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   Chapter 18 No. 18

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After Ahad left, Kanwal was all alone in the huge mansion. She had already sent off all the maids home and all the guards were outside. They would only come inside when needed.

Kanwal had lunch half-heartedly like usual and prayed Zohar prayer. While folding the prayer mat, she heard a glass breaking sound, as someone had broken inside the house. Kanwal thought that Ahad might have come home, but not long after, everything went silent as before. Putting the mat on the side, she left the room and walk to the direction where the noise came from. But on reaching there, she didn't find the source of noise, no broken thing nor Ahad. Everything was in their right place like it should be.

Then where did the voice come fromjQuery21408193008610254904_1546108404958??

Kanwal immediately looked around the whole house but she couldn't find anything that could possibly make that sound.

Was it my imagination???

In the state of confusion, Kanwal started to make her way to the living room. As soon as she was about to cross the hallway, she heard faint footsteps from her left side. Kanwal abruptly turned to the sound but found nothing. The sound continued for a few more minutes then stopped with a banging noise.

Kanwal's pulse fastened while looking around for the person who is walking around the house.

"Ahad....? Is that you?" Kanwal said out loud but received no answer.

"Ahad.....?" Kanwal's voice wavered this time. Her senses keep telling her about another presence in the area but she was unable to see it.

When she was about to enter the living room, a female mourning voice stopped her tracks.

"W-who's there?" Kanwal asked, turning back abruptly and then, she didn't stay there for long.

Kanwal dashed towards the door and ran out of the house. The mourning voice kept echoing in her mind and she couldn't find the courage to go back in. Therefore, she sat on a bench on the lawn. The day was hot and the scorching sunlight was making her head spin, but she refused to go back inside again.

"Bhabi, do you need something?" Kanwal raised her head on hearing a masculine voice and saw a well-built man wearing jeans and t-shirt coming towards her. Kanwal has seen him several times, he was one of the few guards whom sometimes come into the house.

"Where is Ahad?" Kanwal asked abruptly.

"He isn't back yet." He said, standing straight a few steps away from Kanwal.

"When will he be back?"

"I am not aware of his schedule." He politely answered.

"I- you must have Ahad's number, na? Call him." Kanwal ordered but later startled by her own boldness. He took out his phone like it was normal for him to obey her.

"Bhabi!" He handed over the phone to Kanwal after dialing Ahad's number and took several steps back so she wouldn't get uncomfortable.


Ahad stayed for more than half an hour in the cemetery, staring at the name written on the gravestone with absent mind. Dozens of memories and thoughts kept circling in his mind until his phone buzzed and he was dragged back to reality. Ahad slid his hand into his pocket and took out his phone. Frowning down at the name appearing on the screen, he attends the call.

"What is it?" He asked in an authoritative tone, which instantly turned one-eighty-degrees on hearing the person on the line.

"What is it, Kanwal? Is everything alright?" Ahad asked, standing straight.

".....Come home." Kanwal said and hung up.

Ahad frowned and planned on calling back, but a thought stopped h

one, even for his own wife. But this wasn't his main concern right now, his thoughts are circling around the reason of Moosa 's request. Ahad took a deep breath and turn to Kanwal's side, who was still in her seat.

"You're not gone yet?" He asked, looking at Kanwal in surprise.

"Why do you want to send me?" She questioned him back in a strange tone.

"What do you mean by sending? Don't you want to see your family?"

"But you said before that I am not allowed to."

"That's none of your concern." Ahad averted his eyes.

"You are planning on something, aren't you?"

"What?" Ahad's head snapped towards Kanwal.

"What will you do if I went to see my family?"

"Huh? What do you mean what will I do?"

"Will you or your men hurt my family if I meet them?"

"Why would we do that?" Ahad got irritated.

"So, you wouldn't?" Ahad didn't answer her this time. He simply gave her a silent glare.

".....And no one would do any harm to Mano if I contact her?" She asked very carefully.

"Why do you ask about Mahnoor?" Ahad frowned, thinking of the possibility that she knows something about Moosa's interest in Mahnoor.

" told me to meet my family and Mano is not my family, so would it be okay if I call her or meet her?"

"Just tell me the truth." Ahad could easily tell that she was making it up.

"I am afraid that you wouldn't allow me to meet her."

Ahad scoffed and mumbled, "How could I? When she is the reason."

"What?" Kanwal couldn't hear clearly.

"Nothing. You can call her or ask her to come. But you will not leave the house. Now get going, I have somewhere to go."

Kanwal didn't say anything afterward and silently stepped out the car. She was astonished at the sudden change in Ahad and was a little suspicious too, but for a while, she wants to forget everything.

Kanwal inhaled a deep breath of the delicious smell of her mother's cooking, coming from the house. Gingerly, she pressed the doorbell. Soon after, the door opened and she was instantly hugged by Alina.

"I missed you...!" Kanwal said and hugged her back.

"Ami, Api is here!!" Alina shouted, aparting from Kanwal and dragged her inside, to the place which isn't a beautiful mansion, but feels like home.


Jiggar: Liver (in slang it is used for pal or mate)

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