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   Chapter 5 I'm Back

The Ex-wife By Ruth Stevens Characters: 3955

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Natalia Walker“s POV :

I glanced over at the sky as we descended down to the airport. When I went home yesterday with Luke my mother was already gone much to my relief. I carried Luke to his bedroom and put him in his bed so that he would be comfortable in his seat. I then proceeded to pull out two suitcases from his walk in closet and packed up most of his clothes and shoes. I didn“t pack them all because I was convinced that there would be a reason for me to come here again in the near future.

After that I checked up on Luke to see that he was still fast asleep. I left his room and crossed the hall to enter my room. I packed all that I would need in a few suitcases including a few of Luke“s things that were in my room. After that I checked on Luke again just to make sure he was still asleep and okay.

I went down to the kitchen and prepared dinner just as Talia arrived, we talked for a while before we went to sleep and now here we are exiting my private jet.

I know what“s running through your heads. How can she afford a private jet ? It might shock you but I“m actually a very good song write and author of numerous books. Nobody knows about it except Talia because I“ve been going anonymous but in a few weeks I“ll be coming out on both.

"Let“s go big guy", I said shaking Luke awake.

Talia was already off the jet and with the help of one of the flight attendants we had all our luggage off the jet. I called my mother and she said that she would send two car for us since we had so many suitcases.

"Are we there yet ?", Luke asked more awake now.

"Almost honey almost"

"Am I going to go to school here ?", he asked hopefully.

I didn“t know what to say to that since I didn“t know exactly how long I would be able to tolerate living here.

"Maybe baby"

I held his hand as we watched the drivers put our luggage in the cars.

"Let“s go mommy", Luke squealed pulling to the front car.

Laughing I followed close behind him

. I opened the car door to find Talia inside on her phone. I rolled my eyes at her. She“s been playing Temple run for the past few hours. Getting in I strapped Luke in the seat and sat beside him.

"So", Talia started "we“re home"

"Yeah we“re home"

"You think anything has changed ?"

I played with Luke“s hair as he played a game on my phone "I think everything has changed"

"That“s what I thought", she sighed "well at least we have each other"

I smiled at that "yeah we have each other"


"We“re here", I told Luke who immediately jumped up and tried to look our the window.

My Luke so eager to see new places and learn new things. He“s quite the curious boy.

He looked up at the mansion in awe probably not expecting a sight like this. Even though we had lots of money it didn“t show too much as I wanted to live a simple life.

"You wanna go inside ?", I teased him already knowing the answer.

"Yes please", he screamed running up the steps.

I ran after him pulling him up and into my arms. I tickled him earning giggles and screams for me to stop.

"Aunty Talia help", he choked out in between laughs.

She smirked at him "my hands are full", she snickered laughing at his horrified expression.

I put him down after that he looked pretty scared but that all vanished when he saw we were on the last step.

"You guys ready ?", I asked shakily.

They both nodded their heads, Luke excitedly and Talia with a solemn look on her face.

I knocked on the door and waited. In all the scenarios that were running through my head none of them prepared me for what happened. The door opened and I was utterly shocked by who I saw.



Well there you go peeps.They finally meet again in the most unexpected place.Let me know what you think will happen next and what will be their reactions.

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