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   Chapter 4 No. 4

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Kanwal tried to contact Ahad in the past week so many times that she lost count. However, not even once had he contacted her after that. His number was switched off again.

As the days passed by, Kanwal is getting more and more anxious about the thought that she had made Ahad angry and he might leave her.

Kanwal hadn't lost her hope that things will work out. It may be an illusion, but she wants to stick to it for a little longer. At least until the moment, he decides to tell the truth himself.

"Kanwal." Someone shook her violently and brought Kanwal back to reality.

"Huh? What?" She looked to her right and find Mahnoor glaring at her.

"If you are awake, then get out from the car. We're already late." Mahnoor said angrily.

"Oh, sorry." Kanwal quickly opened the door and steps out.

Mahnoor dragged her to the Basant Night. Since the Black Eagles took hold, it became a tradition in Shareefabad to celebrate events like Basant, and many others.

Both Kanwal and Mahnoor aren't the type who enjoys festivals like Basant, but this year, Mahnoor dragged Kanwal to join it.

Both of them slowly made their way to the main ground, where Hammad had already started flying kite and Alina was standing beside him, holding extra kites.

Both Mahnoor and Kanwal tried to fit into the environment and enjoy but was unable to.

"Are we going to cheer them up for flying high and cutting others' kites or measure the length of threads?" Kanwal asked helplessly when she is starting to get bored.

"Let's go to the food stalls and try something." Mahnoor said with excitement.

"Good idea, I think I saw a stall with Gole Gappe." Kanwal said, looking around for the stall.

"Hyn? Such main (really)?" Mahnoor's eyes widened, "Bhai, we are going to buy Gole Gappe. Alina, are you coming?"

"Alina isn't going, I will treat her later. You two can go, but keep your phones with you." Hammad said the last part in a strict tone.

"Sure." Both Mahnoor and Kanwal said in unison.

"Alina, are you sure you're not coming?" Mahnoor asked once again.

"No, I'll stick with Bhai." Alina answered.

"See, that's a true sister." Hammad pats Alina's head.

Mahnoor rolled her eyes and they start walking towards the stall.


Ahad's car was right behind Hammad's when they reached the ground. But he didn't haste to reach Kanwal. He wants to talk to her, alone and he needed a proper timing. Until then, he silently watches Kanwal from a corner, where lights didn't reach.

Soon, he saw both Kanwal and Mahnoor walking towards the stall.

Ahad lowers his cap to hide his face and starts walking behind them, putting both of his hands in the pocket of his hoodie.

He was aware of Kanwal's habit of avoiding in placing orders, so she would stay a step behind and that's exactly what happened. Mahnoor got busy in ordering and Ahad got the chance he was waiting for.

He quickly came in front of Kanwal and places his finger on his lips, mentioning her to stay quiet.

Kanwal stared at the figure that came to her sight out of nowhere.


She wanted to call his name but words failed to come out.

Ahad turned his face to glance at Mahnoor and then back to Kanwal.

"Come with me." He whispered before passing her but halted the next moment when he realizes that Kanwal isn't following him.

Scowling on her behavior, he grabbed the cloth of her sleeve and starts dragging her towards a corner, where he was standing before.

Kanwal, in her somewhat bewildered state, allowed herself to be dragged by Ahad until she realizes that they had already passed the crowd and he was leading her to a dark corner.

"Where are you taking me?" She breathed out in horror and stopped her tracks. Eventually, it made Ahad stop too.

"Somewhere we can talk in peace." Ahad answered, turning his face to Kanwal.

"I am not going into that dark corner." Kanwal shook her head.

"Oh? So you are okay with talking here under the light, where anyone can see you?" Ahad completely turns towards her but didn't leave her sleeve.

"Yes. I am not doing

anything wrong that needs darkness to hide it." Kanwal answered, making eye contact with him and earned a mocking chuckle.

"My Kanwal has become more mature, as well as beautiful." He stepped towards her and Kanwal quickly take a step back.

"What do you want to talk about?" Kanwal asked, looking back at the crowd. She starts to get worried about Mahnoor and the others. She knows they would possibly be searching for her right now.

"Marry me, Kanwal..... This Saturday." Kanwal's head snapped towards Ahad as her mind registered the words he said.



It became a habit of his to watch every carnival of his town from a distance, but he never wished to be a part of it. Perhaps he realized that these little things, these little moments of joy aren't for him. So he watches, standing away from the crowd, he watches the smile of every single face in his sight.

With a painful smile, Moosa's gaze shifted from one face to another, until it froze on a certain face. The face of which is becoming more and more attractive to his eyes with each passing day. The face of which often intrigues his thoughts. The face that often pops up before his eyes without invitation, without any reason. The face that belongs to certain someone - Mahnoor.

Moosa's painful expression changed into concern when he saw those big brown eyes searching frantically for something or someone.

Who is she looking for? Is she lost....?

The thought itself made him worry and his feet start moving unconsciously to her. Although it was a stupid thing to do, as she isn't a child who couldn't go back home by herself, that wasn't Moosa's thoughts right now. The only thing he wants is to wipe that frown off her forehead.

His steps halted when she made her way to a corner and soon his eyes spotted another familiar face.


But she wasn't alone, Moosa can easily see the figure standing near her.


So he finally decided to face her...

The thought made him smile and he turns his attention back to the pretty girl who is stomping towards them, with an angry look on her face and clenched fists.

He chuckled and shakes his head. The view is amusing to him. How a small, vulnerable girl like her is marching towards a man to save her friend. A part of him is telling him to stay where he is and enjoy her feisty attitude from afar, but the other one is asking him to stop her and give more time to Ahad.

Moosa took out his phone and dialed Mahnoor's number, which he memorized without trying and raised his head to see the owner of the phone.

Mahnoor stopped her tracks for a moment to see the caller ID. With a small frown on her face, she dismissed the call.

So she doesn't answer calls from unknown numbers......

Moosa thought and smiled on her cautious attitude, with his eyes fixed on Mahnoor.

He quickly looks around and holds the hand of a ten-year-old kid who is in line to buy popcorns.

"Beta, will you do me a favour?" Moosa bent down to the boy and asked. But the kid wouldn't reply him.

"I will buy ice cream for you and you can eat as much as you want if you do my single work." Moosa sensed the change in the boy's body language and quickly handed over some money to the boy before saying, "Do you see that girl over there?" Moosa said, pointing towards Mahnoor.

"Mahnoor Baji?" The boy asked him.

"You know her?" Moosa asked and the boy nodded.

"Good. Now please run off to your Mahnoor Baji and tell her that her Bhai had collapsed on the ground because he isn't feeling well." The boy's eyes widened and he quickly runs off to Mahnoor. It made Moosa wonder if the boy knows her family. The thought made him leave his place and strides back to the exit.

"To home" Moosa said to his guard. Before leaving, he turned back and stole a glance of a panicked looking Mahnoor, who was almost running towards the ground. He wanted to go after her, watch her a bit longer, but he couldn't. He is afraid of himself.

"See you later..... My Noor." He mumbled to himself and exited.

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