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   Chapter 6 Laying the Groundwork

Shadythree's PLAYBOOK By A. Royden D'souza Characters: 10083

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Try as we may, understanding a woman is no easy task whatsoever. Most men often find it difficult to understand a woman. Is her mind that complex?

It is true that they think differently than men. Our thought patterns are quite linear and straightforward, but a woman“s thought process takes everything into consideration.

Both men and women have the same basic needs. Even though in a different way, we all crave for the same thing.

Each woman has a unique way of thinking. Trying to fully understand women is like trying to count the stars in the sky. Try as you might, you will never reach a conclusion.

I cannot tell you how women think. You need to figure it out yourself, because that is how love works. You will fall in love with her as you get to know her.

It is an elaborate process. If you had her figured out at the beginning itself, you wouldn“t have been interested in her. I can only give you some basic guidelines on how to understand a woman.

When it comes to dating and relationships, men often face immense difficulty in interpreting a woman“s feelings and emotions. Is it really that difficult? Not at all. You just need more patience.

One of the important things you need to understand about attraction is, men are visually stimulated, that is, they are attracted by external appearance or external beauty, at least at the initial stage. Men rarely pay much attention to the other aspects of a woman“s behavior.

But it is a different case altogether when it comes to women. They are emotionally stimulated. I“m not saying they are not attracted by physical appearance, but for them, it represents only a portion of your persona. Whether they actually like you or not, solely depends on your character, that is, how you make them feel.

(Of course, there are some exceptions for this theory, mostly teenagers with adolescent mindset. Especially when they are visually attracted, they will try to project a imaginary character with all the ideal qualities onto that particular person to whom she is visually attracted to. That is, if she has a crush on a very good looking boy, she will force her mind to think he has all the good qualities that she needs in a man, even though he may not have them )

Almost any pretty face is enough to attract a man. But attracting a woman? That is a little more difficult. Your physical appearance or any of your other physical properties are not enough for that ( they are needed, but are considered secondary ).

You will have to invest some effort on an emotional level. How you connect with them emotionally will make all the difference, no matter your physique.

Women take relationships more seriously than men, so whenever you try to ask out a woman, put some thought into it. Are you ready for a commitment?

One of the basic ways of understanding a woman is by imagining yourself in her shoes. Try to understand her situation and her social surroundings.

Even with the rise of feminism (equality), women are still subjected

ake her feel happy.

Women like to drop hints. This is where most men fail. Some will be able to pick up on their hints, but most of them will be clueless. The next time she says something cryptic, it means she needs something from you. Better keep a lookout for those hints, eh? And one more thing. If she is upset over something and says “Leave me alone”, or “I don“t want to speak with you”, she doesn“t really mean that. So don“t make the mistake of actually leaving her alone. That will only make her feel worse. Instead, you can go and comfort her. She will act angry for a while, but she will be happy inside that you care about her.


We men often think that women are attracted by looks and spend shitload of time trying to improve our appearance and physique, without giving a least bit of attention towards our character.

A woman doesn“t care what you drive or what you wear. She only cares about your character, because, like I said before, they are emotionally stimulated.

It“s about what you think of yourself, and how you carry yourself that matters. If you are confident and take care of the situation, if she feels protected, then in her eyes, you are the alpha male.

So even if you are insecure, act confident in front of her. Instead of working on your face, work on your character. It will be hundred times more effective than your appearance.

Outer appearance is just an entry ticket, to win the prize, you need to have a good character. You have to make her feel desired. You should be emotionally fulfilling.

Without a good character, outer appearance is of no use. People might buy a book with an attractive cover, but if they don“t like the content, they won“t bother to read any further.

Gaining a woman“s trust is the ultimate goal, and this might take months of tremendous effort. Once you are there, then she will always be loyal to you no matter what. But her trust will be solely based on your actions.


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