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   Chapter 12 No. 12

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Kanwal was dressed up in a beautiful red and purple coloured dress, golden jewellery, along with beautiful golden sandals. The beauticians Ahad sent complimented her, Kanwal raised her gaze to look at herself in the mirror but her vision blurred soon after. Her tears are almost dried up, still every now and then, a tear or two managed to slide down on her cheeks.

Kanwal didn't eat all day nor utter a single word, not even when Mahnoor arrived and tried to talk to her. It wasn't like she didn't want to, she just couldn't find words to say, not even on her Nikah. Qazi Sahab (the priest) waited quite long for her to express her agreement but she didn't until she heard a masculine voice from outside the room asking her mother what's taking Kanwal so long in a quite dangerous tone.

At that moment, she gave her answer to Qazi Sahab and silently signed the papers. After a few minutes of Nikah, she was taken out for Ruksati. No dinner and no traditional Rasams (customs) which a girl dreams of all her life.

Kanwal's thoughts are blurred and everything was going in a daze. She didn't realize how and when she was taken outside towards the car. A warm embrace of Kanwal's father brought her to reality and she wrapped her arms around as her life depended on him, but a coughing sound made her lose the grip.

"Meri bachi (my daughter), meri gurya (my doll), forgive me." He cupped Kanwal's face with both hands and Kanwal merely shook her head, she didn't like hearing her father's apologetic voice.


Ahad watched Kanwal's crying face before turning to his men from the other side of the car. He never liked Ruksati, it always saddens him.

While talking, his mind wandered off towards the watch he picked from the corner table of Kanwal's drawing room. It was the same watch she was wearing that day. With absent-minded, he raised his head towards Kanwal's direction and found someone glaring at him.

Little tigress...

Her face reminded him of the day when he called her 'Moti Churail' (fat witch) and she gave him the same look. A smile formed on his face and without thinking, he raised his hand and gave her a wave, which gained the attention of every one of his gang members standing nearby and they instantly turned to Mahnoor. A look of fear crossed her face and she dashed inside the house.

Holding a strange glint in his eyes, he walked towards the car and tapped his hand on the roof, signaling Kanwal it is time to go, and to his surprise, Kanwal silently slid inside the car as soon as she heard the tap, leaving her parents standing with teary eyes.

Ahad glanced at his parents-in-law and to the boy named Maaz, whom Ahad knows as Kanwal's cousin. He was already staring at him, or more like glaring, with a warning look. Ahad smiled on his bravery, even after knowing that he couldn't do any harm to him because of the position Ahad holds in Black Eagles.

'Sale sahab (brother-in-law)' Ahad mumbled before turning to Moosa who was slowly making his way to him, with a small smile playing on his face.


'Once you put a handful of sand on a dead body after lying it in the grave, your heart and mind would eventually be at ease and come to a resolve.'

Kanwal had heard her elders saying this and that's exactly how she felt right now. The only difference was that she put a handful sand on her own grave and soon, her family will be free from the pain.

Sitting still as a sculpture, Kanwal stares at her hands on her lap. Not even once had she paid attention to the person sitting beside her, or the place he was taking her. Her hands and feet getting cold with fear emerging within her and she couldn't do anything to prevent herself from it. Soon, their car slowed down and finally came to a halt. For a moment, Kanwal forgot how to breathe and raised her head to watch Ahad stepping outside the car. Within a minute, the door of her side was opened and Ahad stretched out his hand for her. Reluctantly, she raised her hand, which was quickly grabbed by a powerful grip. A strange wave of shiver washed over her as Ahad helped her in getting out of the car and starts leading the way to the house.

Preoccupied with the thought of her hand in Ahad's, she didn't take a glance at her new house. Ahad's grip on Kanwal's hand wasn't forceful, but it was firm, intensifying her pulse rate with every step. Suddenly, the light dimmed the area she was walking on, washed up by the ray of bright golden light. As Kanwal raised the head and her eyes squinted at the luminous sight and Ahad led her into the house.

Kanwal lowered her head again to hold her dress so she wouldn't fall. As she carefully covered the three steps of the staircase, she felt Ahad stopping. She looked up and her eyes went wide. Kanwal had never seen a house this big in her whole life. Her eyes roam over every corner of the entrance hall she was standing in. It is spacious, with light brown and golden textured walls and d

ark brown furniture. She then turned her attention to the sparkling shiny floor which is reflecting the chandelier above her head.


