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   Chapter 4

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Sandal“s POV:

What the hell? How could he say that? Doesn“t his parents..........

I stop myself right there. Making a perception of someone“s parents like this is not a nice thing, even if that someone is a person like that. I took a glimpse of him and found him staring at me like he was expecting a reaction from me.

What a jerk!

It took all my strength to control my anger. Clenching and unclenching my hands, again and again, I tried to stop myself from picking one of the expensive showpieces of his office and hit it on his head. It may knock some sense into him, but I couldn“t do it. I couldn“t afford to lose this job. Not right now at least.

I took a deep breath and nodded in agreement.


Ahmed“s POV:

What I said to her was rude and I thought she might cry, any girl would, but she didn“t. She proved herself as not like any girl but “The Girl“, a weird one I may add. Not knowing what to say or do, I dismissed her but kept watching her as she leaves the office. She is angry, her fists are still clenched. I didn“t mean to be rude to her, I guess it was her bad luck that SHE called me early morning and ruined my mood.

Oh well! She should have known that working with me isn“t going to be easy but I have to admit, she seems headstrong.

"Let“s see how long you can stand, Ms. Sandal Khalil." I said, mumbling to myself and sit straight to start work again but ended up face palming myself. There is a huge bundle of files on my desk which I asked Sandal to bring. The only file needed to be was Mr. Arshad“s. I shouldn“t have asked her to bring all the files. I thought it will take some time to find all the files as she is new to all this stuff, but it seems I was wrong.

I combed my hair with my fingers and call Sandal again to take away all the files. Which she did without complaining or even frowning.

Aaah! She is no fun......

~ *~

"Ali, be there with Sandal before me and guide her properly. I don“t want any mistakes. I ended the call without waiting for his reply.

It is 8 am, means I have plenty of time, it is a lunch rather than a meeting and Arshad Farooq is an old client of ours. So all this wasn“t formal. I took a long shower, dressed up in a blue button-up shirt and grey suit, settle my light brown and blond hair back and rush down to the kitchen. My breakfast was already served on the dining table. Later, Zohma and Muskan also joined me and we began conversing about random stuff as we eat our breakfast.

"So bhai! How is your new assistant?" Zohma asks out of nowhere.

"She is fine." I said indifferently.

"Hm.........! Fine means she isn“t a Truck Art type and you don“t like her." She stated, grinning mischievously.

I am not good at lying to my sisters.

I sighed in defeat but didn“t say anything.

"I wonder what kind of girl she is. Is she beautiful? Smart? Talkative? Shy? Don“t know why, but I think I should meet her and baji should too! Bhai, when can we meet her?" before Muskan picks o

n my brain more, I got up and left the house as fast as I can.


At exactly 12 noon, I enter the hotel and instantly found Ali standing at our reserved table next to Mr. Arshad. A frown formed on my face when I didn“t see Sandal there.

This girl is dead now.....

I greeted them, forcing a smile on my face. Mr. Arshad was accompanied by two women and one man. He introduced me to a woman and a man. I looked at the other woman, our eyes met and she muttered Assalam o Allaikum to me.

This voice? No way.........

I narrowed my eyes at the woman. Sandal..?

She looks so different without her glasses. I stared at her for awhile before averting my attention to others. I tell her to sit next to me, which she did. But I could tell she was uncomfortable sitting beside me as she stiffened every time I even move a muscle. Ali takes the chair next to her and now and then he kept guiding her about work.

Throughout our conversation, Sandal kept quiet. The only time she spoke was when Ali asked her what she would like to eat.

"Ali, there is a problem." She said, whispering to him.

"What?" He asked, tilting his head to her.

"Can you order on my behalf?"


"I don“t know these dishes." She said to him helplessly and he chuckled.

"Okay! Don“t worry." But before he could say anything, I ordered for Sandal.

She looked at me in surprise and Ali straightened himself.

After some formal and informal conversation, our lunch ended. Mr. Arshad wanted to visit the site again so I sent Ali with them and told Sandal that I“ll be dropping her home.

As we were about to leave, I excused myself to receive a call and told Sandal to wait for me outside.

"Assalam o Allaikum, Ami."

"Wallaikum Salam, beta. Can you come home early today? Zohma is making dinner so it would be nice if you join us."

"Sure! I“ll be there, Allah Hafiz."

"Allah Hafiz." I put away my phone and walk to the car, where Sandal was standing, staring into empty space.

This girl is crazy.

Walking to her, my eyes unconsciously landed on her feet. She is wearing high pencil heels and then I take a detailed look at her. She is tall with a slender body, black eyes, and pale skin.

She looks beautiful.....

The lime green and lemon yellow colour of her dress make her pale face look even paler. Her black eyes look so tired as if she didn“t sleep for days.

My steps came to a halt, for some reason it felt like I shouldn“t disturb her. So I stood there staring at her as she was staring into space. Minutes pass, I know we were looking like fools standing like this but I don“t want to disturb her. The distant look in her eyes made me stop from calling her.

She got startled and came out of her thoughts when her phone started ringing. She looked at her phone then walks up to me.

"Sir, my cousin is here to pick me up. See you tomorrow, Allah Hafiz." She said politely and walk gracefully to the car, which was waiting for her. Leaving me standing there, somewhat..... Transfixed?

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