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   Chapter 11 How to Make Her Fall for You

Shadythree's PLAYBOOK By A. Royden D'souza Characters: 5459

Updated: 2017-12-05 19:03

It’s the smallest things that make a lasting impression. It can be a compliment or a helping gesture. You have to be at your best, especially in front of your crush. You must keep on improving and make yourself more and more desirable.

Here are a few pointers that you can follow, which will help you build a good impression on her.

Confident conversation

Try to start a conversation. And when you talk to her, look her in the eye. Don“t act like an idiot by doing unnecessary gestures or looking at your feet. And please don“t show any insecurity. That is the worst quality anyone can have. But remember, when you are talking to her, be in the present. Don“t drift off, trying to think what you are going to say next. The moment she feels that you are not paying attention to the conversation, she will immediately close up. And also remember not be be monotonous. She should not feel that you are boring. Be a little flirty and include some jokes and teasing, be playful.

Compliment her

Try complimenting her on the way she looks. Tell her how incredible she looks in that particular dress. You can even compliment her on her hairstyle. It“s ideal if you are specific and genuine about the compliments. “Hey, you are so beautiful”, is a common compliment, whereas, “Cute dress”, “Nice shoes” are more specific. But also remember to be genuine, you can“t say “You have such beautiful eyes” if she has the same colored eyes as everyone else, and you can“t say “cute dress”, if she is wearing a casual tee. Also, she will obviously know that it“s a fake compliment.

Ask questions

Let her open up. Ask her simple questions abo

your help with something. You can even bring her flowers and gifts.

Don“t smoke or drink

Don“t smoke or drink, at least not in front of her. Women usually don“t prefer men who don“t care about their own health. I mean, mature women at least. And for some women, heavy drinkers are a serious No No.

Think before you speak

This is very important, especially when you are talking to a woman. Think what you are going to say before you spurt it out. You seriously don“t want wrong things coming out of your mouth. Women don“t forget easily, so be careful what you say. Stay clear off the intimate stuff and personal issues, especially during the early stages. You must compulsorily avoid subjects like ex-girlfriends, religion, politics etc.

Don“t get discouraged

It will take a very long time to get to know someone. In some cases it might even take a year for them to fall for you. Don“t let her down and always be there for her. But don“t go overboard and end up in the friend zone. Just make her feel that you will be there for her.


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