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   Chapter 14 No. 14

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'My feelings died when you buried the old Ahad....'

Kanwal's voice echoed in Ahad's mind once again along with a faint voice from his memories, subsiding all his anger towards Kanwal.

'I will drag you inside my grave with me....'

Ahad let out a deep sigh and dropped himself onto the bed. Minutes passed as he lay still staring at the ceiling, but when his stomach started to protest because of hunger, he began to walk out of his room. Making his way towards the kitchen, his eyes search for Kanwal and relaxed on finding her standing near the window of the living room. Without disturbing her, Ahad went to the kitchen and started to make tea, for both of them.

Ahad was aware that at some point Kanwal is right, he has hurt her. But he couldn't do anything for compensation, especially after the situation in which they got married. He tried to avoid this, knowing the consequences she will face if she were to be selected by this process. That is why he approached her before but she made things difficult for herself. Right now, the only thing Ahad can do for her is to keep his emotions in check, which he sees as highly impossible but at least he could give it a try.

"Breakfast." Ahad said, putting the breakfast tray on the coffee table but Kanwal didn't move a muscle.


"I am not hungry." She didn't let him finish his sentence.

"You didn't eat anything yesterday night too." Said Ahad walking towards her.

"I ate early."

"Don't lie" Ahad held her hand and said, "Come."

"I said I-"

"Sssh! Obey your husband." He put the index finger to his lips.

Ahad played wisely with his words by using "Obey" and "husband" he made Kanwal listen to him and she silently started to eat. Ahad sat beside her and watch her taking small bites of the toast in her hand. He was thinking of forcing her if she didn't eat properly, but she ate enough to call it a proper meal.

After eating, she almost snatched the empty cup from Ahad's hand and got up holding the breakfast tray with her other hand.

"Where is the kitchen?" Kanwal asked in a monotonous voice, looking at the front.

"Right side of the cor-" She walked off before Ahad could finish his sentence.


Kanwals eyes once again went wide, after entering the kitchen. It was almost the same size as two rooms in her house. Kanwal didn't belong to a rich family. Her father has an average job in the tax collection department. After a great struggle of her parents, they have managed to build a small house on their own. Kanwal remembered how her mother did savings and how happy she was when they shifted to Shareefabad. Her parents did the whole decoration on their own. This had left wonderful memories for her.

Kanwal wanted the same life, where she could make such sweet memories with her husband and kids and it was one of the many reasons of her satisfaction when she got engaged to Ahad, a man from a simple middle-class family, living a simple life. She never thought that her life would take a one-eighty-degree turn and the same Ahad would make her stand in this huge lavish house. Taking each step slowly, she walked towards the kitchen counter and after putting the tray on it, she turned to look around the place.


Ahad stood at the kitchen entrance and silently watch Kanwal as she explores the kitchen and dining room next to it. His eyes roam over her figure that is covered in a gray kameez with trouser and blue colour dupatta and then settled on her face, which has a very strange combination of fascination and something which Ahad cannot explain. She slowly peeked inside the dining room and hesitantly stepped inside. With a small smile playing on Ahad's face, he followed her without making a sound.

Unaware of his presence behind her, Kanwal took in every detail of the room. But as soon as she passed the mirror on the wall behind the table, she saw the reflection of Ahad. Kanwal quickly turned around and find him standing in the middle of the entrance with both of his hands in his pockets and an intense gaze fixed on her. Inhaling a deep breath, she stepped towards Ahad to leave the room. But before she could pass, he stretched his arm and held her hand.

"Where are you going?" Ahad asked.

"I don't know." She answered without making eye contact.

"I can show you around."

"I can do it myself." On Kanwal's answer, Ahad pushed her onto the glass door and lean down to her face.

"Don't be like this." He said in a low tone, holding both of her arms. But Kanwal didn't respond and kept her gaze low.

"Kanwal, look at me." He commanded which she silently obeyed.

Her eyes held many complaints. Complaints, she was planning to buried deep in her heart. Kanwal didn't have any expectations, anymore. But there is nothing she can do when her eyes refused to respect her wishes and hide everything.

