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   Chapter 28 No. 28

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'If you kill one human, it's as if you killed all of the humanity.'

These words were engraved on Ahad's soul and he always believed that it was probably the most brutal thing a human can do to another. But after stepping into the world of Black Eagles he realized, that you don't have to murder to kill a person. Just killing his soul will be enough and that is the greatest sin.

The people Black Eagles fight were the people who kill the souls, thoughts, emotions everything that differentiates a human from a beast. Ahad's mind always forced him to involve in Moosa's matters. Although Moosa has already given him the option to stay aside and focus only on business. But he was unable to step back. He couldn't, he wanted to stop such monster from destroying more lives even if he has to dirty his hands. There was no going back to for him, not at least until Moosa found a substitute person for his job.

Two days ago Natasha informed Moosa about the activities on the island located not too far from the sea borders. According to the statistics she has, that island was about to become the greatest market of the region, and recently the reports of missing fisherman have increased rapidly. Through Natasha, they were indirectly ordered to take care of matters there. So the first thing they did was to take care of the owners of the hotels located near the coastal line.

"How is it going?" Ahad asked coming into the interrogation room.

"As expected, he is not opening his mouth, not even upon violence." Answer a masked man observing the prisoner from the camera.

"You shouldn't have used violence in the first place." Said Ahad staring through the monitor at the hotel's owner they recently capture. He was a man in his late thirties, although he wasn't a masculine looking guy but his facial features gave the hint that he possessed a strong personality.

They can't open their mouth, even if they wanted to. He is aware that his family could die before we could get our hands on an important person. Thought Ahad.

"When did he eat last time?"

"He didn't take a single bite since he came." Came a voice from behind, Ahad turned and find a bulky looking guy standing in the corner of the room.

"I didn't know you were here too." Said Ahad.

"He has been sulking silently for more than an hour on his defeat." Snickered the camera operator.

"Sulking?" Ahad looked back and forth between the two men.

"At first his beating couldn't do anything then Moosa Bhai told him to stay back. I think he is planning to come here."

"It won't be necessary." Ahad said narrowing his eyes on the file on the table. He picked the file and opened up. It has all the information about their prisoner. Ahad took out the family picture of him where was standing with his two sons and wife.

"Waqas, Lowered the temperature of the room also decreases the supply of oxygen." Ahad turned his head and told the bulky looking man. He nodded and left the room. For few minutes Ahad fixed his gaze on the screen showing their prisoner who was sitting on a chair with his head down on the table.

"That should do it." Ahad mumbled when he noticed that the man having a problem with breathing.

"Mr. Abdul Saboor." Ahad said on the Mike, his voice echoed in the room and the prisoner's head shot up.

"I told you already I don't know anything." He said between his labor breaths.

"We trust you Mr. Saboor. I just want to inform you that your wife, who is a quite beautiful woman, is in our custody. But she is of no use for us since you don't know anything or choose not to speak up. Therefore, I was thinking, how much we could get if we took your family to 'Sand Harbour'." Ahad emphasizes on 'Sand Harbour' knowing how it will affect him.

Sand Harbour a harbor made on a private island between three countries and according to the contract no government has power in that area. That's why it was a secret hideout

get over with it and told her to be brave as she has to take care of Ahad from now on. Kanwal was unable to understand everyone's concern. She knew Ahad was closed to Arsalan's mother but the way Natasha was consoling her, it was like someone from his own family has passed away.

After the funeral, Kanwal didn't see Ahad, he didn't come home from the cemetery and called Kanwal to go with Natasha and everyone else to the main base, he will pick her up at night. Confused with the situation, Kanwal did as he asked her to do. She had no other option, his voice sounded so depressed on the call that she wasn't able to ask him, where he was.

At night she waited for Ahad for quite long but he didn't come, she tried to call him but it was switched off. Leaving no choice for Kanwal to go to Moosa and asked him about Ahad. But on inquiring the maids she found out that Moosa wasn't at home, neither Natasha. Shahina informed her that they were with Ahad right now and will come home late, she also gave her Natasha's message to go to sleep after dinner.

After hearing all Kanwal's worried turned into anger, which she let out on poor Shahina when she came to her room asking for dinner.

"I will not be eating anything until you give me Natasha's number." She told Shahina quite harshly.

"I am sorry.. bhabi. But I can't" Shahina mumbled keeping her gaze on the ground.

"Why can't you? I want to know where my husband is. What's wrong with that?" Kanwal held her both arms.

"Leave her." Came a stern voice and Shahina lowered her head even more. Kanwal looked at the door where the voice came from and found Yawar standing there.

Yawar was younger than her but his built in this age was of a man in early twenties. She has heard about him from Ahad that he was ranked after him, which means he was the third in command. But Kanwal has a hard time believing it.

"Don't take out your anger on her. If you want I will give you Ahad Bhai's other number." He said walking over to them and stood just beside Shahina near to Kanwal. She abruptly leaves Shahina taking a step back and so did Shahina.

"Go to your room." He said to Shahina in strict voice and she quickly left. Yawar's eyes followed her till she left the room and then turned to Kanwal.

"I will send his number, ... but don't try to share his pain now, when you are not willing to share his happiness. It will break him even more." He said looking at his phone and the next moment Kanwal mobile received his business card.

"Someone will bring dinner for you and stay away from Shahina." Yawar said leaving the room.


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