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   Chapter 20 No. 20

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"Listen carefully, Papa and I have already found a suitable place for everyone to move. On Friday night I will take Khala (mother's sister) and Alina to our home. Next day Khalo (khala's husband) will go directly to the house with some important household stuff. The furniture and remaining things would be left here, for time being. I will try my best to keep the promise I had made to you. Alina is also my sister and so are you...."

Maaz's words echoed in Kanwal's mind, as she sat on the bench in lawn and stares at the sun getting down on the west. Her father will also leave Shareefabad and soon her family would be in a safe location. Far away from here, where there would be no Black Eagles and Alina will live her life freely, chose the career she likes and marries someone better than a criminal.

Kanwal let out a heavy sigh and got up, as Azaan start echoing in the atmosphere. She took each step slowly looking at her mansion type cage, where she is trapped forever.

"Bhabi!" Kanwal heard a voice from behind and find the same big guard from the other day coming towards her. Kanwal tried to recall his name but couldn't remember.

"Ahad bhai's wants to talk to you." He said giving his phone to her.

Kanwal didn't like this at all. She feels somewhat humiliated that she wasn't trusted by Ahad. She often thought that what these guards would think that why I am not allowed to have a phone and what's more, that the landline phone connection was removed after their wedding.

"Hello?" Kanwal turned around to hide the frown formed on her face.

"Assalam o Alaikum?" She heard Ahad's voice.

"Wallaikum Assalam!"

"Someone isn't in good mood." Ahad shot a comment.

"Do you need anything?" Kanwal seethed.

"Yes, three words of the love confession." She wanted to slam the phone on the wall after hearing Ahad's answer.

Flirting with his wife on employee phone. What's wrong with himjQuery21406487578212716021_1546018909194?

Thought Kanwal.

"Just tell me the reason, what do you need." She tried to remain calm.

Ahad sighed before saying, "Go to my study room. Open the right cabinet behind my desk. There is a brown colour file in there without any tags on it and Give that to Jahangir."

"...Okay." Kanwal said reluctantly. It is the first time Ahad was asking her to do something for him before he just irritates her by asking her to cook for him.

"Thanks. I will come home late tonight. Allah Haffiz." He said quickly and hung up.

"Allah Haffiz." Kanwal mumbled and return the phone to Jahangir.

"I will search the file after Maghrib Namaz (prayer/salat)" Kanwal said to him. Jahangir nodded in acknowledgment and left.


Kanwal has seen Ahad's study several times but she never thought that finding a single file in his cabinet would take this long. She kept cursing herself for not asking the exact location of the cabinet and because of it, she has been searching for more than twenty minutes and still, she hasn't succeeded. After a few more minutes

w they are free to live their lives." Ahad grip tightened on her arms as he completes the sentence.

"I have a flight after a few and you will be going with me. So leave the kitchen and pack your stuff." Ahad said peering into her eyes and left her arms.

"I am not going." She said abruptly.

"Don't test my patients Kanwal." Ahad said leaving the dining room.


It was a straight threat Ahad gave to Kanwal, he was going easy on her and allowing her to do whatever pleases her. But now he needed her to move away from Shareefabad, not because he wanted Kanwal to accompany him in officials dinners, but because he was worried about the storm that was about to come and he didn't want to test their relationship in that storm.

Ahad slumped down in the armchair of his study and closed his eyes. He has been in deep thoughts since yesterday after both Moosa informed Ahad about the report related to recent activities of Dr. Kamil and the recordings of his phone calls. Moosa also told him that Kamil wished to marry Mahnoor and he will not allow this to happen.

It startled Ahad and the reason was unknown to him too. He was aware of Moosa's feelings but Moosa never expressed his intentions for Mahnoor.

Ahad tried his best to put up a happy face and agreed with him. Dr. Kamil was Mahnoor's cousin and as far as his memory serves, Kamil was Mahnoor's first crush. He remembers Kanwal teasing Mahnoor over it. If Kamil approached her, she might accept him. Which he didn't want, Kamil was a smuggler of drugs along with human organs. Black Eagles have their eyes on him for long, only waiting for right moment to put their hands on him and his team.

Ahad never want someone like him to be Mahnoor's life partner but Moosa?

Why I am not sure???

Thought Ahad.

But deep inside his heart there was something, perhaps a long forgotten memory which suddenly surface up and leaving him restless.


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