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   Chapter 21 How to Get Her Back

Shadythree's PLAYBOOK By A. Royden D'souza Characters: 2423

Updated: 2017-12-05 19:03

Breakup in person

Have the decency to breakup in person, especially if she is a good person. You can“t just breakup over a call or a text. Let her know the reason. Tell her face to face, so that she can seek closure. Just imagine, if you were in her place, in what way would you have preferred her to break up with you? Do the same for her. Go through it once. You know how she might react, so consider how you break the news to her.

Don“t lie

Please don“t say stuff like “It“s not you, it“s me”. Even a baboon won“t fall for that. Be honest, tell her the truth, but try to be sensitive about it. It can be that you don“t have much in common, or there might not be enough connection on an emotional level. Whatever may be th

he fear of people overhearing.

Be firm and gentle

Once you have made your decision, let it be final. They might plead that they will change, trust me, you can“t hold them further. If you know that you can“t spend your life with someone like her, then you have to end it right there. Be honest and firm. Do not falter in your decision. Let them know where they went wrong, so that they can improve themselves. Once you have made your decision, don“t look back. It“s done!


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