about to leave with the files when M

had and he winked at me. He was right, he really came to pick me up.

But....... why did he come?

"Allow me to escort you to the car, my lady." He said dramatically as I stood up to leave. He is having fun and I am scared. I don“t know what I will do if he really does fire me.

As we exit the building, I found Sir standing next to his car. As he saw us, his eyes narrowed at us ..or at me?

I fastened my pace to reach him. So did Fahad.

"Hey! Bro, I didn“t think you“d come. Looks like our lunch would have to wait, Sandal." I sighed making a sad face.

He is a drama queen.....

"Get in the car, Sandal." Sir ordered me in a strict voice.

I looked at the car, then back at him. I really don“t want to sit alone with a stranger. He might be my boss, but still.....

"Don“t you understand the words coming out of my mouth?" he said, grinding his teeth.

Before he gets mad, I open the door and sit in the car. He walks to the driver seat and slams the door hard. He was about to start the car when we heard Fahad“s voice.

"Hey bro! Treat her nicely, okay? I might choose her as my father“s daughter-in-law."


I turned my face and looked at Fahad in disbelieve. He smiled at me sweetly and left. As I turned back, I found Sir staring at me. When our eyes met, he mumbled something under his breath and starts the car.

Fahad, you idiot.......


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