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   Chapter 21 No. 21

You Will Always be Mine By lailamehtaab Characters: 11036

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Dedicated to @Fateema_amma AdibahRafhanah @Nikkiscutey

Ahad glanced at Kanwal's scowling face once again and closed his eyes. She hasn't spoken a single word since they got on the plane and he has a very good idea that she will not be going to speak anytime soon. Well, he couldn't blame her for this as he was the one who forced her to go with him. So what if he had to carry her on his shoulder all the way from house to car and car to plane, as long as he was satisfied to have Kanwal by his side. It was necessary for her to move from Shareefabad or it's what Ahad thinks or perhaps for himself too. Or else he feared he will continuously question himself about what Moosa said that day related to Mahnoor.

But how can closing your eyes from the storm could actually stop the storm and since when had he become such a coward to be running away from something? Questions after questions, there is no place to hide from your own consciousness.

He doesn't understand why it bothers him so much that Moosa has made up his mind about Mahnoor. He knew that this day will eventually come, no matter what Moosa said or how firm his resolve was about devoting his life to his work. This type of attraction is irresistible and the emotions are not controllable. Sooner or later he will put aside all his reasons and resolves and reach for Mahnoor. Ahad knew it from the start but now when the time is about to come, he was running away from it.


"Kanwal, you can go and get fresh." Ahad said, coming out of the bathroom. But as usual, she wouldn't respond to him.

"Kanwal?" As Ahad approached her, she quickly wiped her tears and got up from the bed.

"What's wrong?" Ahad held her arm before she could pass by him.

"Nothing." She said, looking away from him.

"Then why are you crying?"

"None of your concern." She wiggled to free her arm and the next moment she was spin around and came face to face with Ahad.

"Enough, Kanwal. I really have had enough of your stubbornness." His face was inches away from Kanwal's. She shuddered on the tone of his voice, it was low, yet full of rage and without realizing it, fresh tears start dripping from her eyes. His sharp gaze glaring at her and the deep frown on his face was scaring her. From the day of their wedding till now, Ahad had never spoken to her like this, nor held her forcefully. But right now his grip on her arm was painful as well as his behavior.

"Stop crying." The pressure of his grip increased. Kanwal's strength started to betray her, just like her words. She wanted to tell him that he kept humiliating her before everyone, whether at the house and at the airport and she also has had enough of his riddle type personality, but all she was doing now were freeing her arm from Ahad's hold.

"Fine. If you won't stop crying, then I won't leave you. Stand here and cry as much as you want." He said, holding both of her arms. Kanwal's tears were flowing like a stream and whenever she tried to wipe them, Ahad wouldn't allow her.

Ahad was being unreasonably selfish and mean to her. She has already accepted the fact that he has changed but didn't have the idea that his behavior could be mental torture to her and she didn't know how far he can go. Now Kanwal was somewhat afraid of Ahad and the worst thing is

didn't know that her emotions for Mahnoor were this strong.

"He loves her. Moosa loves Mahnoor.... I know it's hard for you to believe, but Moosa's feelings aren't new and it isn't the teenage fever of love you are imagining, Kanwal. She will be fine, okay?.... Listen to me, Moosa likes her for quite long, but never thought to have her for himself, he is afraid of such bonds. That's why he has kept a distance, yet couldn't control himself of being protective of her. Moosa only reached for Mahnoor when he realized that our enemy taking interest in her."

"What does Mahnoor have to do with HIS enemies?" Kanwal stared into Ahad's eyes.

"Moosa's interest in Mahnoor is known to them and that's why she is a soft target who needs protection."

"What kind of protection is this?"

"Protection from people like Kamil."

"Kamil? ....... Kamil bhai?" She frowned on hearing his name. She has met him at Mahnoor's house once.

Ahad nodded and said, "He is taking interest in Mahnoor."

"Mahnoor?... Impossible. He already has a girlfriend and Mano knows it. And why would he be any danger to her?"

"Kamil belongs to people who are our enemy and they will never hesitate to use Kamil in harming Mahnoor. Because our enemy believes that they could anger Moosa by doing so and that he would expose all of his cards in taking revenge if something had happened to Mahnoor."

"Something, like what?"

"They could kill her without hesitation."

"Kill?...... but.... You wouldn't let this happen, right? Promise me you wouldn't let any harm reach to Mano." Kanwal abruptly held Ahad's hands and wouldn't let go until he promised.

Later on, Ahad kept explaining things to Kanwal of how protected Mahnoor is under their watch. He deliberately avoids mentioning what is about to happen. From the beginning, Ahad was planning to drive Kanwal's mind to the point where she would think that Moosa is a perfect match for Mahnoor and it's necessary for her own safety. But aside from Mahnoor's, it is necessary for the safety of their relationship too.


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