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   Chapter 26 No. 26

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"Nida?" Kanwal stared at the girl standing before her with her eyes wide open.

"Assalam o Allaikum, Kanwal." Nida gave her a sweet smile.

"What are you doing here?" Asked Kanwal, striding towards her.

"I am here to deliver you to someone." She laughed embracing her, "It's good to see you."

Kanwal was taken aback by her behavior. She was the other girl aside Kanwal, who was chosen by the Black Eagles on the convocation day. They were classmates and had many formal chats but wasn't close enough to exchange such greetings. Perhaps the solitude from everyone from her previous life changed her and when Kanwal thought about it this way, she found her situation relatable.

Kanwal patted her back, "It's good to see you too."

"Come, she is waiting for you." Nida quickly apart herself from Kanwal and started to drag her to the back of the house.

"Madam, you are not allowed to take Bhabi there." A guard came running towards them.

"I was asked to take her there by Auntie." Nida said to the guard and he silently stepped aside.

"I don't understand why Ahad Bhai doesn't want Auntie to meet you." She kept mumbling in irritation while marching towards the door.

Kanwal was hearing the words reaching her ears but her attention was on the path which was leading them to the garage. She was surprised thinking that the entrance of the other side was from the garage. She has been in this area but it was obvious that she never approached it.

Now when Kanwal realized that this part of the house is intended to be hidden from everyone. Therefore, she was memorizing every single detail of it. IThey were walking on a small passage and across from it was a house. Kanwal stared at the house for quite a long time, trying to recall some memories which were long forgotten.

"I don't know why this house looks familiar" Kanwal murmured unintentionally.

"It was Arsalan's house. Ahad bhai's best friend. Do you remember?"

As soon as Kanwal's mind register the words Nida spoke, every memory regarding Arsalan started to play in her mind like a film. The guy named Arsalan, with the same built as Ahad, straight dark brown hair, average complexion, glasses on nose, covering the eyes which were full of life. He was Ahad's best friend since college and he used to call him 'Jiggar'. Arsalan lived on the last street of Shareefabad and he died in a car accident. How can she forget about him? She still remembered how Ahad isolated himself from the world after his death.

Suddenly it all clicked. Spontaneously, she turned her head to take a look at the place where she was standing, "Thi-this is really Arsalan's house?" Her eyes went wide, "Then the lady inside is his mother?" Kanwal asked Nida and she nodded in response.

With a loud gasp, Kanwal covered her mouth, thinking the pitiful state of a widow who lost her only son. She remembered her mother going to Arsalan's funeral and she was very depressed after coming back home. She told her that Arsalan's father passed away when he was a little kid, his mother never remarried and gave her entire attention to Arsalan, who also ended up leaving her at the age where every parent needs their child. It was hard for Kanwal to imagine the pain of Arsalan's mother, but when she saw her own mother tearing up on just telling about it, she sensed the intense feeling of motherhood.

Kanwal often thought of how his mother would be able to live her life when the only source of her life was gone. Being a soft-hearted person, she always prayed that no mother has to face such fate.

"Are you alright?" Nida put her hand on Kanwal's shoulder.

"How am I able to face? I cannot face her. It would be too cruel." Kanwal shook her head violently and now she understood why Ahad didn't want her to meet Arsalan's mother.

Ahad and Arsalan were friends, classmates and of the same age, there was no way that his mother would not think about her son after meeting her. There was no way she wouldn't long to meet her own daughter-in-law, Arsalan's bride. It breaks Kanwal's heart when she thought about the pain she will going to cause her.

"I am sorry, I can't meet her." Kanwal turned to go back.

"Are you crazy?" Nida abruptly grabbed her arm.

"Nida, I can't. She would definitely think of her dead son's possible marriage. I cannot do this to her."