Ahad stared at Kanwal's face in amazement as she took in each detail of the hall. She was too engrossed to realize that she has been standing on one spot for the last three minutes. At first, Ahad thought of calling her out, but seeing how stunning she looked in her bridal attire, he subsides the thought and takes his time in watching her with marvel.

Golden pencil heels, red and purple coloured dress with golden embroidery and her glowing face with the red contrast of dupatta on her head, Ahad had never thought that Kanwal could look even more beautiful than she naturally is. He didn't see even the tiniest imperfection in her. She is flawless. Tall and gorgeous, she stood like a queen, holding the tail of her dress in a pinch. But the look on her face was of that he couldn't compare to an elegant queen. It was the look he had always loved, sweet and innocent.

Ahad snapped out of daze when Kanwal awkwardly changed her position and he got up to guide her further.


Kanwal's mind went wandering off somewhere in Ahad's parents' house. It wasn't as big and lavish as this, but it had always given her the cozy feeling of home. While here, she feels like a mere hotel for temporary residence rather than a home. Following silently behind Ahad, Kanwal glanced at the huge living room and dining room.

How much money did he spend on itjQuery21409192313493967816_1547746457979?

Kanwal's jaws clenched as the answer hits her.

"This is our room." She heard Ahad's voice.

She lifted her gaze and took in the scenery - A huge room of beige and golden interior with small bunches of flowers, mostly roses, welcomed her. This time, Kanwal cringed at the thought that Ahad sold his soul for this luxury.

As Kanwal studied the room, the smell of fresh flowers keeps reminding her of the situation she is in. Her focus turned from the things around her to the person with her in the room.

Kanwal's breathing stopped for a moment when she heard the sound of the door closing behind her. Unconsciously, both of her arms wrapped around herself in a protective manner, as she felt herself in danger. Her eyes set on the floor as she concentrated on the sound of Ahad's approaching steps.

"Do you like our room?" Ahad said, coming near her. Kanwal slowly raises her gaze to look at the room once again and lowered them, without uttering a word.

Kanwal clenched her jaws to fight back the unknown fear emerging in her. But unfortunately, it was way too much to endure and her body started to shiver.

A hand cupped her face and lifted it. "Are you alright?"

She failed to notice Ahad's approach. It not only startled her, but she unconsciously took an abrupt step back. Inhaling a deep breath, she gulped as her eyes were fixed on the man before her. Kanwal's mind wasn't working properly, the only thing it does, was to compare this Ahad to the old Ahad, making her even more scared than before.

Ahad narrowed his eyes at her and yanked her to him by grabbing her arm.

"Why did you pull back?" He leaned closer. His hold wasn't the touch a girl would expect from her husband. Kanwal's throat went dry as she stared at him in disbelief and horror.

Ahad was her prince on the white stallion. She loved him because of his gentle nature. But the man who touched her just now wasn't gentle as Ahad she loved. His voice didn't hold politeness like before and his hold was quite forceful.

Kanwal knew him since she was nine years old, and throughout those years, she had never feared him as now. Not even then when Mahnoor set them up on the rooftop alone. But she was scared now. His behaviour was unexpected and rough. Unconsciously, she was still hoping to see the old Ahad or perhaps she was being delusional.

What if I were wrong?

Her mind raised this question many times and she kept avoiding it. But now, seeing how Ahad is frowning at her, she realized that she is out of time.

"You don't like my touch?" Ahad's other hand cupped Kanwal's left cheek, "Or maybe you prefer that man's touch. What was his name? Abdul Rafay... right?" He smirked and Kanwal just stared back at him in horror and surprise.

She couldn't fathom what surprised her more, that he knows about Abdul Rafay or he is accusing her of something that she never wished for.

"Are you disappointed that you ended up with me?" He asked, leveling his face to her. Yet again, Kanwal didn't answer and her body starting to shiver badly.

"Answer me, Kanwal." He ordered in a low tone.

"I don't know." She breathed out, too scared because of the closeness. His thumb on Kanwal's cheek slid to her chin.

"Hmmm! What a pity." Ahad said before capturing her lips with his. He had waited for this moment for too long. He now finally has his love in his arms and tonight there is no stopping him.

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