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   Chapter 4 Attraction

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Updated: 2017-12-05 19:03

Before we start, these are some common myths about women that you need to clear up.

Becoming friends with her will open the door for a relationship

This works only in movies and tv series, where the guy does everything to keep the girl happy, she falls in love with him, and its happily ever after. Yeah right! Doing this in real life will surely land you in the friend-zone, especially if you don“t know what you are doing. If you are interested in her, then trying to befriend her too much is a bad idea.

Women are attracted towards intelligent men

This is another myth that is absolutely wrong. Women don“t care how intelligent you are, as long as you make them feel special. Their feelings are controlled by their emotions, and as long as you are able to spark her emotions, you are good to go.

Usually the intelligent ones suffer more in this area, because they may be excellent at certain things, but they are usually socially awkward. They may be mentally strong, but they are emotionally weak. That is a problem, because women always go by emotions.

Women are attracted towards wealth

This is one more thing that men often fail to understand. You see, women looking for something real are not at all interested in your money, but the ones who are interested in your money are not really interested in you, they are just there for your money. They will eventually leave you.

A gold digger will be with you as long as you spend money on her. So just doing that will not get you anywhere if you are looking for a healthy relationship. Women only look for one thing, and that is how you make her feel.

Women are attracted by looks

This might work in high school, but mature women don“t really care about looks as much as character. Like I said, they are emotionally stimulated, as opposed to men, who are visually stimulated. The main reason for this myth is the media, with its advertisements about women falling for good

looking guys, which is absolute crap. Women are turned on more by emotions and not looks.

Women are attracted towards bad boys

This is another predominant myth in the society. The thing is, it is not about being nice or bad. It“s based on whether you possess those qualities which attract women.

One of the main reasons why people think this is true because, the so called “nice guy” often tends to do too much, which is not so good for a relationship, because by investing too much in her, he is the one who“s falling in love with her. She doesn“t fall for him because she has not invested anything in him, and hence he doesn“t hold much value in her eyes and ends up in the friend zone.

Whereas the “bad guy” invests very little time and effort in her, and he makes the girl invest in him, which makes her fall in love with him. Of course, there are other factors too, but investment of effort is the pillar of attraction.

Women like guys who agree with them

Agreeing with everything she says is a bad idea. It is like seeking her approval for everything and this is never good for a relationship. It will make you come off as a weak and needy guy. This will also show her that you do not consider yourself to be on her level and she will start treating you like a doormat. Usually, this is one of the reasons why guys end up in the friend-zone. Everyone loves a challenge. It is not a contest if they already know that they are gonna win.

Women can be wooed by compliments

People think that complimenting a woman is the best way to get her number, but this is not true, unless she is already attracted to you.

The reason why this will not work is because she will already have hundreds of boys complimenting her every day, and to her, it“s like a passing greet. She already knows that she is pretty, because she has boys hitting on her every day. Nothing extraordinary about it, and they treat it as such.


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