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   Chapter 10 No. 10

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Days flew by and not long after, Kanwal's ultimate academic year has arrived. She turned her full attention toward her studies like it was the only goal of her life and after graduation, she was planning to study Law.

After the conversation her father had that night almost a year ago to his sister, no one has brought up that topic again, at least she never heard about it. Except the night when Maaz visited their house, after knowing about Abdul Rafay's proposal for Kanwal and to her surprise, he came to ensure Kanwal that she doesn't have to force herself because of others and that she will always have him standing by her side whenever she needs him, as a brother should be. Therefore, she calmed herself and was able to focus on her education, family, and people around her. But how could she ignore the increasing visit of Abdul Rafay's family in her house and the glances he stole of her.

As a person, Kanwal really respects Abdul Rafay. He is a simple, well mannered, soft spoken and kind person, unlike super active and mischievous Ahad. Kanwal couldn't help herself from comparing both of them in every way possible. And every time she does, Abdul Rafay gets more points than Ahad. Slowly, she also starts to see that he would be a good husband but she was unable to imagine him as her husband.

During Kanwal's summer break, Abdul Rafay got the chance to talk to Kanwal directly, unlike before, when their conversation would never exceed from Salam. It was the second day of Eid when Abdul Rafay visited Kanwal's house. It was an unexpected visit and Kanwal's parents weren't at home. Therefore, he gave the gift he bought for her saying 'Saima Baji sent this to you.' Although it was Saima's idea to buy something for Kanwal, he was the one who spent several hours trying to choose a suitable Eid gift for her.

"Thank you." Kanwal said, accepting the gift hesitantly. "I will thank Saima bhabi too."

Abdul Rafay smiled and say, "I'll be going now. Say Salam to everyone."

Kanwal nodded and closed the door. She felt bad for not letting him in but she couldn't do that and he also wouldn't come in knowing that she is alone in the house.

Kanwal was about to open the gift when a sudden knock on the door startled her.

Who is it now...?

She thought, while looking through the eye hole of the door and found Abdul Rafay standing outside, looking at the floor.

Settling her dupatta back on her head, Kanwal opened the door.

"Ji? (Yes?)"

"Um, sorry. I forgot about this." He said as he held out his hand holding a box of Mithai (sweets) with an apologetic look.

"Thank you." Kanwal smiled back, taking the box.

As soon as Abdul Rafay retracted his hand, the phone he was holding in the same hand fell on the floor. He was already feeling embarrassed by giving Kanwal a present like this and forgetting to give Mithai at the same time and things are now getting even more awkward.

Kanwal couldn't help herself from chuckling at his startled state. He also smiled hesitantly and abruptly picks up his phone.

"Okay, Allah Haffiz." Abdul Rafay said, taking a step back and Kanwal nodded in acknowledgment.

"Um Excuse me." as Kanwal was about to go inside, Abdul Rafay called her again.

"Ji? (Yes?)" She turned to him.

"Smile more often. Allah Haffiz." With that, he spun on his heels and left, leaving Kanwal stunned on her doorstep.


Walking into college first day after summer holidays, Kanwal takes off her wristwatch and stretched out to Mahnoor.

"Ya Allah! It's beautiful! Mahnoor exclaimed, taking the watch in her hands. It was the gift Abdul Rafay gave Kanwal on the Eid night.


"Where did you buy it? I want one too." Mahnoor asked excitedly.

"Um ... Actually Mano, it was a gift."


"Listen Mano... There is something I need to tell you." Kanwals flustered and reluctant voice caught Mahnoor's attention and she turns to face her.


"Yar.... Do you remember Saima Bhabi? My cousin's wife?"


"Her brother gave this to me." Mahnoor's tracks stopped in the middle as she turns to her friend, wide eyes.

"Don't give me that look and keep walking, I will tell you everything." Kanwal holds Mahnoor's arm and starts dragging her towards college.

"You overheard your parents' and Phuppos conversation, Maaz came to discuss with you about all this, the person that gave you an Eid gift is Abdul Rafay and you are only telling me now?" Mahnoor questioned Kanwal once she finished telling her the whole story.

"Mano, I didn't take it seriously before, but since he gave it to me, I thought I better tell you." Kanwal gave Mahnoor puppy dog eyes.

"Ary, why did you

ry lips and nodded.

"Attention, all final year students!" Kanwals body stiffened as the announcement echoed in the auditorium.

The whole auditorium went dead silent until the voice on the speakers echoed again.

"Please form a straight row on the right side of the stage. As for the rest of the students, please leave the auditorium."

"Mano!" Kanwal said, gripping Mahnoor's hands.

Suddenly, Mahnoor felt a strange uneasiness but she ignored it. She has more things to be worried about now. She slowly frees her hands from Kanwal's and holds them with a firm grip, thinking it might give her some strength, as she couldn't come up with good words to say.

Kanwal felt how Mahnoor is trying to help her, but she couldn't calm herself. The words of Ahad's email from last year is dancing before her eyes and her subconscious is screaming "danger!".

"I don't want to stay. . . I don't want to go. . . Please take me with you. Please, please, please." Kanwal said frantically when Mahnoor loosens her grip on her hands.

"Kanwal, relax. Everything will be okay..... Have faith in Allah." Mahnoor said, patting her cheeks. But her eyes were saying something else.

"I-I have, Mano... But-" Before Kanwal could complete her sentence, a professor from the stage interrupted them.

"Hurry up, Kanwal. They are almost here and you, Mahnoor, go outside now."


"Mano!" Kanwal cried when Mahnoor turned away to leave and she watched her as she went away. The restlessness Kanwal is feeling is growing stronger with each passing second and suddenly, everything froze when a familiar masculine voice echoed in the auditorium.

"Everyone can leave except for Nida Abdullah and Kanwal ...... Mehmood." Kanwal felt a daze coming over on hearing her name and if it weren't for Mehak who was standing beside Kanwal, she would've hit the ground.

In the state of panic, Mehak helped Kanwal to steady herself and slowly made her sit on the floor, while Kanwal stared at the stage where a man was coming towards her with a triumphant look on his face.


"Leave and forget her." Mehak flinched at Ahad's strict voice and so does Samra, Maira, and Raffat. They were all standing within a distance from them but couldn't clearly hear them as the auditorium is already empty.

Squeezing Kanwals shoulder slightly, Mehak got up and leave the place with her friends. But all of them kept glancing back at their friend with pitiful eyes.

On the other hand, Kanwal sat frozen on the floor, staring at the ground. She heard every word Ahad said but the only thing Kanwal was able to think was her family.

What will they do?

How will she explain to them?

Questions kept popping up in her mind and she was so engrossed with them that she didn't realize when Ahad crouched down before her.

"I don't mind spending my whole life with you sitting in this position, but I have other things to deal with too." Kanwal's head snapped up to him and Ahad's smirk widened.

"I have to do preparation of our wedding." Ahad smiled with a strange look in his eyes, awakening countless fears in Kanwal's heart.

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