"It doesn't matter, Kanwal." Nida holds both of her arms, "Whether she meets you or not, that won't matter. Her whole life revolves around the memories of her son and the dreams she had for him. She misses him every second of her life and she prays for his forgiveness with every breath she takes. If she sees you or not, her pain remains the same, but right now, she is waiting for you." Nida tried to convince her.

"Do you understand what I am saying?" She asked Kanwal and she nodded in agreement.

"Good, now smile and come with me. Don't wear the same sorrowful expression like everyone else does while meeting her." With that, Nida started yo lead her into the house.

Kanwal hardly took three steps when her eyes spotted a lady of her mother's age walking towards them. She looked older compared to her age with her weak figure, white hairs, and tired eyes. After looking at her, the first thing that came into Kanwal's mind was to run over her and hold her before she fell onto the floor because of weakness.

"Assalam o Alaikum." Kanwal said, striding towards the lady.

"Wallaikum Assalam." She said, embracing Kanwal with her thin arms.

"Do you know who I am?" Kanwal nodded in answering her question.

"You really are pretty just like Arsalan told me." She said, caressing her head.

"Hm?" It surprised Kanwal when she heard that Arsalan had told his mother about her.

"Come, sit. Sit." She took Kanwal to the nearest chair in the room.

"Ahad is like a second son to me, I used to ask him about you, but he never answered properly..... If Arsalan was here and we were living here, then I would have cook something special for you... for my daughter-in-law" She gently squeezed her hand and went on, "I am sorry that I wasn't able to attend your wedding, the doctor didn't allow me..... I really wanted to meet you because Arsalan always used to tease Ahad, saying that he will be a possessive husband because Kanwal is beautiful. But tell me honestly, Ahad isn't troubling you right? Possessive husbands can be really troublesome at times, he is not restricting you from meeting your cousins, right? ...... I hope he doesn't..... Ya Allah, what am I thinking, of course, he wouldn't do such a thing. The boys are broad-minded, they are over-protective, but not possessive... But Ahad had changed, I noticed it. After Arsalan's death... He had changed... Perhaps it is my fault. I don't know how he manages so much money to take

care of me and my hospital bills. He must be very upset, right?"

"Ahad is a very good boy, take care of him. Bring the smile back on his face which he had before. I am sure Arsalan would be happy... He loved Ahad, believe me. He really did, so Ahad has to live a happy life for his friend, don't you agree?" She gave Kanwal a hopeful look and she couldn't help herself but nod in agreement. Although, most of the things she said was unfathomable by Kanwal as her voice was quite low for her to hear. It was like she was talking to herself, but she didn't mind it. The sympathy she has for Arsalan's mother was enough to accept anything.

Kanwal accompanied her until Ahad came to get her. He ordered Nida to take Aunty as it was her dinner time. Kanwal silently asked Ahad to stop her for dinner but he mentioned her to be quiet by putting his finger on lips.

Once she left with Nida, Kanwal inquired him about not wanting her to stay for dinner.

"She lives in a mental facility, Kanwal. Hospitals don't break rules."

"M-mental facilityjQuery21405566820625312974_1545486680565?" Ahad nodded slowly.


"Her mental state isn't normal. Hadn't you notice the abnormality while she speaks?" Ahad leaned against the wall of the living room. They were still at Arsalan's house and Ahad wasn't in the mood to leave anytime soon.

"I did. But... is it really serious?"

"She just mixes past and present sometimes, it isn't like she is in the state of denial, but her wishes for her son seems to be so strong that she forgets the fact that Arsalan is not with us anymore."

Kanwal's gaze didn't leave Ahad's face since Arsalan's mother and Nida left. His thoughtful eyes and tone of voice were making her heart flutter. It was the first time Kanwal was witnessing this side of Ahad, who wasn't a sarcastic, teasing and manipulative narcissist, but a caring, decent person, someone she can talk about anything and would hear everything. Her heart raced as she felt the urge to touch him. But at the same time she feared that by doing so, Ahad would snap out of his current state, which she didn't want.

