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   Chapter 34 No. 34

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It was ten in the morning, Kanwal and Shahina were ready to prepare the breakfast when Ahad come yawning in the kitchen. Since Shahina came into this house Kanwal has freed the cook from morning duties. Both of them made it together or sometimes when Ahad is in the mood, he would try his cooking abilities too. But today its just Kanwal and Shahina ruling over the kitchen. Being a quiet and shy person makes Shahina a good listener and for Kanwal, it was all she needed.

"Subah bakhair, khawateen (Good morning ladies)." Ahad smiled coming over to Kanwal.

"Why... don't we have Halwa Puri* today? If you haven't cook anything yet."

Kanwal instantly turned off the stove and tell Shahina to put the eggs into the refrigerator again.

"Okay, its settle then." Ahad turned on his heels and left. A few moments later both Kanwal and Shahina heard door knocking sound followed by Ahad's voice. Saying, "Dear guest, it's already morning. When are you going to give us the privilege to see your face? Your Bhabi wants to eat Halwa Puri today, won't you bought it for her? I am sure you want to replay yesterday's tea favour right?"

Kanwal panicked and ran towards the living room, followed by Shahina.

"For God's sake Ahad. What are you doing?" She said pulling him away from the guestroom.

"What? Just waking up our guest." He said nonchalantly.

"Are you out of..." Remembering Shahina's presence in the same place, Kanwal refrained herself from taking out her anger.

"Assalam o Alaikum." On Yawar's voice, both turned towards the guest room and find Yawar there with a strange expression on his face. Kanwal quickly left Ahad's arm and walk over to him.

"Wallaikum Assalam. I am really sorry for disturbing you."

"Don't say such words Bhabi, please. I can at least aspect this type of teasing while visiting Ahad Bhai." He smiled glancing Ahad behind Kanwal. She turned around and saw a satisfied smirk on Ahad's face.

"Well, I will get someone to bring us breakfast." Said Ahad.

This man...

With clenched jaws, Kanwal glared Ahad's back as he walked outside the house and noticed that Shahina was nowhere to be found.

Where did she go?

Thought Kanwal before start walking to the kitchen but soon was stopped at Yawar's voice.

"Um, Bhabi, can I have a glass of water?"

"I will bring it."

"No, it's okay. I can take it, the kitchen is there right?" He said pointing towards the kitchen.

"Yes." Kanwal said and start leading the way.

As Yawar appeared in the kitchen Shahina quickly straightened herself and Salam him. He nodded while answering her and turned to Kanwal who was pouring water for him. For a few moments, an awkward silence hung among them until Kanwal broke it.

"So Yawar, ... what do you study?"

"Engineering." He said in a straight tone, like telling her not to ask more than this.

Kanwal wasn't naive either, she got the silent message he tried to send her. Therefore, she cleverly changed the topic from Yawar to Shahina.

"Shahina is also studying engineering, right? I wonder how you people can handle maths."

"Its easy for me, usually girls have problems with maths."

"I agree with that, what about you?" She turned to Shahina to take her suggestion.

"I... I need to go." She said, leaving the kitchen in haste.

What's got into her???

Thought Kanwal, looking at the arch in which she disappeared and on turning her gaze to Yawar she found him staring at the same place with an extremely serious expression on his face.


Lost in thoughts and with a longing look in her eyes, Kanwal stared at the picture of her family which Ahad gave her a few days ago. Suddenly a flood of sweet memories hit her mind. Memories of watching sports with her father, the taste of her mother's cooking and unstoppable talking of her sister, she missed everything. Kanwal sighed and leaned against the armchair in the small library created in the corner of the house. It has become a part of her routine to spend some time here before lunch and since Shahina was here, she waited for her every day and later they have lunch together.

Like every other girl Kanwal was aware of the fact that she can

propose a deal with him before marriage. A woman who didn't panic after knowing about the work they do or about the people she lives among. She was more than Ahad ever imagined. Intriguing, more and more intriguing. She has become the captivator of his thoughts, center of his attention and only focus of his emotions.

Watching him gazing at her with so intensity, Kanwal started to get uneasy. It was beyond her grasp to understand, what he sees on her face. His sharp eyes always held a look of yearning in them. Demanding more from her, it often scared her that he will take away the remaining sanity and self-control from her.

Kanwal loved him, it was never faded from her heart, not for a moment. She still loves him despite the fact that he hurt her feelings. He has become like cancer growing within her, slowly devouring her into himself and soon will claim her soul. Completely destroying her existence.

Therefore, she tried her best to avoid him before his love becomes her addiction.

I must keep my distance!

She thought and tried to pass him.

"Where are you going?"

"To sleep, of course, it's getting late."

Ahad quickly get a hold of her arm, "Are you running away?"

"I have no interest in staring competition."

"Are afraid of this foolish man?" Ahad titled his head.

"I see a cunning wolf rather than a foolish man."

"You are no less of a tricksier by yourself."

"If I were to be one. I would've stopped our marriage."

"Why.... you always tried to show that you are unhappy about our marriage?" He frowned.

"What is there a point to be happy about our marriage?" She questioned him instead of answering.

"Then what I supposed to do to make you happy?"

"Give me back the old Ahad." She stared into his eyes.

"Don't cling to him. He isn't coming back."

"I need to go." Kanwal tried to free her arm instead of giving a response. But Ahad's grip was tight as before.

"Why can't you accept me just the way I am now?" He pulled her closer, "You have also changed but I have accepted you, so why can't you?" His voice was low and soft.

"I have already accepted you Ahad." Kanwal said defeatedly.

"Then why are you always seem angry? Where is the smile and laugh you had before?"

"Mentally unstable people smile and laugh without a reason, Ahad. I cannot smile on the silence of this house gives me all day, nor I can laugh at the loneliness of mine. I haven't gone mad yet."

"What do you mean?" His frowned deepened.

No one acts more foolishly than a wise man in love...

Out of nowhere, Kanwal's mind recalled the phrase.

"Next time, " Kanwal slowly removed his hand from her arm, "Before you claim, you love me. Try to understand the meaning of love."

With that Kanwal left, leaving Ahad questioning himself.

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