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   Chapter 6

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Sandal“s POV:

It“s been a whole week since we started Hareem“s treatment. Mashallah, she is much better now, mentally and physically. She was shot in the shoulder, but thanks to Allah it wasn“t serious. However, the shock was too much to handle for an 11-year-old girl. She remained unconscious for a whole week. After waking up, she cries for days for not being able to say the final goodbye to Papa, Shoaib, and Palwasha and so do I. I also wasn“t able to say goodbye to them too, but that didn“t make me cry like her. I didn“t cry once after the incident.

I wonder why.....

I turned to look at her peaceful sleeping face beside me. She told us that she fainted after being shot.

She was shot! Shot. By a gun.

I cupped her face in my palm and got up to go to work after kissing her forehead.


Mondays were one of my favorite days once. When I was eager to go to university, meet my friends, laughing at silly things and cursing boring lectures, but it all seems like a dream now, a beautiful dream that disappears whenever I open my eyes.

I reached work with 0% motivation, looking at my watch, I sighed in relief. It“s 8:50 am, means Mr. Ahmed would already be in his office. I started to look for Sohail Bhai, he is a security guard here and is kind enough to cover up for me whenever I have to change my sneakers to sandals. He puts my sandals in someplace in the building, where no one usually goes and only he and Ali knows that I still come to work wearing my sneakers and change it later.

I found Sohail Bhai standing near the elevator, but before I could walk to him, my eyes landed on the man standing beside him.

Ya Allah! Mr. Ahmed......!

Unconsciously, I took a step back and hid behind a pillar. A moment pass and I peeked to see Mr. Ahmed, but he is nowhere to be found. Then, my eyes landed on Sohail Bhai who was making strange faces and pointing to the other side of the pillar. My eyes widened when I realize what he meant. I rushed to the elevator and press the 12th-floor button.

I don“t know when the elevator came to a halt as I was busy in praying for him to not yell at me later. I got startled a bit when I hear a man calling my name. I looked up to find amused Ali standing at the elevator door.

"Assalam o Allaikum, are you coming out or are you planning to make it your new residence?" he asked, raising a brow. I nodded and rushed out to be called by him once again.

"Where are your sandals?"

"I didn“t get the chance to change into them, Sir Ahmed was there." as I said that, he puts his foot between the elevator“s door, stopping it from closing.

"Did he see you?" he asked and I nodded in response.

"So that“s why you look so worried?" And I nodded again.

"Relax, it“s not like he is going to eat you." He said, smiling.

"I don“t know, he does look like a carnivorous.........." I stopped my sentence in mid and Ali laughs out loud.

"Care to complete the sentence, Ms. Sandal?" he said, smiling and I shook my head, biting my inner lip.

"Go to your office, I“ll send you your sandals."



say anything to Sir Ahmed because he is my boss after all and I don“t want to be kicked out right now. But I will gladly deal with her.


Ahmed“s POV:

Feeling amazed by Sandal“s comebacks, I leaned onto the wall to eavesdrop on their conversation. A smile formed on my face when she mentioned about giving me today“s report. I never ask her to give me daily reports and yet she easily lied to her. To be honest, it is odd to hear her talking, because she never talks to me much. It“s as though she kept counting her words while talking to me and she is not allowed to say more than a few words. Sometimes, all she does is just nod to everything I ask.

I heard from the staff that she is quite nice and humble. Also, she became friends with some of the workers. But to me, she is still like a working machine. She doesn“t even frown when I say rude things to her.

Suddenly, something crossed my mind. I opened the door, interrupting both ladies.

"You look beautiful in this dress, Anam and so sorry for making you wait." Walking to her, I said in a cooing voice.

She smiled at me and gives a triumphant look to Sandal.

"It“s okay since you“re here now. Let“s go to lunch, I am soo hungry." She said, pouting.

"Sure!" I smiled, opening the door for her.

Before leaving, I turn to face a surprised looking Sandal.

"Not more than three minutes or you will face the consequences. That“s what I told you, right?"

She didn“t reply and bit her lower lip like she was nervous.

"Make sure to tell your family that you will work overtime for a month with me, starting from tomorrow," I said and turn to leave.


Before leaving the office, I heard Sandal“s confused voice and a smile creeps on my face.

This will be fun.......


Assalam o allikum and hello!

Sorry for not updating it yesterday. I was caught up in work.

Between Golaganda is shaved ice on a stick with different color juices toping.

I hope you like this chapter.

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