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   Chapter 16 How to Avoid the Friend-Zone

Shadythree's PLAYBOOK By A. Royden D'souza Characters: 3331

Updated: 2017-12-05 19:03

Don“t complain

Do not complain in front of her. It is one of the least attractive qualities that a guy can have.

Don“t post about your date on social media

You must keep your love life private. At least give it some months before you update your status. It puts unnecessary pressure on your relationship.

Don“t reveal everything about yourself

Avoid going too deep into personal details, unless she asks you to elaborate, and never answer in a monotone ( yeah, ok, sure …), speak in whole sentences.

And one more advice, please don“t talk about religion, politics and sex. Please don“t. It will ruin your date.

Don“t ask about the next date

Asking about the next date is a sign of desperation. If the date goes well, she will definitely call or text you or you can ask her out after a couple of days.

If she says she is busy or something, then don“t pursue the subject. If she is interested, then she will set a later date.

And please don“t call her right after the date.

alk to. Rudeness is not manliness. Trust me.

Don“t try too hard to impress her

Please don“t go out of your way just to impress her. Once or twice is alright, but doing it every time is a bad idea. If you try too hard, it will only show your insecurity and lack of self worth. And that includes, trying to adapt according to her preferences. By altering your life for her sake, you are decreasing your value.

Don“t keep her on top of your priority list

It is ideal if you keep her as your second priority, the first being your career or a hobby. It will show her that you have better things to do than chasing women, thus increasing your value.


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