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   Chapter 6 I will return

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"What could have Ahad done to her? ... What did he say to her?" Mahnoor said to herself while lying on her bed, staring at the ceiling.

She reached out for the stuffed bear which she got from Kanwal on her tenth birthday, "Do you have any idea, Mr. Bear?" Mahnoor asked the bear, holding its both hands and stares into his artificial eyes.

"Yes, ....I am worried about her too." She said to the bear and hugged it tightly.

It's already past 3 am, but sleep is far away from her eyes. She couldn't sleep, nor function normally after returning from the Basant festival. Her mind is cluttered, she hasn't changed and is still donning the same dupatta she wore earlier.

Kanwal's painful expression lingers in her mind.

Mahnoor knows it's foolish to be talking to a stuffed bear, but she needs someone to confide in, so she told everything to the bear. How she found Kanwal standing alone staring into space and before she could ask her anything, Hammad called for them to come back. Of course, they cannot talk about it in Alina's or Hammad's presence.

"You know Mr. Bear, all this tension is making me hungry." She said, separating the bear from herself, "I'm going to rob the fridge. Would you like something too?" She asks as she placed it on the side and heads for the kitchen.

As she opens the refrigerator, her eyes landed on a bowl filled with Rus Malai and an ear to ear grin is spread on her face. Grabbing a small bowl, she puts a small portion of it and grabs the big bowl after putting the small one into the fridge.

Before going to her room, Mahnoor thought about the horrors she will be facing tomorrow morning when her mother gets to know that she ate most of the Ras Malai alone.

"But I left some amount, na!" She would say, justifying herself that she didn't eat the WHOLE bowl alone.

Smiling like an idiot, she went to her room and sat on a chair near the window and study table. Taking each bite, she thanked Allah for giving her such blessing in hunger. Deep in the silence of the night, her attention is caught by a black vehicle going across the road near her house in full speed.

'He would be dead if he doesn't slow down.'

The thought popped up in her mind. It may be a late night and there wouldn't be any cars on the street, but driving this fast on the small streets of the town can be dangerous.

Soon, Mahnoor hears a car screeching sound echoed in the silence of the night.

'He should've listened to me.'

She shrugged and turns her attention back to the bowl in her hand. A few minutes later, when Mahnoor glanced out the window again, she found the same black vehicle parked near her house. She frowned staring at Prado and waited for someone to come out from it or move on, but it never happened and soon, she starts to get an eerie feeling that she is being watched by someone inside the car. Her body shudders at

oosa continued, "I never took that kid as our servant, nor did Nats. She is almost the same as Yawar to us, just her hesitation to accept others keeps us away from her. And I have been thinking something lately, I don't want her to be under the shadow of the Black Eagles, or should I say, mine... So, for this reason, I am asking you to take the responsibility of Shahina as her guardian."

"What? ....Are you serious?!"Ahad exclaimed and Moosa nodded.

"That kid won't even talk to me and I'm not used to the responsibilities of a guardian. Hell, I can't even guard my own action and you are asking me to handle that vulnerable girl?" Ahad is completely startled by the request and it was quite amusing to Moosa as it is the first time he is watching Ahad in this state.

"She is just a teenage girl, Ahad..."

"Who doesn't associates with anyone aside from you and Nats."

"Listen Ahad, I am not asking you to take her into your complete custody. I am asking you to fulfill a certain responsibility. She will still stay here. It is only a precaution so that when she takes admission to college, her guardian would be a respected businessman, not a gang leader like me, whose business is unknown to the world." Moosa's words relaxed Ahad's tensed body.

"If it's just a formality, then I will agree to it. But I am telling you that I cannot practically do anything about it." Moosa nodded in acknowledgment.

"By the way, will it be okay with Yawar?" Ahad blurted.

"It shouldn't have anything to do with Yawar." Moosa said with his eyes on his phone, "You'll have to wait for a few hours before signing the papers."

"Fine, I will delay my departure." Ahad said, standing up.

"Where are you going now?"

"A personal business."

"At the graveyard?" Moosa asked without looking at him.

"Where else? I will come back after an hour or two. Allah Haffiz." With that, Ahad leaves Moosa's office.

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