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   Chapter 36 No. 36

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"How long will you shut yourself away? Go for a holiday with Kanwal before she runs away considering you a lunatic." Moosa said taking a small sip from the coffee.

"You are one to talk." Ahad smirked.

"I think my wife has already accepted it." He answered in a satisfied tone.

Moosa came to visit him out of the blue, Ahad was surprised on his sudden arrival. He knew that it has been almost a week that he didn't leave the house and his work was on hold but he wasn't able to school up himself to get up again. The emptiness he felt within was making him unable to focus on anything for too long. He even distanced himself from Kanwal too and when she tried to inquire him, he avoids answering her.

Is it as Moosa said that day, I was just an avenger!

This thought surfaced up in his mind repeatedly, making him even more irritated.

"Listen, Ahad. You are needed by the end of this month. While I will be out of the city, you will be working as in charge of Black Eagles and for quite some time. Including the matters related to Shahina, Noor, and Yawar."

"Are you referring to the meetings regarding the group named Jehal?" Ahad narrowed his eyes.


"And if I am not mistaken, the people you are going to meet is the local drug smugglers of few remote areas?"


"It is a wise decision to shake hands with them?"

"We don't have any other choice. That particular place is disputed territory, where power is law and they have the power. We don't have government support from backdoor channels in that area, therefore the only choice remain is to work with them. Otherwise, it can be the next base after Jehal will be chased out of the other places."

"Do you think that the people of Jehal will let you meet them?"

"Of course not. But it is a risk we must have to take."

"Moosa, it's too dangerous."

"I know, but like I said before. We don't have any other choice. I don't want our efforts to in vain."

Ahad's mind was analyzing all the situation and was not convinced with the idea. There was a high chance that Jehal would make any move and the people Moosa is going to meet didn't possess any intelligence network. Means they will be relying on Black Eagles' information. A little miscalculation can be the result of huge destruction. Even the lives of participants will also be on stake.

"Moosa, let someone else take care of it. It is too risky for you to go there."

"No, Ahad. We cannot afford this dialogue to be failed. Furthermore, I will be going with the full preparation to set up small camps with there coordination. If everything went well then I will be staying there until we complete our mission and in that period of time, I want you to take full control of here. Sarmad's team and Yawar are ordered to report everything to you. But I will prefer if Yawar will be kept away from these things, his exams are near."

"You think too much Moosa."

"Moosa smiled, "I told you before, they are not my subordinates. They are my family." Moosa smiled and stood up, "Its include you too. So I don't want you to stress over something that is already a part of past. I don't understand your emotions right now. No one can, but you have a responsibility of Kanwal on your shoulders. How can you afford to make her worry?"

"Even if she was worried, she didn't approach me."

"She didn't try to ask you anything?"

"...She did." Ahad said thoughtfully.

"And what was your answ

ed all that time alone but for what reason? She doesn't know. There were times when she felt that Ayan was right, he might have a strong reason to join Black Eagles.

The time they were apart, he went through a phase where he was alone, seeking and longing for his loved ones. This thought and Ahad's excitement softened Kanwal's heart and she silently went with the flow.

Kanwal stole a glance of Ahad who was fixing his tie standing before the mirror., looking handsome as ever. She lowered her gaze to her dress thinking did she match his standards or not.

Why I am being so self-conscious???

She got irritated on herself.

"Is something wrong?" Asked Ahad coming over to her.

"Han? Oh, nothing. It's just, this bracelet... I am unable to lock it." Kanwal startled for a moment.

"Let me see." He took it from her hand and tried to tie it around her wrist.

"Leave it, I will wear something else." Said Kanwal after a few minutes when Ahad failed once again. But he didn't pay any heed and kept trying.

"We will get late."

"It is my employee wedding, not yours. It will be no problem if we got late."

"But why should we waste time when I have the option of another bracelet."

"I bought this bracelet, especially for this dress. You aren't wearing anything else."

"Fine, then let me do it."

"No, I will do it."

With an audible sighed, Kanwal gave up. After the struggling of three to four minutes, Ahad managed to lock it and raised his head with a victorious smile.

"Thank you, now shall we go."

"Of course, as you say, my lady." Ahad grabbed her hand and start leading her to the door.

By the time they reached the car, his fingers were intervened with Kanwal's and a small smile was playing on his lips. Kanwal didn't see this smile for quite some time, she knew something happened a week before and since then he was upset. He shut himself away, he was not going to work, in fact, he was not leaving the house at all. If he was in the mood, he would answer the calls, otherwise, his phone kept ringing all day long. Perhaps, it was Moosa's small talk with him that brought him out of the situation. Kanwal was happy, getting back the old Ahad and with the same confident look and the satisfied smile, he usually had.


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