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   Chapter 8 Fired

Blog of a Teenage Superhero By m i c h e l l e p a k Characters: 9657

Updated: 2017-12-01 19:05

"You“re fired," Virginia Mayweather says, never bothering to look up from her laptop. I“ve been standing in the doorframe for minutes now waiting for her to speak, and now that she has, I“d do anything to make her take the words back.

"But, ma“am—"

"I can“t have someone stalking the mayor on my team." She glares up in my direction. My stomach clenches. Teachers hating me is one thing, but my boss?

My hands fly up. "I didn“t, ma“am—"

She shakes her head and holds up a hand for silence, moused blonde-brown curls brushing her ears with a fwip fwip. Her necklace jangles against her chest, blue raindrops swirling and clanging on their fat chain. "Knowing you and your dad, you probably did, and even if you didn“t, these are serious allegations the Journal does not need being looked into right now. I“m sorry Monet, but I have to let you go."

I close my eyes. My ribs are still tender and sore, but the pain is nothing compared to Mayweather“s kick in the heart. There comes a knock on the door. A familiar voice.

"Ms. Mayweather—Oh, Monet, honey!" Dad runs up, heeled shoes clicking the polished floor. He squeezes me on the shoulder, patting my face as if to check it for breaks. I stand stiff, afraid if I move, I“ll cry. "Are you okay? I heard about the attack. And Kai. There“s ice cream in the fridge for him. I know it isn“t much, but..." He stops for breath, holding up his phone. His whole hand is shaking and I guess him on his fifth coffee cup. "Ms. Mayweather, hi, I just had a question about—Why is Monet here?—my social media. I“m curious as to know what approach you“d like The Journal to take on this attack."

Ms. Mayweather stands up with a polite smile. "Your daughter is being fired."

"Oh." He lets out a shaky sigh, dropping my face when he decides I“m still intact. Elbow leaned on my shoulder, phone held up over the both of us, he gives me another pat. "Smile, honey."

I try, but I“m busy throwing up in the back of my mouth. I blink hard against the flash. He clicks the phone off and slips it into his pocket. "Huh," he says, clearing his throat. "“Hashtag fired.“ Has a good ring to it, doesn“t it, Monet?"

I try to nod at the playful nudge, but I“m still throwing up in the back of my mouth.

"She isn“t even on the payroll, is she?" he adds, oblivious to my plight.

"Uh, no." Mayweather shrugs. "As for your social media—"

"With all due respect," I begin, pacing the floor before her, hands clasped behind my back. "The mayor is in on the heroes“ disappearance. He was with Masquerade—"

"Out." Mayweather points at the door, tapping her manicured nails to the desk. "You“re embarrassing yourself." Dad“s expression hardens. And all at once I hurt more than I did fighting Masquerade. And drowning. Combined.


Mayweather waves a hand over her shoulder. "Out. If you want to spew your conspiracy theories, get a b

stigation. I“m going to stay in contact with my sources."

"Right." Finn nods. "Good."

"I just want to kick Masquerade“s butt!" Kai dry-sobs. His face is still streaked with chocolate and tears. Finn offers him a slow pat on the head, which a cowed Kai takes with a grunt and a whimper. A whole minute of this awkward guy-patting ensues before I work up the guts to say,

"Guys, I think I“ll start a blog."

Finn bursts out laughing, flailing his arms out and knocking Kai upside the head. "You with a blog, hah! I can see it now! Whine, whine, whine, whine, whine! Kai?"

He“s just finished slicking back his hair, looking like the picture of misery. My phone buzzes. It“s Max. With his address and a wink and a “See you in fifteen.“ Kai grunts, rubbing the new bags under his eyes. The bruises on his neck match mine, and I“m still blinking. It“s almost unreal to see such a beautiful man sad. I poke the still-laughing Finn on the bruised arm and he jumps back with a long, loud whimper. There“s a "freaking delicate Cattleya orchid" for you.

"Kai, I know this is a bad time, but could you give me a ride?"

He perks up, wiping ice cream off his face with one hand, patting Finn with the other, an almost murderous zeal to the far-too-aggressive slaps. "Where to?"

"The mayor“s place." I offer him a tight smile. "Let“s hope we find a lead." And don“t get attacked by a supervillain. Becuase there“s only so much a girl“s ribs and ego can take.

"Bad, bad, bad, bad idea." Finn takes shuffling steps backward and collapses on the couch. "Sheesh, can“t you wait even a day, Monet? And, like, think about what you“re going to do before you do it?"

"Nope." I pop the “p.“

Kai shivers, but the shakes are less violent now. He forces a smile, dips me a bow, and flourishes with both hands. "Your obedient servant."

I know exactly who to ask for clues: Max Preston.

But Onyx is going to have to do it.

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