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   Chapter 14 The Art of Texting

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Updated: 2017-12-05 19:03

The first date is quite important when it comes to relationships. A first date will have a lasting impression, hence it is necessary that you do it right.

You don“t have to take her to a very expensive restaurant, because it will add extra pressure on both of you. Keep it casual. You can even take her to the beach.

Don“t take her to a movie on the first few dates. You need to connect first, that is, let the date be such that you can communicate freely. You can even engage in activities like bowling etc.

Here are a few things that you must remember when taking her out for the first date.

First impression

First impression lasts for a long time, so have a decent look on the first date. Don“t overdo it, and please don“t try to be something you are not. Be yourself, there is nothing more beautiful than being yourself. There is nothing weaker than trying to change yourself for the sake of impressing others.

Be a gentleman

If you are picking her up in a car, remember to go to her door, before leading her to your car. Open the door for her. Once she is settled in, you can drive her to the restaurant.

If you are meeting her at the restaurant itself, remember to be there a couple of minutes before the actual time. Lead her to her chair and take your seat only after she has settled in.

Have some topics ready

It is important that you have some topics ready with you, just in case the conversation falters. You can talk about school, your friends, your hobbies, music, movies....this way you can avoid awkward silence.

Be playful

Please don“t act like you are taking a test. Be playful. You can even act goofy. Be a cool and easy person to hang out with. The colder you are, more undesirable you get.

Keep smiling

Smile whenever you can, and laugh if she says something funny. It will make her more comfortable and open towards you.

Talk and listen

Remember, it is not an interview. The conversation should be two sided. Ask her a few questions, an

re not expecting anything.

The first kiss

The first kiss a very important milestone in dating. For some girls, it“s casual, but some girls take it more seriously, and will take some time to open up physically.

The one way for you not to be awkward with the first kiss is to initiate touch from the beginning itself. By touch, I mean non sexual. It can be holding hands, putting your arm around her shoulders, stroking her hair etc. You must let her get used to your touch.

Once you are sure she doesn“t move away when you move closer or hold her hands, then it means that she is ready to be kissed. The best way to initiate a kiss is to look into her eyes, now brush her hair aside and see if she pulls away or flinches, if she doesn“t, you can lean in and kiss her.

But some girls are more shy. If she giggles and pulls away, don“t take it seriously. She just needs more time. You can kiss her after a few more dates. But when you are kissing her, remember to be the first one to pull away. This will show her that you can be trustworthy and that you won“t take advantage of her. And it also will leave her longing for more. Now once you have pulled away, give her a tender smile and tell her that you are going to see her tomorrow, if you were leaving, or you can continue with a casual conversation.


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