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   Chapter 38 No. 38

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"So you won't change your mind?" Ahad asked once again.

Moosa was persisting on going by himself for the dialogues and Ahad was against it. Although Moosa's point was relevant that they can't take any chances but Ahad insisted on not sending the top leadership for security measures.

"I will not. Now don't ask me this question again. I am already having second thoughts of leaving Noor here for so long."

"Do you want her to take with you?"

"Obviously no, even if I do she cannot accompany me after I leave the capital city."

"Did you tell her for how long you will be gone?"

"No, I depending on you and Kanwal for this."

"She will not be happy."

"... I know." He continued after a pause, "When you are planning on coming back?"


"Tomorrow? I thought you were coming back tonight?"

"That was the plan initially but... anyways, I will be there tomorrow morning."

How can I tell him that I don't want to disturb my wife's sleep... who knows what will happen...

Ahad thought, recalling the night when he found out about Kanwal's problem.

"Alright, then see you later."

"Allah Hafiz." Said Ahad ending the call. He stared at the morning scenery from the balcony.

Moosa was about to go for important dialogues. The place he will be visiting is a disputed area, governed by a puppet government of corrupt politicians and indirectly in the hold of a local drugs smuggling gang. But recently their territory has been claimed a group named Jehal. One of the old enemies of the Black Eagles.

Many of their future missions depend on the success of this dialogues. One wrong move and everything the Balck Eagles has been working for years will fall apart. Ahad doesn't want to do any mistakes and neither do Moosa. That's why Moosa want to go by himself keeping a blind eye from reports of enemy activities there and the place is quite dangerous. Ahad was worried, yet he couldn't do anything. Moosa was a persistent guy and once his mind set on something no one can change it.

I hope everything goes well...


"Sleep well?" Was the first thing Ahad asked Kanwal when she woke up.

In the state of half-sleep, she only frowned, unable to understand whether he was teasing her or it was a general question. He just came out of the bath, wearing his jeans and only a tank top, watching her with a warm gaze. Although her scowling face was inviting him to tease her a little more, he was trying really hard to refrain himself.

Kanwal got up from the bed and passed him to go to the bathroom, but Ahad suddenly stopped her by holding her hand.

"Not in the mood of answering, my queen?" Ahad pulled her back to him and gently kissed her hand.

"What are you doing?" Asked Kanwal with a straight face.

"Trying to seduce the lady I love."

Kanwal stayed silent, unable to decide how to response him. Her mind was still in a daze and his actions were making her confused. Ahad stared at her lowered gaze before leaning closer. Th

Perhaps Ahad is here to change the time between the past and the future, 'the present'. He is here to bear the burden of the past to create a beautiful future. Not for himself but for people, even for very few of them, but he wants to put his efforts into it. Just like the rest of Black Eagles' members.

Kanwal has met Shahina and other victims of inhuman deeds after coming here. She was told about their terrible past and the torture they have gone through, but now they are living a peaceful life because of Black Eagles.

But what if, there were no Black Eagles?

Kanwal once asked this to Natasha and she smiled with the short answer, 'I cannot imagine my life without my family.'

After hearing this, Kanwal never dares to ask this question to anyone again. To Natasha, the members of Black Eagles are her family. Just like it is for Shahina and Yawar and perhaps for her husband too. Ahad cared about his subordinates as well as the people around him. None of them are blood-related or even related at all but the bond they share is respectful.

The more Kanwal thinks about it the more convinced she gets that now she has become a part of the line which separates the white from the black in a Ying and Yang. The line between good and evil, which is invisible to the eyes of the world but the existence, is undeniable. This is called the gray area of societies.

There will always be light to overcome the darkness but the horrors of darkness must be faced prior to appreciating the light...

Thought Kanwal sorely.

Most of the people she met in Black Eagles have faced those horrors of darkness in some way or another, including her husband. Kanwal's acceptance of this fact increased considerably in the past few weeks. Therefore, she doesn't question Ahad's reasons anymore nor blames him. She now wants to be the supporter her husband needs in order to provide the light who are lost in the darkness. She wants to try and change her role in this world.


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