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   Chapter 24 No. 24

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"Who is going to hang the lights?" Said a boy holding a cricket bat in his hand.

"If it's Hammad's home then I am available, otherwise find someone else." Arsalan leaned back on his hands. Ahad glared at him but didn't say anything because of other neighborhood boys around them.

"I think we should stop playing now, everyone gets disturbed because of us." A boy suggested sitting on the footpath of the road near Ahad.

"Give up on playing cricket... Because our ground was taken by some mafia people. But we have an option of playing on the street, means we have other alternatives, right. Think, what will happen if they demand our homes, should we give up on it too?" Said Aralan while staring at the sky.

It was very rare for a jolly natured guy like Arsalan to be in a serious mood, it is usually Ahad's style to say or point out such things in a group.

For few moments Ahad stared at his best friend along with the other boys but none of them said a single word. This side of Arsalan was unknown to everyone except Ahad.

"Are we going to play or should we head back our way to home?" A boy asked looking at others.

"Oaky? Where should we start?" Arsalan quickly got up and pick the lights from the footpath.

"Let's start with corner house." Said a boy and going towards the end of the street, followed by Arsalan. Slowly all boys start working, someone brought cricket bat and other one starts setting the wicket. Almost after an hour, Arsalan was standing on the doorstep of Mahnoor's house with Ahad. He pushed Ahad in front to ring the doorbell, while he combed his hairs with fingers.

"You're not going to your in-laws." Said Ahad.

"Strange, you are saying this while standing on their door beside me." Arslan smirked, fixing his glasses on the nose and pushed Ahad away, "Move from my way."

"And what if Hammad opened the door?" Ahad scoffed.

"Then, I will tell him to step aside so I could go to hang the lights and while my way in, I will Salam Aunty and Uncle and of course, Mahnoor will be there too. And I will tell my Saale Sahab (brother-in-law) not to come between me and my destiny or I will kill him." He whispered the last part.

"Keep dreaming."

"You, just shut up, or-" Before Arsalan could finish the sentence the door opened and Mahnoor's father came out.

"Assalam o Allaikum Uncle." Both Arsalan and Ahad said in Unison.

"Wallaikum Assalam. Looks like you are planning to play a street match tonight." He said looking at wires and lights in Arsalan hand.

"Yes, Uncle."

"Good good, such activities are good for young people. Come on in, I am alone in the house. Hammad took everyone to watch a movie. So, both of you can go upstairs on your own." He said going inside and Ahad starts laughing behind Arsalan.

"Is Saale ki to main...."*

He said like cursing Hammad for taking Mahnoor away.

"Come, let's set the light." Ahad patted his back.


Looking out the window, Ahad spins the ball in his hand, while his mind kept repeating every single minute he spent with Arsalan in his last few months. The reason why all those memories kept coming back to him was unknown to him, as well as the emotional turmoil he was facing right now. The thoughts and feelings which bottled up deep inside him for this long were about

us look, "Mahnoor's future would never be an ideal one even if Moosa hadn't interfere."

"What are you trying to say?"

"Kamil wasn't a man who could give her a happy life. He was a fool who was used by his own crime partners to mock our people."

"It's hard for me to believe that how can a girl be so important when she wasn't even related to Moosa." Kanwal shook her head.

"I am aware of that fact and it's something that I cannot explain but I understand the feeling very well. You are same to me Kanwal."

Kanwal's heart skipped a beat when he said looking into her eyes. She abruptly lowered her face to the plate, unable to answer his gaze.

"I wouldn't hesitate to kill someone if he tries to take you away from me. Even if it were an innocent guy like Abdul Rafay."

"Why you always have to point him out?" Kanwal snapped at Ahad.

"He was chosen to replace me in your life. How can I forget this? And I want to know why you always have to take his side?" He titled his head. Kanwal bit her lower lip to stop herself from answering back.

"Anyways, it wasn't my intent to anger you. What I am trying to make you understand is, when a person has power, ruling people and getting what he wants becomes a trait of his personality and if that person falls in love with someone, there is no way he would hold himself back to use his power...." Ahad held out another spoon to Kanwal.

"It's unbelievable how easy to say such scary things." Kanwal snatched the spoon from Ahad in irritation.

"Truth is ugly and scary." He said leaning back in the chair. Kanwal silently kept herself busy with food.

"You look cute with this small frown on your forehead." Said Ahad out of nowhere, touching her temple with his index finger. For a moment Kanwal paused, digesting his comment and then look at Ahad. Unintentionally the frown on her forehead deepened which made Ahad laugh out loud. He quickly kissed Kanwal's cheek and leaned back to his previous position with a bright smile, leaving Kanwal nervous and confused.


*"Is Saale ki to main....": Saala/e means brother-in-law in Urdu, here it means, (I will ........ this brother-in-law)

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