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   Chapter 11 No. 11

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"Ahad bhai." A man wearing jeans and blue check shirt called Ahad from somewhere in the auditorium. Kanwal heard it, but couldn't register it.

"You go ahead and take the girl with you. Go through all the procedures. I will handle everything here. Oh! And don't forget to invite the staffs to my wedding. Kanwal and I would love to have their blessing. Right, Kanwal?" Ahad turns back to Kanwal who is staring at him with horror in her eyes.

"Take the girl where? Where are you going to take us?" Kanwal's voice barely came out, filled with fear just like her eyes.

"Her destination is yet to be decided, while yours is with me as it's supposed to be. Right, Kanwal?" He said, making eye contact with her.

Kanwal abruptly looked away but remains silent.

"Let's go. It's better to spend more time with your family rather than wasting the last few hours of your life with them." He got up and unintentionally stretched out his hand to Kanwal, which she refuses and got up on her own.

Ahad retracted his hand, cursing himself for forgetting that Kanwal is a typical eastern girl, who wouldn't touch a non-mehram.

"We are going through the back door." Kanwal halted at the moment when Ahad's voice echoed in the empty auditorium and after taking a deep breath, she turns towards the back door without paying any attention to Ahad. She needs to brace herself before reaching home. She can't face her parents while standing anywhere near Ahad.

Kanwal's mind abruptly starts thinking of alternate options and before they reached Ahad's car, Kanwal stopped in mid tracks.

"What is it?" Ahad also stopped to inquire her.

"Are you going to talk to my parents?" Kanwal asked, looking at the floor before her feet.

"Of course, it would be disrespectful to not Salam my in-laws." Ahad answered in a carefree tone.

"Can't you just leave after leaving me on the doorstep?" Kanwal asked with clenched jaws.

Ahad's brows shot up on the tone of her voice and he slowly covered the distance between them, with his eyes fixed on Kanwal's lowered gaze and stiff facial expression.

"And why would I do that?" Ahad asked in a soft voice, standing in front of her.

"There is no gain for you in it and it's a request. I will do as you say and convey your message to them as soon as I reach home, but you will leave without meeting them." Kanwal said, raising her gaze to Ahad.


Ahad silently stared at the girl who stood before him. He was having a hard time believing that she is the same Kanwal he knew. Just like their meeting last year, she managed to surprise him with her bold behavior. He was astonished and angry just like before, but right now he felt a strange excitement emerging within him - An excitement of exploring something new.

He noticed that Kanwal lowered her gaze again due to his continuous stare and getting uncomfortable, but he found himself unable to tear his eyes away from her face and when he forced himself, his eyes landed at an expensive watch on her wrist.

"Nice watch." He narrowed his eyes and unconsciously, Kanwal moved her hand away from his

gain when she saw the bags Ahad brought.

"Watch it, Tigress. You might regret it someday." Ahad said in a warning tone and turns his attention to Kanwal, "Anyways, I bought your wedding dress, Kanwal... I want you to look beautiful tomorrow ....for me." With a warm smile, he turns back and left. But before leaving the room, he didn't forget to take Kanwal's phone from the dressing table near the door.


"Ahad, what are you doing here?" On hearing Natasha's loud voice, Ahad turns his head to her and smirked.

"I am sitting, Nats." On this answer, he received a hit on the head from her.

Ahad gave all responsibility from his and Kanwal's attires to decorations of his house in Natasha's hand, which she gladly accepted. Since morning, Ahad had been in Moosa's house, drinking his favourite Shahina's tea while now and then praising the taste of her hands, only to piss Yawar off, who was doing a great job keeping his mouth shut, but couldn't stop himself from shooting a glare at Ahad.

"Don't be over smart with me. Get up, go back home and check if you need anything else."

"It's fine if you are satisfied, Nats."

"It's not about my satisfaction, Ahad. It's about what Kanwal likes, and only you know Kanwal here."

"Don't worry, she will like it." Ahad said with a smile, which faded as soon as Natasha turned her attention elsewhere.

Ahad slid his hand into his jeans' pocket and takes out Kanwal's phone. He smiled at the knowledge that she didn't put any password or pattern on the phone as before. He opens the received text from a person named Abdul Rafay and starts reading it.

'I got your message and now I feel like you need it more than ever. It will become a source of hope, that you will see a good time coming from it soon. Therefore, I asked Maaz to leave it there. Find it and keep it with you.

Assalam o Alaikum.'

''What the hell is he talking about?" Ahad mumbled as he kept reading the line again and again.

'you will see a good time coming from it...'

And suddenly it clicked in him.

The watch.....!

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