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   Chapter 33 No. 33

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"Hello, Kanwal. Its been awhile." Natasha came straight towards Kanwal and hugged her.

"Assalam o Alaikum." Kanwal Salam her in confused state.

"Wallaikum Assalam. How are you? Why haven't you come to visit me? Doesn't Ahad allow it? Is he treating you nicely? Tell me if-"

"Now now Nats, don't try to spoil my peaceful relation with her." Holding Natasha from shoulder Ahad pulled her away from Kanwal.

"Why you are being defensive all of the sudden?"

"I am not being defensive, I just want to you realize that there is another person who is standing behind you." Ahad said tilting his head towards Shahina, who was standing straight staring them with a blank look.

"Oh, I am sorry." Natasha freed herself from Ahad grip and walked over to her.

"Why are you standing here? Salam your Bhabi (brother's wife)." Natasha patted her back and she mumbled Salaam to Kanwal.

"Wallaikum Assalam, Shahina. How are you?" Kanwal tried to give her best smile. She doesn't know how to treat her. In answer, she mumbled something which Kanwal couldn't hear but she refrain herself from asking her.

Before their arrival, Ahad told a few things about Shahina and her traumatizing past. He also mentioned the fact that she is still unable to shook off the terror from her mind. What he said doesn't need any proof, her timid personality and empty eyes speak for her. Kanwal has also noticed how cautious Ahad is with her like she was a doll of thin glass that will break into pieces at any moment if manhandled. At first, she got irritated with his attitude but after knowing this girl a bit Kanwal had no choice but to change her perspective and now she was also one of those people who care for her.

"I hope you won't mind if I stayed for a night here." Said Natasha in her usual cheerful tone.

"Not at all, you are always welcome." Kanwal answered.

"Ahad can you put my stuff on Shahina's room? I will be staying with her." Natasha said and turn to Shahina who was standing silently, "You go with Ahad bhai and put your stuff in the room." Shahina nodded in response and start following Ahad who already making his way to her room.

"She will be staying here for some time. I hope you don't have a problem with it." Natasha said as Kanwal led her to the living room.

"Why would I have a problem with a faint-hearted girl like her?" Asked Kanwal with a small smile.

According to Kanwal's intuition, Natasha was a person who somehow has an upper hand on Ahad and for her the only person who might have answers to the questions she had. The things Yawar told her was more or less already known to her. What she wants to know is the reason of Ahad joining the Black Eagles.

"...Because she is a faint-hearted girl. Most people can't stand a person like her."

"I am not one of them, so don't worry." Kanwal smiled.

"Has Ahad told you about being her guardian?"

"Yes, but... today he told me that her parents are alive then why...?"

"Becuase she can't go back... or you can say it is impossible for her to go back and live a life of a normal girl."

"Is it... because of her past?"


"What happened to her?"

"I thought Ahad have told you already."

"Not all the details."

"Have you ever heard of human trafficking?" Natasha asked lowering her voice as she sat on one of the sofas in the living room.

"Yes, and I think I understand a bit about the work of Balck Eagles too."

"She is one of the kids they rescued. Abused, half-dead, ... locked inside a trunk."

"T-trunk?" Kanwal froze on her spot, unable t

Just a cup of tea will be fine." Yawar said as his eyes frantically roamed all over the place.

"Are... you looking for something?" Asked Kanwal.

"Ahad bhai changes the decor, it looks nice."

"Of course it would look nice now." Mumbled Ahad turning towards Kanwal, "A cup for me too."

Kanwal nodded and left for the kitchen.


"Why you were teasing Yawar?" Kanwal threw the question as soon as he entered the bedroom.

"Because it's fun."

"But he doesn't like it." He just shrugged but didn't say anything.

"He is our guest, please refrain yourself from it."

"Then will you replace him?" Ahad asked dropping himself on the bed beside Kanwal.

"What do you mean?"

"I am asking you to replace him and be my subject of teasing."

Kanwal sighed before saying, "A person's emotions are not toys to play."

"See, you are way too mature to be teased." He said resting his head on Kanwal's lap, "Why did I fall for a humorless girl like you."

"You have my permission to fall for another girl." Kanwal startled and abruptly sits up but didn't push him away. This side of Ahad rarely surface up and to her, it is quite problematic to deal with it.

Recently Ahad noticed the positive change in Kanwal's nature and for it, he was grateful of Shahina. She was able to do something that seems impossible to him, he even began to lose hope but now he is trying to find a new point from they can start their relationship again and luckily he wasn't rejected by any approaches he made towards Kanwal.

"What is the fun if I fall for another girl with your permission? It will feel like you were looking forward to it, so I could leave you alone in peace." He smirked.

"Oh, was I that obvious?"

Ahad narrowed his eyes at her and before saying, "How can you be so calm when I say such things? Won't you be bothered if I really started to like someone else?"

"I know you will come to me, no matter how many girls you started to like."

"Such confidence." Kanwal's answer amused him.

She only shrugged but remain silent.

"You know, you are a bigger bully then I am." A smile appeared on Ahad's face.

"Learnt from the best." She said in a monotones voice.

Holding Kanwal's hand he placed a kiss on it and closed his eyes.

Keeping learning... One day you will surely learn to open yourself to me...


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