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   Chapter 19 BREAK UPS

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Be empathetic

Understanding your partner is one of the necessary requirements for building a successful relationship. Only with understanding and trust can you gain her loyalty. Imagine yourself in her shoes, and try to understand her feelings. Take your decisions based on this. Love grows only by sharing your feelings and aspirations with each other.

Avoid resentment

Proper communication is one of the best ways to avoid resentment. Whenever you don“t like something about her, something that upsets or irritates you, , just speak up. Don“t bury it, or it will only lead to resentment and hate later on.

Constant communication and clarification is very important in a relationship. Most people think that just because they are in a relationship, they don“t need to communicate everything. But that is a wrong notion. Communication is one of the most important factors that helps to build a strong foundation to your relationship.

Support your partner

You should always support your partner no matter what. Always take her side. This is one of the most important things you must remember, because she expects you to be by her side. Whenever she talks about her work or her career, always be supportive and never reply negatively. If you don“t take her seriously or criticize her, then she will eventually stop sharing with you.

Learn to compromise

As the relationship goes on, it will become more difficult and challenging, as more of your differences begin showing up. There might be clash of ideas. But you have to learn the art of compromising, sharing and caring. It requires practice, but remember, everything that is good doesn“t come easily.

Be loyal

Loyalty is the basis of a strong relationship. Be loyal to your partner. Even when you are with your friends, avoid criticizing your partner. It may seem like fun, but eventually it will decrease your respect towards her. Even if your friends talk negatively about her, stay clear of it or defend your partner. It is important that you be on the same side. Even when you are with your friends or family, stick up for your partner.

ive by it.

Respect your partner

This is another very important point to be considered. Respect your partner. Remember that both of you are equal. Don“t try to undermine your partner and don“t let her undermine you. Avoid sarcasm at all costs, even if it“s just teasing, especially if its negative. Respect her decisions. Don“t dismiss everything she says. Without respect, you won“t be able to trust each other and you will start questioning their choices and their freedom and when this happens, your relationship is gonna hit a rock. So remember, without respect, there is no relationship.

Avoid taking offense

Conflicts and arguments are natural in a relationship. It doesn“t mean that you have to take offense every time the two of you get into a fight. Arguments don“t make a relationship stronger. It is what happens after the argument and how you make up that decides how powerful your relationship truly is. Instead of blindly venting your anger, try to find out the reason for this argument and find a solution. Don“t let a little conflict stand in the way of your love.

Tolerate and accept each other

No one is perfect, so learn to accept your partner for what she is. Never ever try to change her no matter what. Trust me, it will never end well. Remember that everyone is unique. You might have different aspirations, but learn to support each other.


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