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   Chapter 3 Going Home

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Natalia Walker“s POV :

We sat in silence for the next hour me taking slow slips of the wine that I had gotten for the both of us while she sat there telling me about all of the things back home that changed. If I should be completely honest I wasn“t listening to a word she was saying. The fact that our so called bonding would be done at home is getting on my nerves.

I had no desire to ever set foot in my home town again. The day when Chase accused me of cheating on him and being a slut I went to my parents house to seek some comfort like any other person would. My mother was the only one home as my father was still in a business meeting. She turned me away when she heard what happened. I was devastated by her lack of trust in me but otherwise I was not surprised. My friends weren“t any better only my best friend stood by me. Taking another sip of wine I was brought back to that disastrous day.


I ran and ran and ran the tears ran down my face as I left the house not giving bothering to take anything with me.

I headed straight for my car which thankfully belonged to me as I wanted nothing to do with Chase or his money. The mere fact that he called me a slut meant that he thought I was a gold digger also. I can“t believe that after everything we“ve been through he would accuse me of such a thing. I jumped in the car inserting the key in the ignition. Pulling on my seatbelt I glanced over at the mansion one last time before I drove off placing a hand on my stomach. I cried to myself rubbing my stomach, he didn“t even give me a chance to tell him about our child.

Uncontrollable tears ran down my face as I pulled up at my parents house. Its not really a house its more like a mansion but compared to Chase“s it“s nothing.

My heart broke all over again just by thinking about him. Cutting off the engine I pulled off the seatbelt and ran out the car. I didn“t even reach the last step when the front door was flung open and my mother stepped out looking very angry. I was just about to ask her what was wrong when but she beat me to it.

"You good for nothing little slut.......", she sneered a

t me "you just couldn“t keep your legs closed"

I flinched taking a step back from her harsh tone. It was obvious that she already knew about what took place with Chase, how? I have no idea.

"Aren“t you even going to hear me out ?", I cried feeling utterly hopeless.

"Why would I ?", she snapped at me irritated "I already knew this would happen..... your good for nothing"

With that said she slammed the door in my face. I didn“t bother to knock since I knew my father wasn“t there. Crying my eyes out I once again entered my car and drove to my friends house. They were all in one place since we were supposed to meet up. I used the spare key that I had to open the door. I wiped at my tear stained face hoping to not look too terrible. As I made my way to the living room I could hear all that they were talking about.

"She“s such a bitch", Laura said

"More like a slut", Charlie agreed.

"Don“t say stuff like that", Greg snapped obviously irritated by the conversation.

Though I was thankful to Greg the damage was already done. I turned around to leave only to be met with the teary eyes of my best friend Talia. I just looked at her waiting to see what happened as it was obvious everyone already knew what happened with Chase.

A sigh of relieve escaped my lips when she pulled me to her. She silently led me out and to her car whispering comforting words along the way. I smiled grateful for her. It was obvious what Chase wanted, he wanted me to feel deserted and alone.

I unconsciously placed a hand on my tummy. I would never be alone.

End of flashback

Coming out of my daze I saw that it was already one in the afternoon.

"Shit", I groaned interrupting my mothers talking.

"What“s wrong ?", she asked looking alarmed.

Grabbing a granola bar I grabbed my car keys and headed for the door.

"I have to go pick up my son"

She gasped "you have a son ?"


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