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   Chapter 15 A Few Things To Avoid On Dates

Shadythree's PLAYBOOK By A. Royden D'souza Characters: 3081

Updated: 2017-12-05 19:03

This might not seem that important, but trust me, texting plays a major role in your dating life. Crappy texts will surely make her question herself whether you were the right choice, while sending the right kind of texts will boost your success with women.

The good thing about texting is, you actually get more time to think before you communicate.

Now let“s say you got the girl“s number, or you have her on your facebook. This is a chance for you to make a good impression on her. A lot of thought must be put into the first text, because it“s going to decide whether she will ignore you like the other hundred guys who text her or she will respond.

First you should understand that texting a girl is different from normal texting. I“ll tell you a few ways by which you can get her attention.

Sparking her emotions, Your text must spark her emotions, unlike the hundreds of texts she gets everyday. The best

* Keep the texting short and brief, that is, stop texting before you run out of interesting topics.

* It is ideal if you give a excuse and tell her that you will text later. This will create anticipation.

* If she goes offline in between texting, don“t ask questions, just send her one text saying that you will message her later.

* Keep a gap of at least half a day before texting her again.

* Don“t ever send more than two texts back to back without getting a reply. If you come off as needy, it“s over.

To learn more about texting, check out “Magnetic Messaging“ by Bobby Rio and Rob Judge.


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