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   Chapter 40 No. 40

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Somewhere in the Balck Eagles Main Hosue lives a fragile soul. Silently standing at shore observing the peaceful sea before the storm. Whatever was the cause of this storm doesn't concern her. She was only afraid of the consequences of it. In her small span of life, she has witnessed and experienced many storms, but the intensity of this one was making her soul tremble. Natasha's restlessness is not hidden from her eyes. She was like a mother to Shahina, just as Amma-Bi and she knows the eyes of her mother, the small lines on her forehead which others usually ignores. She overheard Natasha's talking on phone about Yawar's presence in Shareefabad. He was here, but not even once tried to come to the Main House. Natasha was here for a long stay and Kanwal came too. Everything was too good to be true and she can sense it perfectly. Her consciousness screams from anxiety but her heart was in denial.

"Shahina, why are you sitting here alone like this?" Shahina raised her face from knees to see Amma-Bi standing at the door of her room.

"It's peaceful here." She answered putting her face on her knees again.

"Mere bache (my child). You know I don't like when you sit like this alone. It made my heart sink." She sat on the bed before Shahina and patted her head.

"Amma-Bi, can I ask something?"

"What is it?" She encouraged.

"Why did Moosa Bhai start calling you Amma-Bi?"

A wave of sadness crossed her face for a moment but she quickly schooled herself and said, "He said, he saw his mother in me."

"And what about you. Do you see him as your son too?"

"Of course I do. Moosa, Natasha, you and Yawar. Even Ahad too, you all are my own children and Mahnoor and Kanwal are my daughters-in-law." A genuine smiled appeared on her face.

"Amma-Bi, I heard people say that a mother's heart knows the best. Is that true?"

"It is very true."

"Then tell me Amma-Bi. What does your heart say to you? Where is Moosa Bhai?"

"Don't you know where he is?" She tried to remain calm, although her heart was also worried sick about Moosa. Its been already three weeks and he hasn't returned yet, nor she got a single call from him.

"I know he is out for work, but why aren't we allowed to contact him? It never happened before."

"Who knows beta what is the circumstance of his work."

"But my heart doesn't understand those circumstances Amma-Bi. What should I do?" Streams of tears already running down on her face when to lift it.

"Ary! Why are you crying?"

"I can't stop thinking about Moosa Bhai... I am so worried."

"Everything will be fine... Have Faith on Allah... Okay."

Shahina nodded in response.

"Good girl, now come outside alright. The house already feels empty right now." She nodded again and obedient as she is, Shahina quickly stood up to wash her face.

Her heart was not convinced, she wants to believe what Amma-Bi had said but still, she searches for solid ground. With thousands of doubts in her mind, she picked up the phone and c

Next weekend. The preparation is almost over. The people we contacted there are ready to help us."

"No wonder they are. They have faced the same loss as us."

"Perhaps more, they were the one hosting the meeting."

"Hm. But they have enough strength to go against them without their leadership?"

"No Yawar, they don't. That's why we will be taking them on."

"Think twice before doing. It will be extremely dangerous and the chances of winning are very low."

"Low or high, as long as there is a chance. I will take it."

"I never understood how can you and MB get together so well. Your personalities are completely opposite to each other. But now I see you two share a very strange characteristic. Both of you avoid facing the intensity of your emotions and instead of sorting this out you create problems to the people around you."

"What?" Ahad frowned at Yawar's statement.

Yawar smirked and said, "You recently got married and had a whole life ahead of yourself. You should be worrying about your wife, yet

Both of them ate silently after that.

Ahad had made up his mind now. He will be going with a well-equipped team of the Black Eagles in the search of Moosa and was ready to take extreme measures. This was probably the biggest gamble of the history of Black Eagles. Everyone was nervous yet want to cling to the little hope that they might find a clue about their leader and Ahad was one of them.

Ahad wasn't planning to tell Kanwal before the day of his departure, but now he was giving a second thought of his decision. What Yawar had said at dinner were the same words Natasha spoke to him.

Am I being unfair to Kanwal???

A thought crossed his mind and he shuts his laptop in annoyance. He was unable to focus on work anymore. A strange agitation was making him restless. Ahad went to the bedroom to get a nap but instantly came out, holding his car keys. He never finds his room so unwelcoming before and after a few minutes, he was driving to the main house.

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