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   Chapter 23 Closing Note

Shadythree's PLAYBOOK By A. Royden D'souza Characters: 5544

Updated: 2017-12-05 19:03

Heartbreak is an integral part of most teenage relationships. No matter how much we try to avoid this, we will eventually end up getting hurt or disappointed. We all have gone through it at least once. Even if you have tried your best, your partner might not have. We all get hurt no matter what. It might be you, who initiated the breakup or the other person, both ways, getting over someone you love is very difficult.

Don“t grieve because you lost your partner. It just means that she was not the one. Eventually, you will meet your true soulmate.

Here are a few steps you can follow to get over a breakup more quickly and easily.

Keep your distance

It is always better to break off completely. No facebook, whats App, texting, calling etc. You need to block her out completely, at least till you are over your ex. You might think that it won“t do any harm to keep her on facebook, but trust me, you need to block her ASAP. You really don“t need any reminders of her right now. And if she says something like “We can stay friends”, please refuse, for your own sake. Trust me, you can“t be friends with her, at least not for a long time.

And please try to stay from everything that will remind you of her. Stay away from her friends too, at least for some time.

You will be going through all these emotions of pain, anger, loss etc. You must feel in order to get over a break up. Just think of the reasons why you left her or why she left you. Think of all the reasons why she was not good for you. In this way you can avoid making the same mistakes again.

Don“t do anything that will threaten your future. Trust me, you are going to get som

n“t think that drinking and drugs are going to help you. If you try to numb your pain by taking shortcuts, then you will end up ruining your whole life, destroying your chance of getting to know a better person. If it is becoming difficult to cope with your pain then consult a therapist as soon as possible.

Get it out of your system

Take a piece of paper and write it all down. Everything that you wanted to say to her. Every insult you want to throw at her. Now once you have finished writing everything. Take all her pictures and the letters you just wrote and sit next to the fireplace. Now start throwing the pictures and the letters into the flames. Let all your negative feelings go up in smoke. Once you have finished getting rid of her pictures, go out and talk to new people. Call your friends, go out with them.

But please refrain from posting about your breakup on social media. Nobody is gonna read it for one thing, even if they did, it will make you look pathetic.

It“s very important that you don“t look back once you start moving forward.


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