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   Chapter 17 No. 17

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"The mall?" Ahad asked in surprise.

"Yes, the soundproof hall on the top floor of the mall is a perfect area and I don't think they would've agreed to come in a less crowded and private place." Moosa explained.

"Hm! They might take careful precautions after trying to blackmail us. Fine, I'll be there in half an hour."

"Come directly to the top floor, we will meet there." Moosa said and ended the call.

"And I thought I could have lunch with Kanwal." Ahad sighed and came back to the living room where he found Kanwal before receiving Moosa's call, but now the room is empty.

Where did she go nowjQuery21408193008610254904_1546108404958?

Kanwal has a habit of not staying in one place for more than a few minutes like she was restless for some reason. Ahad had asked her several times, but she wouldn't answer or if she did, it was always the same 'nothing'.

Kanwal refused to open up herself to him. She didn't talk, didn't complain or ask for anything. Whatever Ahad said, Kanwal obeyed silently. She didn't even ask for the second time to let her meet her family.

Ahad planned on going back to work when he gave up on their honeymoon trip, but after watching Kanwal in this condition, he postponed his plan to go to work and stayed at home with her. Kanwal spent all day without saying or doing anything. It wasn't like there was a need for her to do house chores, Ahad has maids for it, but sitting silently and doing nothing also wasn't something Ahad liked. Whenever Ahad said something to her, she asked back of what he wants her to do. And Ahad gave up every time.

"Kanwal?" Ahad called her.

"Ji? (Yes)" Kanwal answered.

"Where are you?" He thought her voice came from the kitchen but he wanted to confirm it.

"In the kitchen." On hearing Kanwal's voice, he made his way to the kitchen.

"Where are the maids?" Ahad said when he saw Kanwal working alone in the kitchen.

"I sent them off." She answered without turning.

"Then who's going to make chai (tea) for me?"

"Lunch is almost ready. I will make chai later."

"I won't be eating lunch at home." Kanwal's hands stopped for a second and she turned to the stove to make chai.

"What are you doing?" Ahad asked, standing behind her.

"Chai." She answered like she was throwing a brick on Ahad's head.

"You're a wise wife." Ahad whispered near her ear. Kanwal abruptly took a step away from him but didn't say anything, nor turned to him.

Kanwal is now regretting sending off the maids. She was so bored of doing nothing that she totally forgot how Ahad becomes when they are all alone in the house. Ahad always tries to irritate her when she is working, just like now. He was silently standing right behind her, doing nothing. But his presenc

r's face turned pale and she clenched the corner of her dupatta.

She is scared...

Ahad thought. His frown deepened when he heard Shahid chuckle on Mahnoor's state.

"Come. I will take you." Moosa offered her.


"No, no thanks. Kindly give me the address and I will go by myself some other day." Mahnoor answered nervously and started to take deep breaths like she was feeling the loss of air.

"What's the matter, tigress? You're not going to meet your friend?" Ahad tried to provoke Mahnoor. He knew how feisty she was, she would probably dash out of the mall in anger or mock back at Ahad to take her to Kanwal. But what he didn't expect was Owais, who was standing silently with them from the start but decided to spoke up just now.

"Ahad! Don't tease her. She is already scared." Owais said to Ahad and turned to Mahnoor. "You don't have to be afraid, no one will harm you, okay?"

"Call her parents and inform them I am taking her to Ahad's wife." Moosa said to Owais.

"NO!" Mahnoor screeched, gaining the attention of everyone in the food court. But it didn't bother Moosa even a bit. His focus remained on Mahnoor.

"No? Why not?" Moosa asked in a gentle voice, like how he talks to Shahina.

"It's... um... I-I... it's... getting l-l-late. I think it will be bet-t-te-r if I go ho-m-me now. I will mmm- meet her l-l-later." Mahnoor stuttered and that's when Ahad had enough. He silently took a few steps back and left the food court, but he couldn't leave the building without knowing what happened to Mahnoor.

Ahad sat in his car in the parking lot, lost in thought. His eyes were fixed on Moosa's vehicle, where his men were waiting for him. Soon he appeared with Mahnoor and Ahad started his car.

So this is how it would be.....

Ahad thought as his car speed up towards the cemetery.

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