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   Chapter 35 No. 35

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"What are you seeking for?" Asked Moosa staring at Ahad, as he was checking the new weapon given to him for trial.

"I don't know yet." He answered aiming at the target before him.

"You've been with us for more than a year and I am still not able to fully understand you."

"Do not concern yourself with me. You are my commander, so just order me around, use me and throw me away when I m not needed."

"I don't care whether you think of me as your commander or not but my men aren't just my subordinate, including you."

Ahad didn't respond to his comment and kept shooting his target.

"Ahad, have you ever thought of avenging your friend's death?"

"So many times that I have lost the count."

"Then why are you hesitating? You know I won't stop you."

"It is not the right time."

"One of the attackers is under my custody." Moosa informed to check his reaction.

"As I said, it's not the right time. There is no point to cut the stem when the roots are still in the ground. I want to rip out those roots from the soil along the whole plat."

Moosa said after a while, "...Then I will dig out that root for you. Consider this as a promise."

"Sorry, but it's my business, why would you do that?" Ahad turned to him.

Moosa silently grabbed a gun from the showcase near him and stood beside Ahad and aimed for the same target.

"Are you... disappointed?" Asked Ahad, when Moosa didn't answer him.


"For questioning your reason and not taking the opportunity."

"Not at all. I respect your decision and wanted to see how you manage things." Moosa gave him a calculating look.

"...I don't want to be blinded my revenge." Ahad leaned to the wall behind him.


There were few moments of silence between them before Ahad said, "It was that day...."

"The day you came into the bank and killed the Akthar aka Kali Topi (black hat)... everything has changed after that day. You might know that I wasn't able to complete my internship because of the incident of Arsalan and physically I wasn't in the condition to continue it. Therefore, I gave up and started the job in that bank. It was my third month there when I first saw you in the bank talking to our manager and after two days you suddenly barged in and killed Kali Topi without paying any heed to others. It seems that you or your men didn't care if the police were to come and arrest you guys... I was scared and worried about my life and as well as others. So I gather up my courage and manage to slip out of the bank since my desk was near to the exit. I ran towards the ATM booth to hide but stopped when my eyes landed on the security guard lying unconscious on the floor. I panicked and thought of running away, like any other sane person. Instead, I took out my phone to call the police. At that moment my hand was grabbed by someone and that person was none other than the guard who was lying on the floor a moment ago. 'Kiya ker rahe ho Sahab (What are you doing mister)? Police won't do anything thing. These guys don't kill innocent people, let them take care of Kali Topi and quickly ran away.' With that, he jerked my hand and lay on the floor again closing his eyes. And then, I... I really ran away."

He paused for a moment and looked at Moosa who was listening to him carefully.


outside and asked for a driver. Dropping himself in the car he ordered the driver to go to the home.


Kanwal was noticing Ahad since he came home. He was unusually quiet and seem a bit disturbed. He didn't even bother to change his clothes and locked himself into the study. At the time of dinner, Kanwal went to call him. Carefully she peeked inside the room and found Ahad sitting on his chair with his head on the desk before him.

"Ahad?" Kanwal opened the door.

"Ahad dinner is ready." She called out for him again.

When Ahad didn't respond, Kanwal came inside to check whether he is sleeping or not. But on finding him wide awake, she called his name once more, yet once again he didn't answer and kept staring into space.

"Ahad are you alright?" She asked touching his shoulder.

Ahad's gaze moved to her and remained fixed there.

"Is something wrong?"

Kanwal was starting to get worried about his condition. She put her hand on his forehead thinking he might have a fever. Suddenly Ahad grabbed her hand and stood up.

"What is it?"

"Huh? ... Umm... Nothing. Dinner is ready."

"You touched my face to inform me about the dinner."

"I was checking your fever." On mentioning hand she realized that Ahad was still holding his hand. Kanwal tried to pull it but he didn't let go.

"Do I have a fever?" He asked in a serious tone.


"Hmm." Ahad leaned back on the table and held her hand with between his both hands.

"Would you let go of my hand?" Asked Kanwal.

Ahad let out a heavy sigh and said, "Can you take off my coat? I am too tired."


"Take off my coat please." He pulled her closer with a light tug.

Kanwal was confused at his strange demand yet did what he asked for.

"Thank you."

Once again Ahad held his hand and kissed it. But instead of leaving Kanwal he circled his arms around her and put his head on her shoulder.

"Kanwal, " He whispered, "...You are my salvation, are you aware of it?"

Kanwal's heart skipped a beat, she hardly managed to say, "No."

"Than I have told you now. Remember it, ... there is no Ahad without you." He said brushing his lips to her neck and closed his eyes.


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