Eyes are the mirror of soul and Ahad can see through this. He has seen the silent protest in her eyes. He was aware that her complaints are more than he has for her but Ahad isn't sure whether he could confront any inquiries. He wasn't ready to answer her. Therefore he decided to hold back his complaints too. Because half of them had already lost their meaning since Kanwal became his wife and has already accepted him without any objections.

Ahad leaned closer to her face and kissed her cheek.

"Have some rest before lunch and don't walk around barefoot. Use these for now. I'll check where your footwear is." Ahad said, taking off his sleepers and he left after caressing her face gently.

Kanwal watched him go into their room again, feeling the lingering warmth of his touch. Reminding her once again what he is to her.


Kanwal did sleep a little before lunch and afterward, she got busy getting ready for the Walima ceremony. Just like yesterday, beauticians came to dress her up and after getting ready, she was unable to recognize herself.

She looked like a whole different person, a celebrity who got ready for her Walima. On the other hand, Ahad was also looking no less than a celebrity too. Kanwal kept stealing glances at him when he was putting on his wristwatch but soon managed to control herself, as an arrogant smirk appeared on Ahad's face. No matter how much she said that he isn't the same Ahad she loved, but somewhere deep within her heart, she still is attracted to him.

"Kanwal." On hearing her name, she raised her head and found Ahad standing near, stretching his hand towards her. Without thinking, she accepted that hand and got up.

Taking a step back, Ahad took in her whole appearance and a satisfying look came over his face when his eyes finally reached Kanwal's face. He smiled at her, holding a glint of happiness and pride in his eyes.

"You're beautiful." He squeezed her hand slightly.

Instead of thanking Ahad on his compliment, Kanwal silently lowered her head. But on the next moment, she raised her head when she felt a ring slid on her finger.

"Now your hands look perfect." He said, looking at the ring on her left hand which almost has the same design as their engagement ring. "You shouldn't have taken the ring off." Ahad mumbled, still

staring at her hand and caressing it with his thumb.

"You shouldn't have changed." Kanwal said in a low voice.

"...You really learned to talk back." Ahads eyes shot up to Kanwal as the arrogant smirk returned to his face. She didn't answer, nor did Ahad want any. He silently intertwined his fingers to hers and started to make his way towards the door.

Walking behind Ahad, Kanwal glanced at his face and couldn't help but think that she is some sort of trophy or a for him, which he is about to show to the world.


On reaching the venue, Kanwal's eyes went wide. The guests who were invited were all from an elite class. The people whom Kanwal had frequently seen on TV and in newspapers. Not even in her dreams, she thought that a normal girl like her would be meeting them in person. One by one Ahad introduced them to Kanwal and she smiled at each and everyone with absent mind, except for one man - Moosa Ali Khan, the leader of Black Eagles, Ahad's boss. But his behaviour with Moosa didn't seem like a boss and the subordinate kind of relationship, it was more relaxed. Still, Kanwal didn't miss the respect Ahad held in his tone while talking to him.

Kanwal didn't Salam him, nor put a formal smile on her face. Maybe Moosa did notice her discomfort and quickly left their side. As soon as he walked away, Ahad said to her, "At least you could Salam him."

Kanwal pretended not to hear him and raised her gaze to look at the people laughing and talking to each other. How can she talk to someone who she believes to be the reason for Ahad being in this mess? Suddenly, a very familiar face appeared from behind a guest.

"Ayan!?" Kanwal breathed out the person's name and felt Ahads head snap towards her.

Ahad also turned her face to the guests and watched the young man of Kanwal's age come towards them with a warm smile. Following his instinct, he rushed towards the guy and engulfed him in an embrace. On the other hand, standing in her place, Kanwal watched both brothers talking with each other. She was having a hard time believing that Ayan could be here. Because she knew Ahad's family has cut their ties with Ahad. They don't even talk to him.

Then this....?

"Assalam o Alaikum, Bhabi." Ayan said as he reached to Kanwal. But she was too shocked to answer him.

"Bhabi?" He called her out again and this time she managed to answer.

You seemed surprised. He smiled.

"Ayan, you... Why are you here?

How can I miss the Walima of my only brother?"

