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   Chapter 29 No. 29

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Kanwal kept tossing and turning but couldn't sleep for a second. What happened today was continuously repeating in her mind and now she was starting to think that where she stands in Ahad's life. At first, she was angry at him for disappearing and leaving her alone in a place where she was not familiar with, yet same time she was worried about him too. The words Yawar said earlier keep pinching her heart, the guilt stopped her to call him. She has been rejecting Ahad since they got married but his pain was making her restless.

Staring at the ceiling Kanwal recalled the moment when he embraced her in the hospital. His grip on her was tight that it startled her. The Ahad she knows wasn't someone who easily sewed by emotions, he was always strong and never allows his feelings to control him. Or that was she thought before today. Natasha told her not to worry about Ahad too much as Moosa was with him all the time.

Moosa was with Ahad, why?

Why does Ahad need Moosa?

Why Natasha, Yawar, Shahina know where he was but not her?

Why Natasha came to her house in the first place and take interior responsibility for the funeral?

Why Yawar knows that my call will hurt Ahad even more?

Why they all know everything about him but I don't???

Kanwal threw her blanket away and sat straight. The questions kept popping up in her mind and there was nothing she can do about it. There was no one to answer her. Suddenly she felt miles away from Ahad when she supposed to be with him, comforting him not staying here alone and trying to get some sleep. She quickly grabbed the phone and dialed Ahad's number.


Ahad rung the doorbell for the third time and when Arsalan didn't open the door he called.

"Oye are you opening the door or should I go?" He shouted as soon as Arsalan's picks the call, "....Coming." Came his serious voice and a few moments later the door was opened.

"Ghante se khara hoon (I am standing here for an hour)." Ahad pushed Arsalan and walking into the house.

"Assalam o Allaikum Aunty." Ahad said entering.

"Wallaikul Assalam, Ami is not at home." Answered Arsalan locking the door.

"Oh, so you are alone?"

"Yes." Ahad turned to him hearing his simple answer, usually, he said 'No, Kiraman Katibin* are here with me.'

"What's wrong?" Ahad eyed him suspiciously.

"Nothing." He passed him by, "Ami told me she has prepared some snacks, would you like to have it now or later?"

"Arsalan, where are your glasses?"

"In my bedroom, I forgot to wear them." He said from the kitchen.

"You forgot?"

"Yes." Taking quick three steps Ahad reached Arsalan and turned him around.

"What happened to your face?" He asked looking at Arsalan's bruised face.

"Oh, this... I fell from in the bathroom." He quickly turned away.

"Arsalan, what are you hiding?" Ahad grabbed his shirt.

"Nothing yar, why would I hide anything from you?"

"Don't do this okay, you know you can't lie to me. Now tell me before I cause another bruise on your face."

"....there is a file on my bed. Read it." Arsalan said after a pause and Ahad instantly went to his room. He picked up the file and starts reading it.

"You are selling the house?" Ahad frowned.

"No, some people are after me from last month to sign these papers." Said Arsalan coming into the bedroom.

"And you are telling me now?"

"What could have you done if I told you earlier?"

"I don't know, but we try to think of something... Who are those people? Are they from-"

"The land Mafia." He completed Ahad sentence.

"They came here today?" He nodded in answer.

"And they beat you up?" Arsalan nodded again.

"YOU IDIOT, why didn't you tell me?" Ahad hit the file on Arsalan's chest but he remained silent.

"How much are they willing to pay?" Asked Ahad.

"That's the problem, they are not paying. They just want me to sign the papers and leave the home."


"I haven't tell anything to Ami and promise me you won't tell her either."

"Why not?"

"She will force me to sign the papers and I don't want it. This house is everything we got and to Ami, it held Papa's memories. I don't want her to lose it."

"Her everything is you Arsalan, not this house."

"You don't understand Ahad, we are still paying back the loan Papa took from bank to buy this house. How can we leave this house now and I just finished my studies, the completion of our internshi

hey are weakened here because of our continued strikes and other anti-human trafficking forces around the region. So, they are doing something........remember I mentioned rape cases last time?"

R-rape cases....!

Thought Kanwal as her eyes went wide with the horror.

"Fifty-seven rape cases are reported in last seven weeks. Mostly are from age of eight till twenty including little boys too. There were nine victim girls about the age of sixteen who committed suicides. The causes told were educational stress or family problems but according to rumors some of the girls left letters saying that they are continuously blackmailed."

"About what?" She heard Moosa's voice.

"They were asked to bring their other friends to a certain place. Or else their videos of that incident will be released on the internet..... those girls couldn't bear the stress and found it easy to take their lives." Said the first man.

"After it, I look into the suicidal cases of past weeks and found most of them were females.....

And about the child abuse, those cases are similar to these, the difference is that child's parents are blackmailed instead of boys and girls..... the ages of victims are from eight to twelve and Moosa, do you remember the gang name Jehal?"

"Yes, why?" Asked Moosa.

"This group is raising again. According to our resources, it is involved in these activities for commercial purpose."

"Are these videos already sold?"

"Yes! Through online shopping." The first man answered Moosa's question and a shiver went through Kanwal's body.

"I have already shared this information with our alleys across the globe. As soon as I get a proper response I'll inform you."

"Good work!.... how is Yawar?"

"Sleeping. He had been working too much lately so I asked him to take rest."

"Hm!... Sarmad calls the local sweepers on the field right now. Tell them to be ready for operation with government men, Munir will lead our squad. I'll give you details after talking to few officials and remember after taking evidence, destroy every single video and photo that could be used against victims and leave no one alive."

Suddenly Kanwal's body went numb, she was unable to move her self. Holding the edge of the table near the door she stood frozen staring into space as she tried to digest everything she heard.

Does Moosa meant to kill everyone?

Kill who???

What are they doing???

Who are these people???

What exactly does Black Eagles do???

Yawar was here yesterday, what happened to him???

Is he alright???

Rape, suicides, killing, selling videos???

All the questions bombard her mind all at once, her head started to spin. She trying to recover from it when she heard a masculine voice calling her name.

S-should I run???

A thought instantly popped up in her mind as she changed the focus of her gaze and find Moosa standing before her.


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