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   Chapter 37 No. 37

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"What wrong?" Asked Ahad when Kanwal released a heavy sigh after settling inside the car.

"Its hard to be the center of attention."

"I thought you get used t it by now."

"I thought that too, but I guess I still need more time."

The car was on the move and Kanwal felt much relaxed now thinking that she could rest after reaching the house. She leaned back and closed her eyes.

"Take as much as you want." Ahad gazed at her.

Kanwal looked tired, perhaps because he was dragging her all day long in different shopping malls and then she kept on her toes at the wedding too. All the introduction took more than an hour. Ahad reached out and hold her hand but she didn't move or opened her eyes.


"My feet hurt." She said without opening her eyes.

"Remove your sandals."

"I want to sleep."

"Go to sleep...I will wake you up when we reach."

"Thanks." She leaned closer and rested her head on Ahad's shoulder.

Ahad gave her surprised look but she wasn't awake to witness it. He fidgeted a bit, thinking about the presence of the driver and the guard on front seat but relaxed soon. She was his wife, so what he had to become her pillow in front of them for a while. Every husband does it sometimes.

When the car reached its destination, Ahad woke up Kanwal.

"Do I have to get out of the car?" Asked Kanwal in the state of drowsiness.

"What?" Ahad was about of step out of the car when he heard his wife and halted on the spot.

"I can't walk, my feet hurt." She dropped her head on the back of the seat.

"Its just a few steps to the elevator."

"I am sleepy."

"Do you want me to carry you inside?" Ahad teased.

"Please do."

Ahad was startled, her actions were completely unfathomable. If he had known that she would behave like this, he would've never suggested her to sleep in the first place. Kanwal stared at him with squinted eyed and a small frown on her face before opening the door. Ahad rushed out of the car and quickly grabbed her arm.

"I can walk." She glared at him.

"Yes, of course, you can." He nodded but didn't leave her.

Taking three to four steps Kanwal stops and said, "Leave me for a moment."

Ahad gingerly removed his hand and as soon as he did. Kanwal holds his arm tightly for support and took off her sandals.

"Now I can walk." Kanwal said to herself and start walking towards the entrance, leaving her sandals behind. Ahad called out her name in astonishment but she didn't listen.

By the time they reached the elevator, Kanwal's sandals were in Ahad's hand and from other he was holding her arm. Trying hard to be nonchalant. While Kanwal was working on keeping her eyes open.

"Are you going to change your dress or not?" He said entering their floor and dropped the sandals.

"Of course I will change." But instead of changing, she went to bed.

"Wait, you are not sleeping like this." He stepped towards the bed and hit by Kanw

Means, it was his time to take revenge on her.

Ahad had missed the warmth of her closeness. The time he spent in self-imposed solitude, his confused state of mind kept him away from everything, from her. Although, he couldn't help but notice her concerns. The sleepless night she spent because he couldn't sleep. Taking care of his smallest need while keeping her distance. Kanwal didn't question him about his behavior nor complain. Her small gestures made her more adorable in Ahad's eyes. He was being cared for and loved in a way that he was unable to understand before and if it weren't for the days he spent in the house, he would've never guessed.

Ahad brushed his lips against the back her neck making her stiff for a moment.

"I am not a very empathetic person, but I understand the pain of missing your mother. It drives a person crazy and the only thing you want at that time is to cry out loud in her embrace. But both you and I cannot do that because of our own reasons."

"You are the cause of those reasons."

And I thought, I was a cold hearted person...

Thought Ahad sarcastically.

"Yes, I am aware. Still, I will ask you not to cry again."

"Now I am not allowed to cry?"

"It's not like that. I just can't watch you cry. So-"

"So I cannot cry when you are around because you don't like it. Fine whatever you say."

"I didn't say you cannot." He quickly denied.

The change in her tone made him startled and taking the advantage of the situation, Kanwal frees herself from Ahad's grip. But before she could walk away, he quickly grabbed her arm and with a swift turn, she came face to face with Ahad.

"You didn't let me explain myself." Kanwal everted her gaze in anger.

"Kanwal..." Ahad called her out holding her both arms.

"I will cry whenever I want. If you don't want to see then you can stay outside." With that, she pushed him away and ran inside the bathroom. Leaving Ahad stunned.


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