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   Chapter 2 Mother

The Ex-wife By Ruth Stevens Characters: 3665

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Natalia Walker“s POV :

"Mother ?", I gasped more than shocked to see her here in California.

She looked up at me her poker face still intact as if she wasn“t seeing me for the first time in five years. Most people love their the woman that gave birth to them but for me I feel nothing but hatred. She wasn“t the type of mother who you would expect to encourage you to do the right thing or help you with your problems, just being there would be nice.

She wasn“t any of those things she hurt me in the most cruel of ways breaking my trust as a child. She was manipulative and very greedy always trying to sell me off to the highest bidder. My father tried to help me but he was too in love with her to see her wicked ways.

"What do you want Regina?, I snapped at her using her first name "and how the hell did you get into my house ?"

I expected her to snap at me or raise an eyebrow anything that would scream “I don“t care“ but I was utterly shocked when she bursted into tears and started to cry her heart out. I was at a loss as to what to do. I“ve never seen her cry and let me tell you it does not look good on her. I just stood there clueless on how to handle my crying mother.

"Why are you crying ?", I asked trying to keep my voice calm and void of anger.

"I“m sorry", she cried looking up at me.

"Sorry ?", I breathed taking a shaky step back.

"Yes I“m sorry..........for everything"

"I need a drink......a strong one at that"

I didn“t even glance at her as I headed straight for the kitchen. I looked behind me glad to see that she didn“t follow me in here.I would hate to have to chase her out with a knife. That would look so bad on me.

I opened the top cupboard taking out the bottle of whiskey that I saw. I closed that cupboard and opened another one taking out a shot glass. I po

ured some of the whiskey into the glass and down it in one go. I revelled in the burn that came with the shot, it made me feel alive and numbed the pain that now seemed to surround me. Luckily for me I wasn“t a light weight like most girls and I could hold my liquor quite well.

Grabbing both the bottle and the glass I walked back into my living room and saw that she didn“t move an inch from where she stood. The tears were still running down her face ruining her makeup and have her resembling a wet clown.

"What did you come here for ?", I asked "and how on God“s green earth did you find me ?"

She took a deep breath composing herself before she spoke "your father and I have been searching for you ever since the day you disappeared"

I laughed out loud at that "dad always knew where I was.... I just demanded that he wouldn“t tell you"

I smirked as her eyes widened in shock. I can bet she didn“t expect that, its written all over her face. Wanting to get this over with I gestured for her to continue.

"Right....continuing.... I want for you to forgive me"

"Me ?..... Forgive you ?", I shouted

"Please give me a chance...... I“ve changed.... I even started to see a psychiatrist"

"What ?", I questioned shocked she hated the thought of even going near a psychiatrist now she“s seeing one for sessions.

"You have one chance........and one chance only", I finally spoke after a long silence.

We didn“t embrace, we didn“t say anything more. I agreed to give her a chance and that should be enough.


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