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   Chapter 9 No. 9

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"Zaib, I want to talk to you about something" Ishrat said to her sister rather secretly.

"Ji? (What)"

"What have you and Mehmood decided on Kanwal?" Ishrat asked, leaning back in a position so that she could have a proper look at the door. Right now, she doesn't want anyone to listen to their conversation, especially Kanwal.

"What do you mean decided?" Zaib, Kanwal's mother gave her elder sister a confused look.

"About her marriage of course."

"Baji, we haven't decided or thought of anything about it yet and I personally think we should give Kanwal some time."

"Give her time?" She frowned after listening to her sister's thoughts, "Have you really lost your mind, Zaib? At first, you engaged that girl at such a young age, despite knowing that engagements could easily be broken off and now you are leaving her, saying she needs time? Tell me, are you so naive that you can't understand the emotional turmoil she is going through to the point that you are thinking of letting her be this way?" Ishrat said in an angry tone.

She had been against Kanwal's engagement from the start, not because she disliked Ahad, but she thinks that girls shouldn't be involved in such matters until they have graduated. Parents may think that engaging their child at a young age would keep their kids away from involving with the wrong type of people, but they often forget that the attachments they cost at young ages could be very harmful to kids. That's what exactly happened to her beloved niece and she blames this on her sister Zaib and her husband Mehmood.

"Baji (elder sister), I don't know what to do anymore." Zaib sighed.

"Listen, I had never told you this before because Kanwal was already engaged when Hasseb got married. Saima wanted our Kanwal for her brother and she is still insistent. I ask Saima to bring him on a picnic tomorrow so you and Mehmood could meet him. He is a very nice boy. Kanwal and him as a pair would look so good."

"Baji, this will be too soon for Kanwal."

"Zaib, it would be better if Kanwal moves on and forget Ahad as soon as possible. Besides, it's not like I am asking you to marry her right now. It would sound harsh and forceful, but engaging her to another person will help her in it. Her sense of responsibility towards her new relationship would eventually drag her out from the past."

"I will talk to Kanwal's father." Zaib sighed and says. She knows very well that her sister would never sit in peace until she gets what is in her mind come across. So, Zaib goes on her way if she sees no harm in it and a part of her also thinks that maybe someone on Ahad's place could help Kanwal.


"Um.... Khala told me you aren't going tomorrow with us." Kanwal asked Maaz while taking the dirty dishes from his hands after dinner.

"Hm... I didn't submit my assignment on time, so as punishment I got another assignment which I have to submit a day before the exam." He shrugged.

"When is your exam?"

"Next week."

"You still have plenty of time."

"Actually, I haven't even started my assignment yet. So if I go, I don't think I will be able to complete it on time." He said as he takes his phone out from his pocket and starts typing something.

"I will help." Kanwal said abruptly and Maaz's head snapped towards her. She realized that it might be the first time in all these years when she starts talking about something related to his personal work. Usually, she just kept herself to Khala, Khalo, and Haseeb, they had never associated themselves with each other if there isn't any need.

After a short moment of awkward silence, Maaz responds, "Okay then, ... I will go tomorrow. Don't complain to me later that I took advantage of you." He went outside with a smile on his face. Kanwal smiled too, on her stupidity or perhaps on Maaz that he didn't refuse her. She knows that he will be throwing all of his work on her, but she is fine with it as she knows it will keep her attention away from the message Ahad sent her.


Abdul Rafay glared at her sister when he finds Maaz ready to go with them. Saima tried to explain to him but he refused to listen, saying, "We will talk about this later" and leaves Saima protesting in her mind about his attitude.

Maaz's sudden change of plan surprised everyone, especially Alina. She had finally found someone who can enjoy swings with her, as Kanwal easily gets sic? of it.

After reaching the farmhouse, the first thing Kanwal does was to serve snacks which Maaz requested, while Abdul Rafay was circled by the adults. What he does, his hobbies, his goals, they asked his whole biography and when he manages to get away from them, he stormed towards the kitchen to give a piece of his mind to Saima but froze upon finding Kanwal instead of his sister.

Kanwal, who was busy exploring the kitchen got startled by his sudden entrance and from the look on his face, she can tell that something was off.

"Um... if you are looking for Saima bhabi, then she is outside." Kanwal informed him.

"Huh? Oh! No. I wasn't looking for baji. I came here to..... get a glass of water." Abdul Rafay said awkwardly.

What am I saying?

Abdul Rafay thought.

"Oh! I will give you." Kanwal said and turned to the water dispenser.

"No, it's fine. I can take-" Before he could complete the sentence, Kanwal puts a glass of water on the kitchen counter for him.

"Jazakallah!" He forced a smile and picks up the glass. On the other hand, Kanwal strides towards the stove.

Abdul Rafay in a somewhat flustered situation stood on his spot and takes a sip from the glass. But before he could take a second sip, Kanwal turned to him and said, "We shouldn't drink water while standing."

With that, she excused herself and Rafay felt like banging his head on the wall.

What the hell is wrong with mejQuery2140007336695564287732_1537798057446?

Why did I get so nervous all of a suddenjQuery21405367330821023668_1548600114773?

Grumbling under his breath, he crouches down to the floor and finished the glass.


"Rafay..... I am asking you something. Don't avoid me." Saima whined like a kid walking behind him.

"And I am not answering you, so stop bothering me." Abdul Rafay tried once again to shove his sister away. How can he tell her that he is avoiding Kanwal because every time she comes in his view, h

is mind recalls the moment when he embarrassed himself in the kitchen??