Therefore, she stays in her spot, suppressing her emotions and remain to watch him, until he looks up at her. Kanwal tries to avert her attention away from his enchanting black eyes but fails poorly. His bright sharp eyes speak of his intelligence and confidence, which she dislikes sometimes as she feels her thoughts opening to them.

But if those eyes really know what she thinks, then why isn't Ahad responding to them???


The long heavy silence of the room made Ahad lift his gaze to Kanwal and found her staring at him. When their eyes met, Ahad thought she would avert her gaze as usual, but it didn't happen. She looked back into his eyes. The emotions she held was new and unfathomable to him. Wonder, excitement, likeness, longing, he couldn't put his finger on what it was, but it was alluring.

Ahad struggled whether to stay or to reach her. He didn't want her to run away or even look away from him. He smiled at his own ridiculous thoughts as he asked himself why his confidence wavers. He didn't have to be hesitant, there was no reason for it, Kanwal was his wife, so what if she looked away from him now, he can always make her look at him again.

Kanwal abruptly dropped her gaze as Ahad thought. He walked over to her, and she didn't move away, which he found quite amusing.

"Are you trying to seduce me, my wife?" His usual self-surface up as he asked Kanwal, holding her chin and she answered him with a glare.

"So you really are seducing me." He said with his arrogant smirk, slowly touching her earring, "A minute ago you were like the mighty ocean, that could easily drown me in it and now you are like fire, which will burn me if I get too close. Don't you think it's a bit unfair to me?" He whispered.

"What benefit would I get by seducing you?" Kanwal asked in a serious tone, although her face was bright red now, yet she managed to stay on her ground.

"Hm, you have a point. There is no need for you to seduce me since you can have anything just by asking." Ahad said, circling his arms around her.

"As if it is true." She mumbled, looking away but didn't struggle to get free.

He smirked, "What do you wish to know?"

"Why didn't you tell me about Arsalan's mother?" She gazed back into his eyes.

"Because you have never shown any interest."

"Don't turn this on me, I told you once that I hear noises from the corridor but you avoid bringing up the topic." Ahads smirk widened on hearing Kanwal's angry tone, "And do I have to ask every single thing from you?"

Ahad nodded with a smile, it irritated Kanwal further. She tried to push him away but he tightened his grip while laughing.

"Leave me, it would be awkward if someone sees us like this." She kept struggling.

"Why would it be awkward? You are my wife."

"Just leave me." Ahad silently left her and start walking towards the exit while holding her hand and Kanwal followed him obediently.

"I don't want to hide things from you. The problem is that I don't know how much you can digest if I tell. You are not used to living in the way I live now, you are new to this world. I am not sure if throwing everything at you at once would be good."

"There are many things that are already thrown at me even if you haven't wished for it."

"You sure talking a lot today." He turned his face to her, "Did you eat anything strange today?"

"If you had told me about Arsalan's mother before, I wouldn't have gone to her like this." She mumbled.

"Like how?"


Ahad arched his brows, unable to understand what she meant.

"I was overwhelmed by sadness, I couldn't even console her properly or say anything." Ahad gazed down at her grip which kept tightening on his hand.

"Sorry, my fault. I never thought of it that way."

"Why didn't you want me to meet her?"

"I was afraid because of her mental state."

"But today you weren't?"

"I ordered Nida to take you to her if she insists."

Kanwal let out an audible sigh, which made Ahad turn to her again. He never knew that it would affect her like this or else he would have tried to fill her in little by little. Her lost sad eyes were wandering around as she followed his lead, without concerning that she would fall if she didn't watch her step. It was the blind trust she has on Ahad that he would never let her face any harm. He realized it now and a satisfied smile formed on his face which instantly faded when he stumbled upon the first stairs but regained his balance before he could fall. He turned to Kanwal who was giving him an incredulous look.

"Sorry." With an embarrassed smile, he leads her into the house.


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