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   Chapter 30 No. 30

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"What are you doing here?" Asked Moosa giving Kanwal a calculating look.

"I- I was looking for Ahad." She stuttered thinking that lying to him could be unfavorable for her.

"He is not in the house."

"Oh! Yes.... right. I forgot." She forced a smile and turn to go back into the room.

"How much you have heard?"

She gulped and turned to him again, "Probably everything..."


Truth loses its worth when you want to cling to lie...

Kanwal cant shook off the words Moosa said to her. On the surface, those words were directed to Mahnoor but she felt being wrapped up with her, or perhaps it was her own sub-consciousness making her feel it. Because she was the one who was and still clinging on to the idea that Ahad is lying, even after being told by him that she should believe what he says.

As promised, Ahad came to pick Kanwal right after thirty minutes. After reaching home, he changed his clothes and went to bed. Both of them hadn't talked to each other properly since yesterday, in fact, Ahad barely spoke a few sentences to her. His silence was bothering Kanwal but her ego wasn't allowing her to make the first move. It was another thing that she keeps fighting a battle within her after realizing that she wants Ahad's attention and quite like it when he approaches her.

'I can't sleep.' Kanwal mumbled opening her eyes and turned to face Ahad. The sight of his sleeping face always mesmerizes Kanwal. She reached out her hand and touched his cheeks.

Why are you pulling me to you???

It is driving me crazy.....

She thought gazing at him, then slowly turn away and get off of the bed. Sleep was miles away from her eyes and she didn't want to question her sanity on staring Ahad continuously. Her feelings are confused already and being near him wouldn't help her with anything.

Leaving the room Kanwal directly went to the living room and sat down in an armchair. The silent of the night was relaxing, staring out the window she recalls the day when she met Arsalan's mother for the first time and their meetings after it. Slowly, sleep start to take over her.

I wonder if Arsalan is happy to be with his mother???

She wanted to believe that he was happy because she had witnessed his mother in agony. Silently weeping all day long. Watching a mother in this state was not less than torture for a kind heart person like Kanwal. She liked her company, her concerns for Ahad and all the small talks they had about how to handle a husband. She found a glimpse of her mother in her and somewhere deep inside, she was sad too on losing a mother like figure.

Auntie, are you happy to be with your son???

In the state of half asleep, this thought popped up into her mind and everything went blank.

"Your back will start hurting." A voice with a soft touch on the head made Kanwal open her eyes and she saw Ahad standing before her.

"Get up, I have made tea." He said picking a cup from the table.

Kanwal quickly strengthened herself and asked, "Why didn't you wake me up?"

"You were in deep sleep." He handed over the cup to her.

"Wait." When he was about to leave Kanwal held his hand.

"I need to talk to you?"


Black Eagles!

She thought but abruptly rejects it.

"....anything." On hearing her silly answer, Ahad crouched down before her and took her hand in his.

"What's wrong?" He asked gently.

"You don't look so well."

"You don't have to worry about me, I am fine." He patted her hand, staring into Kanwal's eyes.

"No, " Kanwal took out her hands from his grip and hold his hand firmly, "You are not." She said staring back.

Ahad's gaze traveled from their hands to Kanwal's face and say, "Believe me."

"I don't." Ahad didn't say anything else just stare at her like asking 'why do you care?'

Kanwal can't give the answer of his silent question. She can only comfort him by her presence and that what she did. She wrapped her arms around him and rested her head on his chest. Ahad stayed still for a moment, digesting what just happened. His wife not only stopped him but right now he

hem, there will always be things that you cannot, you don't want or you forget to share with others. So why it bothers her too much that she can't stand it? There must be many things she doesn't tell me, then why I am the only one who is alone?

Dozens of such thoughts kept Ahad's mind captivated until Kanwal came back. However, her presence wasn't enough to completely pull him out from them. The rest of the time spent in silent, until they get home. She didn't say or asked anything and he was already too busy with himself.

"My name is Ahad Murtaza, one chosen by God." He said when Kanwal cover herself from blanket to sleep. "Therefore, I am not alone. But if keeping things from you made you believe that I am egoistic then it is wrong."

He continues sitting beside her, "The things you wish to know don't have particular limitations. One after another, you will want to know everything and I assume you will fail to understand them. Also, there are things that I don't want to share with you because the words don't have the intensity to convey them and .... it is disgrace of feelings if they cannot be interpreted properly. Right?"

When she didn't say anything he leaned closer to her face, "It seems that you don't understand my point."

"I did."

"Then what is the meaning of your silence?"

"The words don't have the intensity to convey it." She threw his words on his face and with that Ahad silently pull back.

He knew that Kanwal isn't a stubborn type of person but she wants other to stay out of her shell, she means it and the only way to get into the shell is to open up your shell first. Something he cannot afford. Their relationship was going on a wrong path, Ahad realizes that and so did Kanwal. But none them knows how to bring it back on the right track.

Kanwal's simple and caring nature makes her a perfect wife and Ahad don't deny that. The only thing he bothered with that she throws him out whenever he tries to reject opening up to her. He thought he could deal with her, he could manipulate her taking advantage of her anger. But nothing goes according to his expectation. She accepted everything he throws at her and dealt with it calmly. She didn't give him a single chance to play with her mind, instead intentionally or not she is the one who twisted Ahad's mind. She was controlling him, by letting him come near when he desire and making him think that he has power over her but the next moment pushing him away when he refused her.


The word pops up in Ahad's mind looking at Kanwal closed eyes.

Twisting thoughts, failed plans, racing heart, uncontrollable attraction, loving you is bothersome...

Thought Ahad leaning closer and kissed her cheek.

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