Abdul Rafay is a man who cherishes the values and teachings of his culture. He still follows the small things Saima and his parents and grandparents taught them. He always drinks water after sitting down. But yesterday he was startled and what annoyed him more was that he can't seem to figure out the reason why.

The way Kanwal said to him was like she was talking to a kid and it only embarrassed him more. Abdul Rafay isn't a shy person but he is also not the social butterfly type of person. He keeps a distance from women and doesn't talk much if it isn't necessary except for a few female friends from his student life.

"Rafay-" Before Saima could complete her sentence, she heard Haseeb's voice calling for her and she left giving him the 'you are not getting away with this' look.

Abdul Rafay sighed in relief and walked towards the garden, where he promised to meet Alina so they could play cricket with Maaz. They gave him company till its time for them to go back home. Alina, being a chatterbox helped Abdul Rafay to realize that Kanwal isn't the type of girl who would make fun of others. So he lets his guard down and enjoys his two days of holiday. Just as Alina said, Kanwal is a really reserved girl who likes to mind her own work. She doesn't even talk to her own cousins Maaz and Haseeb much until Haseeb forced her to speak with him.

After reaching home from the picnic, Abdul Rafay found his mother's behaviour unusual than before. On asking several times, she wouldn't say anything. Until Saturday, the day when Saima came to visit them weekly.

"Rafay, I need to talk to you about something." His mother said while serving breakfast to him.

"Ji? (what is it?)"

"How did your picnic go?" Abdul Rafay paused for a second and recomposes himself. He was surprised at his mother's question but still answers it.

"It was nice." He said nonchalantly.

"Do you know why your sister dragged you there?" Her tone of voice changed to disliking.

"No, Ami. I don't, and why are you so against baji all of a sudden?" He said, knowing very well that eventually, his mother would tell him.

"I am not against your baji, it's just the ideas she had." She sighed and continues, "Your sister took you there so you could meet Haseeb's cousin, Kanwal."

I had a feeling that she was up to something.....

Abdul Rafay thought but didn't respond to his mother and kept himself busy with breakfast.



"Say something."

"Say what, Ami?"

"You are okay with Saima deceiving you?"

"It's not like we can do anything about it anymore, so don't bother yourself, Ami." He said, finishing up his meal and got up.

"Wait, Rafay."

"Ji, Ami?" He sighed.

"Your sister likes Kanwal and is thinking about sending your proposal for her." She said abruptly.

Abdul Rafay felt his heart making a strange flip. He decides to turn his attention to tying his shoelace after saying an 'Hmm' in the answer.

"What's with that 'Hmm', Rafay? I need to know whether you agree with her or not?"

"Kanwal is a nice girl, Ami... Am going now, Allah Haffiz." He said and leaves, while also indirectly giving his agreement to his mother's question.


"Mano, I don't want to go home." Walking towards their houses after college, Kanwal finally said what has been bothering her since the news crashed to her that her Phuppo (father's sister) is coming for a visit and the worst part is that she is staying for a night too. Kanwal could not even take refuge in college as today is Saturday.

"Then let's go to my house for a while." Mahnoor suggested, slowing down her pace.

"I wish I could yar." Kanwal sighed. She knows if she tried this, her parents would drag her back home and even if they allowed her to stay over at Mahnoor's house even for a few hours, her Phuppos taunting will eventually make them call for her anyway.

"No offense yar, but your Phuppo is....." Mahnoor didn't complete the sentence and Kanwal understood without her saying.

"She wasn't like this before. Since all her kids got married and settled down, she is on a quest of doing social work." Kanwal explained.

"Social work?"

"Yeah, social work of finding a suitable partner for every single college girl in her family and getting them engaged too. And unfortunately, I am now her nearest target." Kanwal said, looking at the path ahead of them, to the bushes where she lost the bracelet Ahad had bought her from his first pay.

'I bought it again for you and this time I will put it on your hand myself...'

Kanwal gulped and quickly avert her gaze. She hadn't told Mahnoor about Ahad's email.


She also doesn't know.


Standing near the entrance, Kanwal is eavesdropping on the conversation between her Phuppo and parents who are discussing the most important issue in the world - her wedding.

With each passing day, Kanwal is getting more and more irritated by this. Whenever she goes to family functions, all of the elders only have one thing to discuss.

Why can't they mind their own business???

She often thought it, but couldn't speak her mind to others.

"Mehmood, it's not like I am asking you to engage her straightaway. But it will be better if we start looking for a suitable partner for her." Kanwal's ears perked on hearing the word 'engage'.

"Baji, I am done with this topic. First Ishrat Baji, then Zaib, and now you. I have already made it clear that we are not bringing up this topic in front of Kanwal until she finishes her studies and I mean it. As for a suitable partner, we have already found one; Haseeb's brother-in-law and we have already asked them to set up the time.

Right now, let Kanwal live in peace. When she completes her master's degree, then I will talk to her personally if Allah grants me the chance. If not, Zaib will be taking the responsibility instead of me."

"Hyn? Really?" Kanwal heard her Phuppo's excited voice and couldn't hear anything else.

As for a suitable partner, we have already found one...

Her father's voice echoed in her mind as she dragged herself to her and Alina's combined bedroom.


From the corner of her mind came Ahad's voice and she buried her head in her pillow. Slowly, her pillow starts getting drenched by her tears.

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