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   Chapter 4 Luke

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Natalia Walker“s POV :

I smirked at her shocked expression. Of course she didn“t know that I had a son. No one except for Talia knew and even though I would occasionally contact my father I couldn“t risk telling him that I had a son for fear that he would tell my mother.

"I“ll be back and when I am you should be gone I“ll contact you"

With that I closed the door behind me and headed for my car. Since its the first day of school the kids only had to stay for a couple of hours. I smiled to myself thinking of my baby. He“s was and would always be the light of my life. I must admit that the first few months were rough. I was so depressed because of everything that happened and how easily Chase threw me aside.

I became so stressed that I almost lost Luke and the worst part of it all was that I still missed Chase. It was only when I was lying in the hospital bed a hand on my growing stomach I felt him kick. That single kick was a eye opener for me. It made me see and fee that my life wasn“t over as I have a child growing inside me and he would need me. That very same week I broke out of my depression which made Talia very happy. Speaking of Talia where is she. I pulled up at the school and pulled out my phone since the kids weren“t let out yet. I dialed Talia“s number and she answered on the fourth ring.

"Hey girl"

"Talia", I shrieked "where the hell are you ?"

"Where do you think ?", she giggles

"You didn“t ?", I gasped shocked, she didn“t answer me only laughed into the phone and that gave me my answer.

"How could you", I cried

"I“m sorry..... I just couldn“t resist"

"We were supposed to do this together", I cried dramatically.

"I“m sorry", she fake sobbed into the phone "I just couldn“t resist"

"I thought you loved me"

"I do but what can I say the ice cream was calling out to me.

With that said we both burst out laughing. It most be obvious by now that we both are in love with chocolate. It“s like the best thing created by man.

"Is there a reason you called ?", she asked seriously knowing that I would normally text her

and call if something important happens.

"Well....", I paused

"Spit it out", she demanded

"My mother was just here asking for forgiveness and a second chance and the only way that will work is if I went home"

"Are you sure about this Nat ?"

"I“m sure.....Luke needs a complete family", I spoke softly "the least I can do is try"

She was silently for a while before she spoke "I“ll get packing and come to your house in about four hours"

"Thank you", I squealed in happiness.

She just laughed at me "I moved here with you going back home is no problem"

After saying thanks again she hung up to go pack. I got out of the car throwing my phone on the passenger seat. I looked around as the bell rings signalling the end of school. The kids ran out running to their parents who were waiting for them just like me.

A huge grin settled on my face when I saw Luke running to me with an adorable smile on his face.

"Mommy", he squealed running towards me.

I dropped down on my knees the grin still on my face as he ran into my arms. I hugged him close to me rubbing my hands along his small back.

"I missed you L", I sighed kissing his left cheek then his right cheek and finally on his forehead.

He giggled as I kissed him "I missed you too mommy"

He repeated my actions by kissing my left cheek then the right cheek and also my forehead.

"Let“s go honey"

Standing up I held out my hands to him smiling as he placed his small hand in my own. We walked over to the car and I stapled him in before I settled in my own seat. I pulled out my keys and started the car.

"How was school ?", I asked when we reached a stoplight.

"It was great", he replied tiredly and yawning.

I chuckled to myself as he closed his eyes and drifted off to sleep. The light changed green and I drove off with one thought in mind.

I“m so lucky to have him in my life.


Hey peepsI almost cried writing this chapter. I hope you found it to be enjoyable. Thanks for reading.xoxo Bella

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