"Don't tell me... Are you from the Blacks Eagles too?" Kanwals eyes widened in horror.

" No!" Ayan exclaimed, "I just wanted to come. I have been waiting for this moment for my brother getting married." Ahad smiled at his younger brother, "I made many plans for it. But it was unfortunate that things didn't go as we thought. Still, the least I could do is not to miss out Bhai's Walima."

Kanwal remained silent, she was too confused to give a proper response. Everyone was under the impression that Ahads family had nothing to do with him anymore, but upon meeting Ayan here, her mind started to raise questions.

"Aunty and Uncle are with you too?" She asked, looking back and forth between Ayan and Ahad.

"No Bhabi, I came alone. Actually, no one knows that I am here."


"So all this while you were in contact with Ahad?" Kanwal asked Ayan.

Dinner was served and while others are busy in eating, Ayan was going through an inquiry session by his Bhabi. Ahad had left them alone so Kanwal could open up to Ayan.

"Not at the start. I had the same impression of bhai like others. I also didn't want to talk to him. Yet I was sure that he didn't join Black Eagles just to make money. If that were the reason, he could have done many dreadful things, without joining it. Therefore, when I recovered from the shock of him leaving us, I tried to dig into the circumstances of when he made the decision. So far, I have not succeeded, but one day I am sure to find the truth."

After hearing Ayan's determined voice, Kanwal asked, "Ayan, even if you were to find the reason, how would you justify the wrongdoings of the Black Eagles?"

"Bhabi, ..... There might be no justification for it. But somewhere in my mind, I want to believe that my brother wasn't after wealth and power. I am doing it for self-satisfaction."He said, looking at Ahad, who was busy talking to a man.

Yes, Ahad wasn't after wealth and power. That was what she also thought, at first. But after seeing his huge lavish house and his lifestyle, she finds it hard to believe.

"How are Aunty and Uncle?" Kanwal asked timidly.

"They are fine. I heard from Ami that your family is about to move out of the city?" He whispered the last part and Kanwal nodded.

"Its better for them. I asked my cousin to convince them and help them in moving out."

"Do you think it can be done?" He said, looking at Ahad's direction.

"Black Eagles should not have anything to do with my family. And I definitely don't wish of such future for Alina." She answered, gazing at her Henna designed hands.

"Ayan, won't you eat anything?" Kanwal raised her head on hearing Ahad's voice.

"Going. What about you and Bhabi?"

"We will eat later. Right now there are a few guests I have to introduce to Kanwal."

Ayan nodded and left. Soon after, Natasha came to Ahad and Kanwal, along with Yawar who had a look like he was forced to come.

"Assalam o Alaikum Nats, you are quite late." Ahad said.

" If you are referring to dinner then don't bother. I can always eat later. Anyways, Wallaikum Assalam and Assalam o Alaikum to you." She turned to Kanwal who was silently watching the two of them talking.

"Wallaikum Assalam." Kanwal mumbled with a gentle smile.

"She is cute. Mubarak ho Ahad (congratulations)." Natasha said, giving Ahad a side hug.

Kanwal's eyes went wide looking at the sight of how comfortable her husband is by the hug of a non-mahram woman. But she quickly regained her composure, remembering that it could be normal in the social circle where he belongs to now.

"Kanwal, this is Yawar. My not official son." Holding his arm, Natasha dragged Yawar to her.

"Assalam o Allaikum." Said a tanned skin teenage boy.

He must be the same age as Kanwal or a little younger, but his build is way better than the average boys of his age.

"Wallaikum Assalam." Kanwal answered.

"Speaking of son, where is my official daughter?" Ahad said, looking towards the guests as Kanwal's head snapped towards him.


She thought in disbelief and looked at Natasha and Yawar for an answer, but Natasha was looking at the same direction as Ahad and Yawar were busy in glaring at him.

What is going onjQuery21409192313493967816_1547746457979?

Ahad has a daughter????


*Walima = A marriage banquet after a day of Nikah.

*Non-mahram = A person who is not a direct blood relative of the man/woman. Muslims must abstain from the act of touching a non-mahram of the opposite sex and Muslim women should not appear in front of a non-mahram man without having her hijab on.

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