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   Chapter 27 No. 27

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Sitting beside her husband on the back seat of the car, Kanwal was trying to ignore the eerie feeling she was having from Ahad, who was silently staring at her with his usual calculating gaze. He didn't look displeased, still, Kanwal felt quite uncomfortable. He was being like this since the morning when she demanded to answer her about his work and after making a phone call, he announced that if she wished to know then she has to go with him to the capital city. Determined, Kanwal quickly wrapped up few of her clothes and got ready without throwing any questions on Ahad. She didn't want to lose the chance God has given to her, she had already made her mind last night when Ahad told her, that he will tell everything if she asked.

Kanwal trapped Ahad into his own words, he was amazed at how easily he fell into it. But how could he refuse her, when she marched over to him with a serious look and ordered him to answer her. She was looking so adorable at the time that he wanted to hug her tight but stopped himself from doing so. He loves angry and annoyed looking Kanwal rather than serious and obedient Kanwal. Her frowning face gave him the satisfaction that she was paying attention to him. To what he does or says, it's all in her notice, even if she didn't say anything.

What I am going to do???

He often asked himself, when he got tired of thinking about the ways of breaking the walls that they have between.

All the way from their house in Shareefabad till the base of the capital city, Ahad's full attention remained on Kanwal's every movement. He kept observing how far she can go in swallowing things silently without questioning and he admitted that she has strong stamina. Any other person would've questioned for sure about the sources of his income when Ahad led her to Black Eagles' new private plane. He was planning to throw her into a new situation by taking her to the hotel they own but due to some security reasons he postponed his plan and went to the main base. After landing he got a call from Moosa telling him to wait at the airport for their arrival.

'This guy...' He mumbled and slid inside the car beside Kanwal. Sometimes Ahad also gets irritated on Moosa's sudden change of plans and his mood swings.

"You friend is coming." Ahad informed Kanwal.

On hearing about Mahnoor she glared at him. She hadn't able to forgive Ahad for not letting her go on Mahnoor's Nikkah just because his boss ordered him to. She wanted to be with her to give her a shoulder to cry on because it was the only thing she could do for her but he didn't let her and for some reason, Kanwal still believed that Ahad is somewhere responsible for this situation of Mahnoor.

"Don't give me that look. No matter how much Moosa listen to me I cannot disobey his orders, especially when it is about his wife."

"Don't remind me that my dear friend is married to HIM." She seethed and turned her face away.

Whether Mahnoor liked it or not, Kanwal has made her mind to support Moosa for the sake of her friend and her family. She didn't know about him at all but she believed in the rumors she heard about him being cruel and didn't want her friend to be a victim of it. Kanwal has a feeling that if somehow Mahnoor able to change her mind a bit, things will get much easier for her and she wanted to believe that it is true, otherwise she feared how things will work out.


"This is our place." Ahad said, stepping out from the elevator on the fourth floor. After leaving Mahnoor and Kanwal on the main base in the capital city Moosa and Ahad instantly leave for a meeting. While both of the ladies sat awkwardly in a huge drawing room until they came back.

Kanwal followed him looking at the cream color marble floor beneath her feet.

It's beautiful... She thought, staring at the shining floor reflecting the ceiling lights. Suddenly, Ahad grabbed her ha

at Ahad did all this on purpose so she won't inquire anything again, but the other one kept insisting that he did so she could believe him.

"Kanwal, " She turned around on Ahad's calling, "I will be out for a while, therefore, keep this with you and call if you need something." He put her phone on her palm and leave the room after patting her cheek.

Kanwal stared at the closed door for a long time, then slowly make her way to bed and slump down on it.

What is going on around here? Blackmailing others is a business? And blackmailing for what? Wealth?

She kept thinking about the questions raising in her mind but nothing made any sense at all. Kanwal rested her head on a pillow and before she could realize, sleep take over her.


After waking up Kanwal freaked out finding herself alone in a foreign environment, then slowly she started to remember things. Soon she got a call from her husband apologizing to her on early departure. Meaning she will be on her own until he gets back. Therefore, after breakfast, she decided to walk around a bit.

Kanwal didn't hold herself back from going to other floors too and as she explores every floor her eyes get widened. Every floor serves a different purpose. The first floor of the building was a huge drawing room adjacent to a dining room. From the look of it, one can tell it is only reserved for guests. The second floor consisted of a huge kitchen where she saw several cooks busy preparing the meal, and another dining room. The third floor looked like a hotel with several rooms and each door was locked so she didn't get the chance to look into them. The fourth floor was Ahad's and hers. Therefore, her next stop was on the fifth floor. Which was also similar to her floor.

"Anyone here?" She cautiously stepped inside.

"Hello?" She said going into the area which uses as the living room. As she was about to pass by a door, she heard Ahad's voice.

'He said he will be out.' She thought and put her handle on the doorknob to open the door but Moosa's voice stopped her.

'I have no plan of sitting still until I get rid of every one of them. Don't want more lives to be destroyed by them.' It was Ahad's voice.

'When you get rid of them there will be someone else who will emerge and take the roll. Its Ying and Yang Ahad, night always take over the day.' Said Moosa.

'So does the morning. There will surely be someone who will take our job too. I need your permission to use our men for this work.'

'I will directly lead them.' Said Moosa.

What work??? Thought Kanwal.


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