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   Chapter 31 No. 31

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"I want to meet Moosa." Kanwal said stepping inside the main house of Black Eagles and the guard responsible to escort her to Mahnoor stopped instantly.

"But Ahad bhai told me that you have come to see Mahnoor Bhabi." He said with a confused look.

"I will meet her too, but for now take me to Moosa."

"Ah.. Um."

"What? Am I not allowed?"

"Ah, no.... actually he doesn't meet anyone without an appointment."

"Show her the way." A familiar voice came from behind Kanwal and both abruptly turned towards it. "Since when Ahad bhai's wife need an appointment to meet MB?" Yawar asked gazing at her guard.

"But Ahad bhai-"

"Inform him that I took her to MB."He said to the guard and turn to Kanwal, "Come Bhabi, I will show you the way."

Kanwal silently starts to follow him but as soon as her escort was out of ear reach she asked, "Are you in college?"

Yawar turns and gazed her before answering, "Yes."

"What are you studying?"


"Nice, in which college?"

"Why ask so many questions? You can directly come to the point." Yawar said in a lazy voice.

"I, actually I want to apologize for that day, ... I didn't mean to hurt Shahina and ... thank you for being friends with Mahnoor. She told me about you." Kanwal said with honestly looking into his eyes.

"..... You are quite unpredictable, more then your husband .... and I am not the person whom you should apologize for that day." He knocks the door and opened it saying, "MB, Kanwal Bhabi wanted to meet you."

With a curt nod, Yawar stepped aside and tilt his head mentioning Kanwal to go in.

"Assalam o Alaikum, what brings you here today?" Moosa said getting up from his seat from behind work table. This room has a look of an office, somewhat similar to Ahad's at home.

"I came to meet Mano, but there are a few things I want to discuss with you too."

"Sure, have a seat." He said pointing towards the sofa and asked Yawar to send tea for both of them before leaving. Taking the hint, he silently walks out and closed the door behind him.

"Make yourself comfortable." Moosa said taking a seat opposite of Kanwal.

"Mahnoor will be waiting for me, so I will cut it short. What is Ahad to you? ... I mean, is he a friend, a companion or a subordinate?"

"What sort of question is that?"

"A very simple one." She said in a confident voice.

With a small frown on Moosa's face, he stares into empty space like searching for the answer. Kanwal gaze was set on him while recalling the expression of Ahad when she talked about the same topic with him and coincidently, both of them has the same expression. Sure, yet confused.

"...we... aren't friends, " He continues after a pause, "We are more like partners or as you say companions."

"Means both of you are working together because of mutual interest?"

"Yes, ... you can put it that way."

"Can I ask, what is the interest of Ahad in working with you?"

Moosa exhale a deep breath and say, "Kanwal, you can ask the same question to him."

"He won't answer."

"Then how can I tell you?" Kanwal went silent after hearing his question and after a while, she got up.

"Both you and Ahad are the two side of the same coin. Just like you keep Man

"Tell me, how is everything going here? Shahina told me that Mahnoor is getting along with you well."

Yawar's gaze darted to Shahina and come back to Natasha, "Yes api, I thought it might help her to open up a bit."

"Any progress?"

"Ask this question to MB." He slumped down on the couch.

"Oye, Chupkali (lizard), " Yawar said looking at Shahina, "Bring me a glass of water."

"Yawar, stop calling her that." Natasha scolded him.

"What? I call a chupkali by her name. What's wrong with that?" He said leaning back on the couch.

"Yawar." Natasha threatened him but he only shrugged and look away.

As soon as he noticed Shahina's absence in the room, he sits properly, "Api, Kanwal Bhabi came today to meet MB."

"Moosa? Why?"

"She wanted to know why Ahad bhai joined us."

"I see... means he didn't tell her."


"Both Moosa and Ahad doing the same mistake... and now I am worried about Kanwal. She is alone there, with her questions and assumptions. I think it will be better if we ask Shahina to go there for a few days."


"Listen Yawar, unlike Kanwal, Mahnoor is living in a place full of people and now she has a friend like you. But Kanwal is alone there, fighting with herself and the memories of Ahad's Auntie. She needs someone beside Ahad."

"But why her? Send Amma-bi."

"Yawar, her exams are almost near and I doubt she can study properly here, especially after Moosa's marriage."

"What do you mean?"

"You can't understand how this marriage effect Shahina, she always thought Moosa as her brother, a kind person who will not do unjust with innocent people but watching Mahnoor in pain before her eyes. Her believes will start to waver, she will see him as a villain who is forcing Mahnoor. In the end, she will eventually come on the stage where she was before coming here. Something, I cannot allow. She barely starting to live like a normal person."

Yawar opened his mouth to say something but stayed silent because Shahina just came in holding a glass of water.

Annoying chupkali...

Yawar thought, taking the glass of water from Shahina's hand.


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