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   Chapter 13 No. 13

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It was Kanwal's second sleepless night, but there was a huge difference in yesterday's night and the night before. She was in her home the night before, with her sister and parents, safe and secure.

Kanwal wrapped her arms around herself, as the memories of last night start flashing in her mind and her heart started to hammer against her chest again. She could still feel Ahad's touch, his breath, and his closeness, everything. Like he is with her right now. A shiver ran through all over Kanwal's body and she quickly shook her head, trying to subside this thought. Without making any noise, Kanwal raised up from the armchair at the corner of the room and stood beside the window to watch how slowly and gently the morning sun rays light up the sky.

Kanwal felt exhausted, like all of her energy is drained and her legs are about to give away at any moment. But still, she chose to stand instead of sitting or lying down on the bed or the armchairs. Once she thought to leave the room but an unknown fear stopped her from doing it. Therefore, she stayed there, trying her best to ignore the fact that Ahad was sleeping in the same room. But soon, Kanwal gave up and went back to the armchair. She curled herself into a ball and put her dupatta on her cold feet. Gazing aimlessly into space, she leaned her head to the back and within minutes, she falls asleep.


It was the phone's vibration that caused Ahad's peaceful slumber to be disturbed. Grumbling, he grabbed his phone on the nightstand and switched it off, knowing that if it is something urgent, Moosa would have contacted him on another number which is reserved for selected people.

Ahad changed his position and shut his eyes, but the fragrance of fresh flowers made him open his eyes again and then it suddenly hits him. Taking off the blanket, he got up and was about to rush out when his eyes spot a figure curled up in a ball on the armchair, at the corner of the room. Making a displeased face, Ahad covered the distance to Kanwal and bent down to her face. For the first time, Ahad was watching her sleeping face and he couldn't deny that she looked more beautiful in her sleep. His eyes traveled down and a smile formed on his face on watching her dress.

She found her way to the wardrobe...

Ahad settled himself on the hand of the armchair, beside Kanwal whilst keeping his gaze on her. Her black silky hair was wrapped up in a loose bun, giving a clear look of her face. Ahad's gaze roamed on her pale face and fixed on her slightly swelled lips. An urge of touching her again emerged in him but he fought it back, not wanting to destroy her nap as he has a very good ide

doing there?" He stalked towards her.

"Sitting." Kanwal answered nonchalantly.

"Couldn't you find any better place to sit?" Ahad asked, gritting his teeth.

"It's peaceful here." She avoid making eye contact.

"You didn't sleep?" Ahad inquired, looking at her red and tired eyes, which were swelling now. Kanwal simply shook her head.

"Then why didn't you come out?" Kanwal didn't answer him.

"I am asking you a question." Ahad brought her near him by grabbing her arms.

"You're hurting me." Kanwal wiggled to free herself and Ahad loosen his grip.

"Leave me." She didn't stop struggling.

"Answer me first." Ahad further firmed his grip.

"I don't want to see your face." Kanwal's answer froze Ahad on his place.

"What?" He asked in disbelief.

"I don't want to see your face, I don't want you near me, I don't want to stay in the same room as you." Kanwal glared at Ahad.

"Have you lost your mind?! Do you know what you are saying??"

"Yes, I know what I am saying and I haven't lost my mind yet. What did you think? That everything will get normal between us if you forced me into this marriage? It was your mistake, Mr. Ahad Murtaza. A mistake. Right now, you may have me, but not my heart. You can touch me, but not my soul. You can bend a person by power Ahad, but you cannot bend a person's feelings."

"Because your feelings are for Abdul Rafay now?" Ahad glared into her eyes and she shook her head.

"My feelings are still for the man I loved since I understood the meaning of love and unfortunately, it's not you.....As a wife, I will fulfill my every duty. You have me and my obedience, but my feelings died when you buried the old Ahad." Taking advantage of Ahad's shocked state, Kanwal jerked his hands and left the room.

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