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   Chapter 28 Reunion

Blog of a Teenage Superhero By m i c h e l l e p a k Characters: 7668

Updated: 2017-12-05 19:05

It would have been a massacre.

Comet protects her daughter. It“s what she knows best and all she can think to do as the forest is lashed with gunfire. Percy has to admit, this getting shoved to the ground and choking on facefuls of grass and gravel is getting old. She screams as the shots ring out, the sound filling her with such terror, such terrible thoughts about the death of Kai, and of Chip, she has not time to fear for herself. Her mother squeezes her, rolling under a parked van for cover. The gunman aims above her mother“s head, afraid, Percy realizes, coccooned against her mother in the gravel. In the dark, their chins just touching the loose car parts. Cold and wet, the two of them, hearts pounding.

While Percy wriggles out of her mother“s shielding arms, all Comet can think about is her daughter. She didn“t mean to get her into this mess. How could everything go so wrong?


Kai lies groaning on his stomach, breathing shallow, hands bound behind his back with the sleeves of his suit jacket. His eyes are wide and wild with fear. Percy tries to smile at him, wants him to know everything will be okay. But she can“t because it won“t. The chipped muzzle of the gun is still pressed against his temple, and she doesn“t want to look. The man is frozen, eying the kid as his thumb trembles over the trigger. Percy glances away, mute with terror. In case... in case...

"An unarmed kid." Through the chaos, Monet“s hero voice reverberates like a thunder clap. "Really. I“m getting sick of telling people to pick on someone their own size." A flash of black cape whipping in the rain. A boom of thunder that ripples through the hillside. Lightning strikes, illuminating a sweaty Monet in a slick black mask. She launches upon the spooked man. Her heel connects with the hilt of the gun, the weapon flying with the snap of the man“s elbow. He screams, claws, cries. But the hero pummels him with ruthless efficiency. Three sets of four punches in nine seconds, all before he even hits the ground. And once he does, the man stills, limp between her knees. Monet pats him on the head, pockets his gun, and crouches beside Kai.

"Are you hurt?" she asks. "Are you hurt?"

Kai shivers, gasping like a beached fish. Sweat and tears streak his face. He shakes his

a hand on Monet“s knee. The touch warms Monet, makes her focus on the task ahead. "Where“d he take him, Kai?" the hero asks, the mask hanging low on her face that she doesn“t bother to fix. In the back, the heroes are crying and laughing and cussing. It takes maybe three minutes for them to cycle through all the emotions usually associated with a rescue. The sobbing laughter, the hugging, some possible kissing that Monet almost glances back to watch for inspiration for her next fan-fiction. But she knows Finn comes first. And if—when—she rescues him, he“ll never hear the end of it.

Kai crooks a shaking finger over Monet“s shoulder, pointing above a copse of dark, craggly trees. The word “hostage“ slips through the gaggle of heroes, and they still. No more kissing. No more crying. These weakened color-coded warriors ready themselves for battle, because that“s who they are. Heroes. Willing to fight and die for one kid, even after the ordeal they“ve been put through and just rescued from minutes ago. It makes Monet grateful, shows her see everything she can become if she just survives this. If she just saves him.

Monet pats the wheel of the idling vehicle. Max could, technically, be anywhere by now. But she has a hunch he“d be closer, somewhere where he could watch the actions he set into motion. And she knows just the place. Percy gives her a comforting squeeze and she looks up at Kai for guidance. He nods curtly, brushing away his dried tears.

She revs the engine and the van crashes through the wood.

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