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   Chapter 39 No. 39

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Pacing back and forth in his study, Ahad once again glanced at the wall clock. It was 2 a.m. in the morning and sleep was nowhere near him. He was anxiously waiting for Sarmad's next report. An hour ago he received the dreadful news of the attack on the venue where the negotiation should be held today and the unit of Black Eagles went with Moosa lost their contact with them. The news spread like a wildfire among the members. All of the authoritative personnel of black Eagle were contacted on Ahad's order. The field workers were also told to be alerted from any outside activates. The whole working body of the gang was on the move, including Natasha. She and Yawar were called back to Shareefabad.

For the time being Ahad and Natasha decided to keep this news a secret until they get the confirmed status. Yawar was to be reported to Ahad on his arrival so he can be filled in with his role for the next few days. He was chosen to be the third in command of the Black Eagles and this was the time for him to prove his worth. Knowing that Yawar is an over sensitive person and can easily be swayed by emotions. He was ordered by Natasha to maintain distance from the Main House and she will the one to keep things in check there.

Thinking while walking, it wasn't Ahad habit and his legs were starting to get numb, but he still refused to sit. His whole body was tense and uneasiness could be seen in his eyes. Being a quick thinker he already explored all the options with the information he had till now but he couldn't stop worrying about Moosa. A part of him continuously blaming himself for letting him go on such a dangerous mission.

I should've stopped him!

What would I do if something happens to him???

What would I tell tigress? That I let him go knowing how dangerous it was?

Will he be alright? or history will repeat itself???

A chill ran down through his spine, remembering the day he dragged Arsalan for an outing and he never made it to home alive. He was there the whole time but wasn't able to save his best friend. Ahad blamed himself for Arsalan's death and it took a very long time from getting over with that guilt. Now, once again he felt the same pang in his heart that he might fail to save Moosa.

I should've stopped him!


'There were no survivals and the dead bodies are unrecognizable.'

Sarmad's report was more horrific than Ahad imagined. The whole venue of the meeting collapsed from explosives. No evidence remains to be sure who was inside the building.

Ahad's head was now spinning because of overthinking. He didn't know how to convey this news to others but he somehow managed to tell Yawar and unexpectedly, he digested it calmly. Way too calmly that it worried Ahad but for now there were more matters to be worried about. Yawar requested him to not to tell Natasha or any other ladies in the house and Ahad agreed to it. He also didn't have the courage to say it.

"Ahad? Is everything alright?" His eyes shot open as soon as he heard Kanwal's voice.

"Why are you up at this time?"

"I was thirsty... But why do you looked so worried?"

Instead of answering Kanwal's question, he leaned back to his seat behind his glass office table of the study and closed his eyes.

"Ahad is everything alright?" Kanwal asked again as she approached him.

The deep frown on Ahad forehead told that there was something bothering him but what had happened. She wanted to know.

"Ahad?" She gently touched his hairs.

"...I need a favour from you." He opened his eyes to glance at her.

"What is it?"

"As you know Moosa is not in the country and the work might take longer then we planned. Therefore, can you go to the Main House for a few days?"

"You want me to go to Mano?" Ahad nodded in response.

"Ahad you aren't hiding something from me, right? How is Mano?" She asked staring into his eyes.

"She is absolutely fine. I am sending you there because she will be alone there and Yawar also isn't here. A

be parting from Kanwal soon and when he was unable to focus anymore, he made his way to the bedroom. Where she was busy packing her stuff.

She is leaving...

Ahad glanced at Kanwal with a heavy heart. This will be the first time he cannot drag her with him anywhere and they will be living away from each other. The thought of her absence was making him restless, but can't do anything about it.

"Do you need something?" Kanwal asked when she saw him standing at the door.


"What?" Kanwal put the dress in her hand and walked over to him.


"What do you mean?"

"I need you, what is so hard to understand?" Circling his arm around her waist, he pulled him.

"Ahad, leave me. Maids are still working here." She struggled to get free.

Ahad, stepped inside the room, still holding her and kick the door. "Happy?"


Kanwal waited for him to say anything but he silently stared into her eyes. His fingers were playing with her hairs hanging on her back.



"... Miss me when I am away from you."

"Wha-" Ahad pressed his lips on hers before she could finish the sentence and didn't leave until they were breathless.

Gasping for air Kanwal gave him a perplexed look but he completely ignored it and captured her lips once again. She tried to protest but stopped when he refused her. Ahad's grip on her body was harder than usual, it almost felt forceful and when he pulled back Kanwal quickly covered his mouth with her hands.

"Stop. Tell me what is bothering you. Clearly." For a moment Ahad was taken aback by the demanding tone in her voice. Yet refrain himself from speaking his mind.

At that time Kanwal noticed his tensed muscles and let out a heavy sigh, "I won't understand until you tell me."

Yet again, Ahad remains silent. His loosened his grip and closed his eyes. He seems upset and tired. For the first time Kanwal pitied him, he was bearing to much burden, of the past and the present as well. She was also aware how much pressure he might be in right now because Moosa was not only his boss but he was also a friend and husband of his tigress.

Kanwal slowly caressed his back intended to tame him, "Listen carefully Ahad, I will not miss you. Because I will always come running whenever you need me and even if I am unable to reach you, my thoughts will always circle around you. Trust yourself and our creator, he will show you the light if you seek his guidance."

"I am scared. What if-" Kanwal covered his mouth once again.

"There is no, what if. You will bring Moosa back. Don't even dare to doubt on this resolve."

"I will try." He said engulfing her in his arms.

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